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Photograph of a laptop on a sofa. The laptop has a full-screen image of a leafy green den in a woodland area with a red video call phone icon in the top lefthand corner. A grey fluffy blanket is flung over the back of the sofa and a red cushion sits behind the laptop. White headphones are connected to the laptop and rest on the sofa arm. Next to the laptop is a book lying face down and open on the blanket.
Your Den. Photo: Steven Pocock. Photograph (laptop screen) courtesy of the artist © Sop.

What you’ll do

Join a discussion between artist and musician Sop and their collaborators to reflect on how it has felt to be shielding during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Sop asked their network of chronically ill friends – also shielding during the pandemic – to respond to the idea proposed in their sound work ‘The Den 1’: that the act of making a den – physical or otherwise – can act as a refuge. Somewhere to escape to and feel safe, and a respite in nature.

After an introduction by Emily Sargent, Senior Curator at Wellcome Collection, you will hear prerecorded responses from artist and musician Camille Francis Lerner, curator and writer Irene Revell, bookseller Ollie Simpson, Sarah P, and artist and cultural producer Zuleika Lebow, whose recording was edited by Nicholas Cole. 

Images shown in the video will be from ‘Your Den’, a poster commissioned by Wellcome Collection and designed by Sop and E Sanglante. 

There will be a five-minute break. Following the break, there will be a 40-minute Q&A with several speakers: Irene, Sarah, Zuleika and Sop. 

You will be able to submit questions for the panel discussion a week before the event on Slido, as well as live online during the event using the Q&A function. Your microphone and camera will be switched off for the whole session.  

This event will be hosted through the videoconferencing platform BlueJeans. After booking a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with joining instructions.

Please note that the audio description is not an additional track; instead the host and speakers describe themselves and any key visual elements they refer to. The event will be live-captioned.

Attendees are encouraged to listen to the audio recording or read a transcript of ‘The Den 1’ before the event.  



Need to know


There will be auto-generated captions for this event.

Audio described

The host and speakers will describe themselves and key visual elements they refer to. There will not be a separate audio description track.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility page. If you have any queries about accessibility, please email us at access@wellcomecollection.org or call 0 2 0. 7 6 1 1. 2 2 2 2

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About your speakers


Sop is a London-based artist and musician working with sound, performance, writing, film and objects, frequently in collaboration with others who have also experienced chronic illness. Sop’s work centres modes of sociality and explores the use of voice as gesture. They come from the queer, DIY punk scene and are one half of Rita Munus, a collective whose most recent project, ‘Write It Speak It Move It’, took place at Cubitt Gallery, London in 2019. They sing in Child’s Pose, drum in Woolf and their solo project is called dmf.

Zuleika Lebow

Zuleika Lebow is an artist and cultural producer born and raised in London. Her work is centred around themes of identity, race, the sick body and lexicon via sculpture, photography and writing. Lebow interrogates the politics of representation and marginalisation in accessible, playful and convivial ways that generate alliances, recognising knowledge and culture as an inherently diverse, shared resource. Utilising philosophical texts, popular culture, sci-fi and esoterica as starting points, she creates spaces, events and artworks that facilitate a different approach to discussions of class, race, gender and language.

Sarah P

Sarah P is a Londoner who has spent most of their life working for charities and social housing, and is also the founder of a tiny charity. Sarah spent much of her time shielding cooking (experimentally), walking and mudlarking when possible, trying not to kill plants, and dancing badly around the living room.

Irene Revell

Irene Revell is a curator and writer working across sound, text, performance and moving image. She is co-director of Electra; closely involved with collections including Electra’s Her Noise Archive and Cinenova: feminist film and video. She is currently completing doctoral research at Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP), where she teaches on the MA Sound Arts.