Thomas Hodgkin MD (1798-1866)

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Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

A., W.J.S.: PP/HO/D/B52A

Abbott, R.: PP/HO/D/A282

Abell, Joshua: PP/HO/D/A1054

Aborigines Protection Society, Committee: PP/HO/D/A2446f45r, 73r, 78r; A2448f13r

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia: PP/HO/D/A1671

Adams, James: PP/HO/D/B77

Adams, William: PP/HO/D/A2206

Airy, George Biddell: PP/HO/D/A2006

Albert-Montémont, ?: PP/HO/D/D311

Alden, J.: PP/HO/D/A2207

Alexander, Ann: PP/HO/D/B179

Alexander, G.W.: PP/HO/D/B180-B181

Alishan, Leo M.: PP/HO/D/A2094

Alison, William P., Dean, Medical Faculty, Edinburgh University: PP/HO/D/A1050; B3, B5

Allen, William: PP/HO/D/A1015, A1017, A1018, B47

Alliers, ?: PP/HO/D/A1767

Amici, Gian Battista: PP/HO/D/A1223

André, Louis: PP/HO/D/A1052

Anonymous teetotaller: PP/HO/D/A1840

Antolini, Ferdinando [Secretary, Imperial and Royal Academy, Siena]: PP/HO/D/A1728, B17

Arago, F.: PP/HO/D/B16

Argelander, Fr.: PP/HO/D/B26

Armistead, Wilson: PP/HO/D/A2033

Army Medical Department: PP/HO/D/A1713

Arnold, W.: PP/HO/D/A404-A405

Ashby, Robert, junior: PP/HO/D/A223, A1141, A1155, A1157

Ashley, John: PP/HO/D/A1797

Ashworth, A.S.: PP/HO/D/B182

Ashworth, Henry: PP/HO/D/B183

Aspland, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A1863, A1864

Babington, B.G., Dr.: PP/HO/D/A1268, A1300, A1304, A1315, A1476

Babington, William: PP/HO/D/B47

Backer, John C.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Backhouse, E.: PP/HO/D/B184

Backhouse, James: PP/HO/D/A1620, A1627, D179

Bacon, H.M.: PP/HO/D/A1977

Bail, Adolphus: PP/HO/D/A2058

Baird, George H.: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Baldwin, Henry, junior: PP/HO/D/A1770

Ball, William: PP/HO/D/B185

Baltimore Presbyterian ministers, committee: PP/HO/D/A2471

Baly, William: PP/HO/D/A2034

Bannister, S.: PP/HO/D/A1530, A1976

Barclay, John: PP/HO/D/A1612

Barclay, Joseph Gurney: PP/HO/D/B186

Barker, Ch.F.: PP/HO/D/A1943

Barker, J.A., St. Thomas's Hospital: PP/HO/D/A1860

Barnston, George: PP/HO/D/A1819

Barry, M.: PP/HO/D/A2053

Bart, A.: PP/HO/D/A1422.2

Bartlett, John Russell: PP/HO/D/B27

Bates, Elisha: PP/HO/D/A1509, A1529, A1830

Bath, Jonas Mohammed [Sultan of black Muslims, Trinidad]: PP/HO/D/A1534

Baume, P.: PP/HO/D/A1631

Bawper, J. Light: PP/HO/D/A236

Beaker, J.W.: PP/HO/D/A1850

Beaver, H., Rev.: PP/HO/D/B29

Beck, Susanna [Rickman]: PP/HO/D/A722

Bedford, Peter: PP/HO/D/A1837, A1908, A1919, A2027, A2469, D266

Béelard?, ?: PP/HO/D/B1

Beesley, J.: PP/HO/D/D293

Bell, George Joseph, junior: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Bell, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1345

Bellazzi, Fredrico: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Benedict, S.: PP/HO/D/A2040

Bennett, J. Hughes: PP/HO/D/A2052

Bennett, James R.: PP/HO/D/A1126

Bentini, B.: PP/HO/D/B24

Bevan, Thomas: PP/HO/D/B72

Beverley, R.M.: PP/HO/D/A2162

Biddulph, Katherine: PP/HO/D/A1925

Birkbeck, George: PP/HO/D/A1578, B47

Birt, W.R. (Secretary, St John's British Hospital): PP/HO/D/A1526

Bischoff, G.: PP/HO/D/B26

Blackburn, John: PP/HO/D/A1598, A1675, A1716, B74

Blackburn, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A1735

Blanchard, Pierre: PP/HO/D/A1036

Blewett, William L.: PP/HO/D/A1989

Blewitt, Octavian, Royal Literary Fund: PP/HO/D/A2073

Blomfield, Charles.James, Bishop of London: PP/HO/D/A1997

Boghetti, Carlo, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Bolton, J.: PP/HO/D/A1397

Boott, Francis: PP/HO/D/A1098, A1101, A1222, A1273, A1275, A1350

Boott, Mary: PP/HO/D/A1397

Borromeo, Beneto: PP/HO/D/A:2456f35r

Bosc d'Antic, Louis Augustin Guillaume: PP/HO/D/A1271

Bossey, P.: PP/HO/D/A1420

Botto, G.: PP/HO/D/A1447,1594

Bourne?, E.P.: PP/HO/D/B187

Bowdich, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A1094, A1118, A1134, A1173, A1184, A1186, A1196, A1231, A1245, A1246, A1318, A1321, A2227, A2228

