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Although the original file title ("Registration of WBSR Langley Court as a place for experiments on living animals - Home Office 1931-1943") is quite specific, the file contains much broader correspondence with offices of government.

The file comprises:

Copy letters: Balfour to Home Office (30 April, 1920), requesting premises to be registered; Home Office to Balfour (19 May and 22 September, 1920) notifying that WBSR at 25-27 Endsleigh Gardens, and The Wellcome Field Laboratory, Wisley, are registered as places "at which experiments on living animals may be performed."

letter (18 March, 1921) formally stating that WPRL at Langley Court is registered (with some associated corespondence).

HMSO (1926). "Return showing the Number of Experiments on Living Animals during the Year 1925, under Licences granted under the Act 39 & 40 Vict. c. 77...."

Correspondence (1931) between Hugh Linstead (Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain) and Burroughs Wellcome & Co, Snow Hill, concerning the "centralised slaughtering of cattle".

Minutes and associated documentation for meetings (19 June and 9 July, 1931) of the Advisory Committee on the Advantages of the Centralised Slaughtering of Cattle.

Correspondence (1932) with The Royal Institute of Public Health, and The National Federation of Meat Traders' Associations, on "the preparation and sale of the extracts from animal glands, organs, etc. for medicinal purposes".

Livestock Commission Leaflet No. 2: "Experimental Slaughterhouses under Part V of the Livestock Industry Act, 1937".

Typed extract from "Report of the Reorganisation Commission for Fat Stock for England and Wales" (1934).

Extract (cutting) from The Pharmaceutical Journal (13 January, 1934) on centralised slaughterhouses.

"Memorandum on the Slaughtering of Animals" (Association of British Chemical Manufacturers, 1937), as sent to the Livestock Commission.

Correspondence with the Livestock Commission (1937-1938).

Cutting from The Times (2 January, 1939) on "Central Slaughter House Proposal". A central slaughterhouse at Doncaster is proposed.

Brief typed "Note for Management" (22 March, 1943), with annotation, on "Vivisection Licences" concerning Carshalton and Belmont and "three outlying stables".

Typed notes on "Cruelty to Animals Act 1876". Initialled MWS (1 April, 1943).



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