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'The Continuous Estimation of Angiotensin Formed in the Circulation of the Dog'

  • Vane, Sir John, FRS (1927-2004), Pharmacologist
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Vane, Sir John Robert (1927-2004)
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File consists of final versions of papers, draft papers, photographs of experiment results (to be used in the final article) and correspondence related to the published paper by D. Regioli and J.R. Vane, "The Continuous Estimation of Angiotensin Formed in the Circulation of the Dog", Journal of Physiology, vol.183 no.3, p513-531, April 1966. Details include:

4 different drafts of the paper (one of which is a partial draft), most with heavy annotation.

Correspondence between Vane and the Journal of Physiology regarding the paper including; submission letter from Vane to the editor (22 march 1965); acknowledgement of receipt of the paper (23 March 1965); letter from G. Gordon at the journal enclosing a report on the paper, with detailed commentary and a recommendation not to publish, (dated 24 May 1965); Vane's response to the criticism which suggested changes and provided new information (2 July 1965); decision to go ahead with publication (13 September 1965).

Further correspondence between Vane and the journal regarding the delay in publication and a concern that another group were about to publish an overlapping article. Letters include; Vane's concerns about the delay and a competing paper (5 November 1965), G. Gordon's response to the points raised (10 November 1965); a further letter of acceptance to publish (24 September 1965); a letter to Vane from the secretary of the editorial board, I. Glynn, informing him that his paper would be published after the competing article and setting out the reasons why (15 November 1965); Vane's request to bring forward the publication date of his paper (17 November 1965); a refusal to acceed to this request (18 November 1965); a letter from G. Gordon explain a confusion about dates (22 November 1965); further letters regarding amendments and proofs to the article (dated 17 to 19 January 1966); and a final letter from the journal referring to a telephone conversation (26 April 1966).

Handwritten notes referring experiments needed and the reference numbers of experiments which proved certain outcomes.

Photographs of figures used in the article (without titles and lettering); new figure 1 (X25/16/1062); new figure 2 (18/87/D); new figure 3 (X19/96/C); new figure 4 (18/87/E); new figure 5 (18/87/C), new figure 6 (X25/16/1061); new figure 7 (X19/96/D); new figure 8 (18/87/A); new figure 9 (18/87/G); new figure 10 (X23/40/877); new figure 11 (X19/96/A); new figure 12 (X19/96/E).

Photographs of figures used in the article (with titles and lettering); old figure 1 (X18/87/549); old figure 2 (X19/96/587); old figure 3 (18/87/552); old figure 4 (18/87/548), old figure 5 (X19/96/586); old figure 6 (X19/96/588); old figure 7 (18/87/546); old figure 8 (18/87/550); old figure 9 (X23/40/877); and old figure 11 (X19/96/589)

Paper copies of photographs which are not numbered but which are labelled figures 1 to 12.

Further copies of photographs with the numbers, 18/87/A, 18/87/B, 18/87/C, 18/87/D, 18/87/E, 18/87/G, 18/87H, X18/87/547, X18/87/551, X19/96/A, X19/96/B, X19/96/C, X19/97/D, X19/97/E, X19/96/585, X19/96/586, X19/96/587, X19/96/588, X19/96/589, X23/40/877, 25/16/C, and 26/16/B.



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