Psychedelics for Psychiatry

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Feed your curiosity at our daytime discussions. Drop in to hear local scientists in conversation about their latest experiments, life in the lab and why science matters to everyone, all in the space of your lunch hour. Bring your sarnies with you to eat while you listen.

Could psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms revolutionise psychology and psychiatry, for example in the treatment of addiction or depression? Join Robin Carhart-Harris to hear about his pioneering research into the neurological effects and potential therapeutic uses of psychedelics.


Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London

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At every Packed Lunch, you’ll get an opportunity to hear from a local scientist in conversation with a Wellcome facilitator about their current research. We then invite you to ask your own questions and share your thoughts. Sit back and listen or contribute – it’s up to you.

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This event will be audio described for visitors who are blind or partially sighted. Places are free but very limited. If you would like to come along, email access@wellcomecollection.org or call 020 7611 2222.