Insulin : various miscellaneous individual rolls.

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Freudenberg, Rudolph Karl (1908-1993) and Freudenberg, Gerda (née Vorster) (1906-1995)
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This is a compilation tape consisting of short extracts from a number of silent films, predominantly in black-and-white. The origin / theme of the clips is unknown except they are all loosely on the theme of insulin. The first shows various people in a (hospital?) garden in deckchairs and sunhats. It ends with a man with his hands in his pockets doing forward rolls on the grass. The second shows a monkey in a cage with a shaved head. A blackboard held up reads: "before operation. 03/06/46." The third has a monkey in a cage behaving very erratically and a blackboard held up reads: "before operation. 12/02/47." Then "after operation 26/02/47" and the same monkey with a shaved head, appearing to be much more subdued. The fourth clip shows a man with Raynaud's Disease. This is the only colour clip. He is in a bed and appears very weak. The fifth clip shows a baby in a bed then what appears to be a monkey's hand and forearm poking out from a white sheet, moving slightly. The sixth clip is entitled "convulsion in slow motion" and shows a man in white shorts lying on a hospital bed, presumably receiving ECT electro-convulsive treatment. A doctor and a nurse are beside him. The seventh clip is of a hospital hall / waiting room with a crowd of patients (?) milling around. Some of them then begin to dance and are seen going through an exit.

Digitised version can be found at PP/RKF/B.19/1a.



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3 film reels Reels 1-5 are compiled onto part 1, reel 6 is on part 3 and reel 7 is part 3.

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Christopher, Michael and Sebastian Freudenberg.

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection as part of The Mental Health Archives digitisation project.


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