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An Evening with Tito Bone

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  • Performance
  • Audio described
  • Speech-to-text
  • Relaxed
Amelia Cavallo AKA Tito Bone performing with a microphone and a white cane, wearing glittery make-up and beard in a gold suit
An evening with Tito Bone. © Image by Christopher Andreou.

Join us for an evening hosted by Tito Bone and featuring a variety of guests including drag artists, poets and spoken-word performers. This lively and thoughtful cabaret will take aim at society’s attitudes towards difference through characters who refuse to be contained.



Need to know


We’ll be in the Henry Wellcome Auditorium. To get there, take the stairs or the lift down to level −1. The auditorium is fitted with a hearing loop.

Place not guaranteed

Booking a ticket for a free event does not guarantee you a place. You should aim to arrive 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to start to claim your place. If you do not arrive on time, your place may be given to someone on the waiting list.

Audio described

Key visual elements referred to during this event will be described.


This event will be live-transcribed, with text displayed on a large screen.


This is a relaxed event, which means that if you need to, you are welcome to move around and make noise at any time.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility page. If you have any queries about accessibility, please email us at access@wellcomecollection.org or call 0 2 0. 7 6 1 1. 2 2 2 2

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About your contributors

Amelia Cavallo AKA Tito Bone

Amelia Cavallo AKA Tito Bone


Amelia Cavallo, AKA Tito Bone is a blind performer with experience in theatre, burlesque, aerial circus, music and drag. Their work explores intersections of identity, which for them means looking at how being a queer, disabled femme with a big smile and a dirty mind can create art that is unique, provocative and enjoyable. When Amelia isn’t on stage, flying through the air or behind a musical instrument, they can be found working towards a PhD in critical theory. They are co-founder of Quiplash, an LGBTQQIA disabled-led theatre company.




Sipho is a performance artist and writer who incorporates spoken word poetry, dance & acting to tell stories and to engage (sometimes impromptu) with the audience. Influenced by interest in disability arts, education, hip-hop & theatre, Sipho enjoys a shared inclusive space as much as he enjoys entertaining through performance.

Donna Williams


Donna Williams is a deaf poet working in English and British Sign Language. Working with such different languages has inspired a deep interest in translation and how her work can be made accessible to signing and non-signing audiences. She has performed around the UK and in America and Brazil.

Headshot of Venetia Blind

Venetia Blind


Say hi to Venetia Blind, Cardiff’s only severely fabulous, severely hilarious and severely sight impaired DRAG QUEEN! The brain child of actor Jake Sawyers, Venetia’s hobbies include singing, breaking stereotypes and being employed, follow her on everything ‘@V_Blind_’, she’s proper funny.