Archives and Women’s Knowledge

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Photograph showing visitors examining archive material displayed on a table.
Viewing Room event, David Sandison. Source: Wellcome Collection. CC BY-NC.

What you’ll do

Join Wellcome Collection archivists and librarians as they share specially selected materials from our collections. View images and read texts that highlight the ways that women are included, excluded, catalogued and classified.

You can then listen and ask questions at a panel discussion about systems of classification and how we can rethink the archives we have inherited.

This event is part of Daylighting, a four-day programme of events to challenge archives, change narratives and amplify new voices.

About your speakers

Photograph of Elena Carter
Elena Carter

Elena Carter is an archivist at Wellcome Library, with an interest in how archives represent / exclude certain voices, narratives and histories. Most recently, she has been working on collections which evoke the experiences of mental health or offer insight into how art is used in various medical contexts.

Photograph of Arike Oke
Arike Oke

Arike Oke’s role at Wellcome is to collect unique and distinctive material and voices, helping to balance the collections, challenge existing narratives and inspire new ideas.

Photograph of Loesja Vigour
Loesja Vigour

Loesja Vigour is a Librarian who spends her time cataloguing and instagramming books for Wellcome Collection. She is interested in seeking new and diverse audiences for the collections by engaging them with unique, beautiful and thought-provoking content.

Photograph of Nicola Cook
Nicola Cook

Nicola Cook is a Librarian, and is interested in diversifying the voices and perspectives of health in our library collection. When she’s not cataloguing, she can be found discussing curious cures in the Reading Room or trawling the web for new zines.


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Need to know


We’ll be in the Viewing Room. It’s next to the Library entrance on level 2, which you can reach by taking the lift or the stairs.

First come, first seated

Booking a ticket for a free event does not guarantee a place on the day. Doors usually open 15 minutes before an event starts, and you can take your seats in order of arrival. We advise arriving ten minutes before the event is scheduled to start.