Netherne Hospital

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Freudenberg, Rudolph Karl (1908-1993) and Freudenberg, Gerda (née Vorster) (1906-1995)
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These are Freudenberg's papers, not the hospital's own archive, and incomplete as a reflection of the latter. The archive was also weeded prior to reception at the Wellcome, and virtually all individual case papers removed. Since several different filing systems are involved, as well as loose papers, no uniform original order can be reconstructed. An association as far as possible by subject has been attempted. The subject groupings of B.9-16 and B.20 have been imposed to aid easier access, but both within the hospital's reality and within the original filing the categories are not entirely distinct. Many of the memoranda etc are by Freudenberg. Original file titles and numbers are given in quotes.

A certain number of documents relating to internal procedures, memoranda, reports, etc, were rescued from among the severely damaged material (most of which had to be destroyed). It is impossible to reconstitute any original order or organisation, and they have therefore all been filed together at the end of the 'Other Netherne material' section as B.16/45. These items bear on a wide variety of activities and practices at Netherne.



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22 boxes

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection as part of The Mental Health Archives digitisation project.

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