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Brentwood: large posters

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Harrison-Howell Blood Transfusion Collection
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B271(17) NBTS 1123B "These two men may just have saved your life", Oct 1973, Mar 1974 ) (with details of Colchester area enrolment campaign
B271(18) NBTS 1122B "If it was your child's life you wouldn't hesitate" Mar 1974, 2 copies, one for City enrolment campaign and one for Cheshunt and Waltham Cross
B271(19) NBTS 1082 "Please give blood", Dec 1972 2 copies, one for Chingford enrolment campaign and one for Enfield (B271(19))
B271(20) NBTS 1082 "Please be a blood donor ", Jun 1971 for Hertford enrolment campaign
NBTS 1167B "Give blood. Not excuses", 1980
B235 NBTS 1082/A3 "Please give blood" Mar 1984, laminated copy
"Blood ~ The greatest gift of all" - Christmas Tree image
B269(1) NBTS 1410 "Anyone with a heart can give blood"
B269(2) NBTS 1412 "Sorry, but it seems the only way to get blood is to break your heart"
B269(3) NBTS 1307 "Be a lifesaver - give blood"
B269(4)"Please give blood - how far would you travel to save a life", 1996
B269(5) NBTS 1206 "Doctors saved his leg. Donors saved his life"
B269(6) NBTS 1213"We're after your blood"
B269(7) NBTS 1205 "You may have stopped giving blood. Others haven't stopped needing it"
B269(8) NBTS 1173/C "When tetanus germs invade a wound they can kill"
B269(9) "Stop work and roll up your sleeves", Mar 1990
B269(10) NBTS 1082/A3 "Please give blood - it won't hurt and it could help save a life" [another version]
B269(11) NBTS 1173/D "The worst thing about chronic anaemia is waking up to find your body won't"
B269(12) NBTS 1190 "Fill a stocking for someone this Christmas", Oct 1989
B269(13) NBTS 1173/A "If you find it hard to picture the amount of liquid the body loses in a major burn"
B269(14) NBTS 1179 "RED ALERT. Don't let us run out of blood", Jun 1986
B269(15) NBTS 1186 "The summer blood donor is a rare bird", Mar 1986
B269(16) NBTS 1321 "A small reminder to give blood"
B269(17) "It's the season for giving - give blood"
B269(18) "Every 3 minutes we use a gallon of blood. Please help us replace it"
B269(19) "The Blood Transfusion Service would like to appeal to you from the bottom of its heart"
B269(20) "He thanks you from the bottom of his new heart", Mar 1990
B269(21) NBTS 1177 "We can take blood, test blood, process blood, and supply blood", Oct 1989
B269(22) "Please give blood - how far would you travel to save a life", 1996 (plus appointment detail)
B269(23) "You may have stopped giving blood. Others haven't stopped needing it", Mar 1990, different version to B269(7)
B269(24) NBTS 1305 "On behalf of all the people you have helped - a big 'THANK YOU'"
B230 NBTS 1173B "You can substitute heart valves with plastic ones...", laminated copy



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