City Soundscapes

  • Workshop
  • 14 to 19-year-olds
Photograph of a young woman and man sat at a table using a tablet device to create music as part of a Saturday Studio workshop at Wellcome Collection..
Saturday Studio workshop, Benjamin Gilbert. Source: Wellcome.

What you’ll do

Create your own soundscape based on experiences of the city, both your own and artists’ interpretations. Learn basic DJ skills including mixing tracks and layering samples. You will also be able to explore and use music software on iPads. 

All materials will be provided.

About your facilitator

Photograph of Melissa Baksh

Melissa Baksh

Melissa is a creative practitioner based in London, with an interest in exploring the connection between music and visual art. She has been DJing for the last two years and loves music from all over the globe. Her work explores how music can facilitate a deeper engagement with art in gallery spaces, and how we can we can use it to connect with our emotions. She believes that music and art can be a positive force for initiating social change.