M0005099: The suckling of Hatshepsut and her Doubles: norther wall, Temple of Deir El Bahari

7 January 1937
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Previous title, replaced November 2021: Egyptian middle colonnade,The suckling of Hatshepsu and her Doubles, on norther wall Temple of Deir El Bahari


Reproduction of wall art found in the Egyptian middle colonnade, northern wall, Temple of Deir El Bahari. The reproduction is from an unknown publication. Related images: M0005095, M0005096, M0005097, M0005098, M0005099


7 January 1937

Physical description

1 photograph glass plate negative; 16.5 x 21.5 cm


Catalogue data comes from a combination of entries in the original glass plate registers, metadata created when the glass plates were digitised in the early 2000s and enhancements made by the cataloguer in 2020.

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