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Files on matters concerning insulin marketing and production.



Physical description

15 boxes


All provenance and original order for this collection has been lost.

There are some distinct series that have been identified and these have been listed as such (WF/BIM/01/01 & WF/BIM/01/02). However, even here, the creator of these records is unclear.

The other files have been loosely arranged according to the four distinct bindings that were identified in the hope that these represented different filing systems. However, because these filing arrangements, or the creators of the files, could not be confirmed, they have been listed as individual items in the catalogue rather than impose a hierarchy structure that could be incorrect.

The type of binding has been recorded so that future connections could be made on this basis after repackaging.

Biographical note

These files have been produced by Burroughs Wellcome Marketing and Production departments for the product insulin.

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