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Sympamines and Tryptamines

  • Vane, Sir John, FRS (1927-2004), Pharmacologist
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Vane, Sir John Robert (1927-2004)
  • Archives and manuscripts

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File contains a notebook with the title on the spine, "Sympamines and Tyrptamines, 57-59". The notebook contains details of experiment methodology, handwritten results, tables and graphs regarding sympamines and tryptamines experiments. Details in the notebook include:

An index to the sympamines and tryptamines experiments cross-referencing each substance (alphabetically) with its related experiments and the organs used to their related experiments.

Under the title, "Sympathomimetic Amines" there is a summary of the experiments in Stomach Book 2.

The first experiment begins on 21 March 1957 (experiment SA4) and the first set of experiments last until 25 September 1957 (experiments SA36a&b).

A series of notes summarising published material on the subject from several books and journals including:

G. Barger & H.H. Dale, "Chemical Structure & Sympathomimetic Action of Amines", Journal of Physiology, vol.41 no.1-2, p19-59, 11 October 1910.

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V. Erspamer, "Biological Activity of Some Enteramine-related Substances", Nature, vol.170, p281-282 (1952).

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K.K. Chen & A.L. Chen, "The Pharmacological Action of Ten Amines Related to Ephedrine and Tryptamine", Journal of the American Phaceutical Association, vol.xxii, p813, (1933).

The second series of experiments begin with SA38-40 (undated), then SA41b (25 October 1957) and run until 15 March 1958 (experiment SA65(3)).

A new set of experiments start with AO1 (17 March 1958) and end with AO14 (6 May 1958).

The SA experiments begin again with SA66 (2 April 1958) and run to SA181 (18 December 1960). This write up of this series of experiments includes a summary of blood bathed stomach strip experiments, a summary of blood bathed organ experiments (SA71-146), a list of possible illustrations, a list of experiments required to complete the "paper", a list of reasons for tone change, and a reappraisal of whole animal experiments (dated 15 June 1959).



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