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Cuttings, notes, etc
Capt J Buchan Telfer, The Strange Career of the Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont (London: Longmans Green and Co, 1885
Norman Haire's Introduction and Niels Hoyer's Foreword to Lili Elbe's Man into Woman (1933) Photocopies of photos of Coccinelle
Jane C Doe (pseud.), "Autobiography of a Transsexual", Diseases of the Nervous System, 28 Apr 1967
"The autobiography of a transsexual", Modern Medicine, 22 Sep 1969
"The rebirth: An account of the treatment of a transsexual, by 'John'", Nursing Mirror, 24 Mar 1977
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Nicholas Mason, " A Transsexuals Case History", British Journal of Sexual Medicine, Jul 1981
Advertisement for John Pepper, A Man's Tale, Quartet Books, May 1982
"'I was a transsexual now I'm a woman': Wendy, formerly Michael Keady, describes the protracted traumas of 'changing' sex and how she finally came to terms with herself as a person", Community Care, 448, 3 Feb 1983 Review in Toronto Globe and Mail by Michael A Gilbert of Deirdre McCloskey's Crossing: A Memoir (1999)
Transcript of article in The Sunday Times, 3 May 2000, "The Danish Girl: The Story of the World's First TS Back in 1930", and print-out from Amazon page for David Ebershoff's novel, The Danish Girl, based on the life of Einar Wegener
Charles Anders, "Queer Lit 2001: Tranny tales: A whirlwind tour of transsexual life stories", San Francisco Bay Guardian, 20 Jun 2001



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