Gonorrhoeal and malignant endocarditis and nephritis 1905 First series

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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See also 2nd series. Gonorrhoeal and malignant endocarditis (and endoarteritis) and renal complications (esp. 'large white kidney')--also notes on various localisations and sequelae of gonorrhoeal infection and 'Gonorrhoeal septicaemia'. (For cutting on gonorrhoea of the mouth and of the rectum--see volume on 'Herpetiform stomatitis' etc 1906. For gonorrhoeal infection in infants and children see GH notes Fanny Glucksberg 1907). Also cuttings etc on the effects of 'colloidal' silver. Cuttings etc on malignant aortitis and malignant arteritis of the pulmonary artery (for cuttings etc on mycotic and embolic arterial aneurysms, connected or not with malignant endocarditis, see notes and cuttings with my MB thesis ms). Contains also some notes, cuttings, or references of pneumococcal influenzal and other forms of malignant endocarditis and septicaemia. Contains also some notes and cuttings on pericardial as well as endocardial infections--also on some cases of septicaemia and pyaemia without endocarditis. For signs (clinical signs) and pathogeny of acquired or congenital pulmonary valve disease see my German Hospital notes of patient M Benedict (1901) with the notes and cuttings inserted in these notes. For notes and cuttings on gonorrhoeal myositis see my notes: 23 Mar 1897 p 182 and 1 Feb 1901 p 143. For many examples of acquired (usually malignant) endocarditis grafted on congenital cardiac abnormality see my volume on 'Congenital Heart Disease 1906' (also Third series do.). For treatment of sepsis and acute bacterial infection by intravenous injections of perchloride of mercury etc see second series of this collection.



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