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Matrix Vegetal

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Photograph from above of a tablet lying flat on a table showing Wellcome Collection's website on the screen. The web page shows the text "A free museum and library exploring health and human experience". Around the tablet, houseplants in pots are seen from above sitting on a table with a table cloth. A person is sitting by the table holding a mug of tea.
Online event, Photo: Kathleen Arundell. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

What you’ll do

Watch a recording of the event in which artist Patricia Domínguez explores the relationships between people and plants in Latin America and their connections to Britain.  

Along with expert voices from South America on anthropology and current struggles of indigenous cultures, she will trace a matrix of interconnected themes of neocolonialism such as cultural appropriation, the destruction of natural heritage, and emotional and territorial extraction. The speakers will also consider using plants to repair, heal and shift perspectives.

Patricia’s commission for the ‘Rooted Beings’ exhibition, ‘Matrix Vegetal’, draws on ethnobotanical archives from Wellcome Collection. ‘Matrix Vegetal’ is co-commissioned with the Delfina Foundation who are hosting her residency.



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About your contributors

Pablo José Ramírez


Pablo José Ramírez is a curator, writer and cultural theorist living and working between London and Amsterdam. He is the Adjunct Curator of First Nations and Indigenous Art at Tate Modern. His work revisits post-colonial societies to consider race, indigeneity and forms of racial occlusion. His recent curatorial projects include 'Beyond, The Sea Sings: Diasporic Intimacies and Labour' (2021), Times Art Center, Berlin and 'La Medida del Silencio: Lawrence Abu Hamdan', NuMu, Guatemala (2020).

Patricia Domínguez


Patricia Domínguez is an artist from Chile. Her work embraces a range of myths and rituals shaped by extractivism and global finance, from the syncretic worship of Our Lady of Cerro Rico, an infamous silver mine in Bolivia where eight million natives died, to the archaeological museum inside Scotiabank in Cusco, built on top of the ruins of an Incan palace. She also runs the experimental ethnobotanical platform ‘StudioVegetalista’. In 2022, Domínguez has a residency at the Delfina Foundation.

Jimena Jerez


Jimena Jerez is an anthropologist and author of the best-seller Plantas Mágicas, which explores the cultural context of plants the Valdivian territory in Chile.

Millaray Huichalaf


Millaray Huichalaf is a Machi, the spiritual guide and healer of her Mapuche Indigenous Community in southern Chile. Since 2011 she has led the defence of the Pilkamen river which is under threat from the construction of hydroelectric plants and has important cultural, medicinal and spiritual significance for the Mapuche.