Phototherapy Taster Workshop

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A group of people sitting around a table with paper and mirrors one person is taking a photo on their phone.
Workshop at Wellcome Collection, Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

What you’ll do

Join Rosy Martin for a for a one-day introduction to re-enactment phototherapy. With Jo Spence she pioneered this use of photographs as a route to explore personal identities, hidden feelings and submerged memories. You can see some examples of their work in ‘Misbehaving Bodies’.

At this workshop you will work in pairs to produce images with your smartphones using re-enactment phototherapy techniques. You’ll bring your own clothes and props to explore performing your history or your future for the camera. There will also be time to share the images as a group, which allows for the therapeutic work of examining and discussing what aspects of the selves the images have made visible. You will be expected to share and empathise through discussions and listening.

Once you’ve signed up by email, you’ll be advised what to prepare in advance.

This is a workshop rather than a formal counselling session.

About your host

Photograph of Rosy Martin

Rosy Martin

Rosy Martin is an artist-photographer, psychological therapist, workshop leader, lecturer and writer. Her work explores the relationships between memory, identities and unconscious processes through photography, digital imagery and the moving image. Together with Jo Spence, she pioneered re-enactment phototherapy from 1983, and continues to develop this practice.