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A set of glass plate negatives created by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum that were given the prefix "M" when brought into the custody of the Wellcome Medical Photographic Library in the 1990s.

Most of the slides were digitised in the early 2000s and catalogue records were created using information taken from the original negative registers compiled at the time of creation (see WT/D/1/20/1) along with information added by the cataloguer. The images were made available online through the Wellcome Images website, which was wound down in 2017. The images were brought into the Wellcome Trust Corprate Archive in 2020 and were re-catalogued to update incorrect information, remove outdated language and provide more contextual information.

The titles found on Wellcome Images have been preserved in the Alternative Title field

The images can be broadly split into four categories: photographs of items previously held by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum but not held by Wellcome Collection; photographs compiled as working documents and background information for Wellcome Historical Medical Museum exhibitions; photographs of Wellcome Historical Medical Musuem items still held by Wellcome Collection (primarily visual material and early printed books); and corporate photography (such as Sir Henry Wellcome's archaeological digs, construction of the Wellcome Building, and Museum galleries).




The physical registers that accompany the glass plate negatives have been catalogued in the first subseries (WT/D/1/20/1/1). The glass plate negatives follow. Some negative numbers were never used or the negatives were never transferred to the Medical Photographic Library and so there are gaps in the numerical sequence.

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