Bowdich, T. Edward: PP/HO/D/D295

Bowring, John: PP/HO/D/A1758, A2098

Braithwaite, J.B.: PP/HO/D/B188-B189

Bréton, ?: PP/HO/D/A1190, A1220, A1363, A2025

Brewer, Thomas [Town Clerk, City of London]: PP/HO/D/D69

Bright, John: PP/HO/D/A2089

Bright, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1158, B51

Brindley, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1561

British and Foreign School Society: PP/HO/D/A1504

British Medical Association: PP/HO/D/A2479

British Museum Library: PP/HO/D/A1490

Brodie, B.C.: PP/HO/D/A1311

Brodie, P.B.: PP/HO/D/A1562

Bromberger, Theodor: PP/HO/D/A2166, A2171, A2175, A2210

Bronquiard, Adolphe: PP/HO/D/A1351

Broughton, S.D.: PP/HO/D/A1340

Brown, Andrew: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Brown, W.: PP/HO/D/A2228A

Brunton, Alexander: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Buccellati, Antonio, Prince: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Buchanan, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1781, A1786

Buck, A.: PP/HO/D/A1422.1

Bull, James: PP/HO/D/A1944-A1945

Burnett, ?: PP/HO/D/A1347

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [1st Baronet]: PP/HO/D/B190-B191

C., B.: PP/HO/D/A311

Cadbury, B.H.: PP/HO/D/B192-B193

Calcott, James: PP/HO/D/A1397

Candiloro, Andreas: PP/HO/D/A1296

Candler, John: PP/HO/D/D144

Canning, Stratford: PP/HO/D/A2151

Capper, Edmund: PP/HO/D/B194

Cardenas, Emanuel: PP/HO/D/D177

Carpi, Pietro: PP/HO/D/A1178-A1179

Carroll, Edward: PP/HO/D/D266

Cartes, ?: PP/HO/D/A1279

Cassonet, Peter Vincent: PP/HO/D/A1653, A1668, A1979, A2007, A2229, A2230

Catherwood, F: PP/HO/D/A2417f20v

Central Executive Committee for the Monument to Cæsar Beccaria: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Chamerovzow, Louis Alexis: PP/HO/D/B195

Chaplain, Thomas: PP/HO/D/B175-B176, B178

Chaplin, J.C.: PP/HO/D/A2020

Chapman, Abel: PP/HO/D/A1848

Chapman, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1589

Chapman, J.F.: PP/HO/D/A1209, A1629

Chase, B.J.: PP/HO/D/A1623

Chelini, M.: PP/HO/D/B15

Chenevix, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1310, A1323, A2231

Chesson, F.W.: PP/HO/D/B196-B200

Cholmeley, H.J.: PP/HO/D/B47

Chomel, ?,: PP/HO/D/A1759

Christison, R.: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Christy, Ann: PP/HO/D/A2248

Christy, H.: PP/HO/D/A2105

Christy, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2451f80r; A2452f42r

Church, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1272, A1303

Churchill, Lord Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2170

City of London Board of Health: PP/HO/D/D69

Clark, Bracy: PP/HO/D/A1206, A1281, A1282

Clark, F. LeGros: PP/HO/D/A1980-A1981

Clark, James H., Sir: PP/HO/D/A1075, A1079, A1305, A1355, A1469, A1642, A1660, A1661, A1666, A1673, A1738, A1808, A2065, A2232

Clarke, William, Rev. Sir.: PP/HO/D/D246

Clarkson, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1567, A1710, A1771, A1791, A1794, A1816

Clarkson, Thomas: PP/HO/D/D99f94r

Clermont de Tonnerre, ?, Marquis de: PP/HO/D/A1886

Clift, William: PP/HO/D/A1104

Cline, Henry: PP/HO/D/D115

Cobb, Edward: PP/HO/D/B201

Cobb, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A1019, A1027

Colbeck, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1327

Coleman, ?William: PP/HO/D/A1170

Collay, E.: PP/HO/D/A1880

Colton, Calvin: PP/HO/D/A1522

Comfield, J.: PP/HO/D/A417

Conolly, J.: PP/HO/D/A1288

Conquest, J.T.: PP/HO/D/A2028, A2030

Cook, Sarah: PP/HO/D/B202

Cooper, Astley: PP/HO/D/A1499, B47

Cooper, Bransby: PP/HO/D/A1454

Cooper, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A1267, A1405

Cooper, Joseph: PP/HO/D/B203

Cooper, William J.: PP/HO/D/A1455

Coppinger, William: PP/HO/D/A2112, A2116, A2120, A2127, A2131, A2142, A2150, A2152, A2155, A2167, A2183, A2187, A2193, A2198, A2202, A2204, A2205, A2208, B312A, B316, B326

Coquerel, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1067, A1130, A1219, A1365, A1444, A1473, A1655, A2233, A2234

Corn Plant [Seneca chief]: PP/HO/D/D175

Costello, William B.: PP/HO/D/A1354, A1712, A1835

Courtenay, K.: PP/HO/D/A1139

Coventry, ?: PP/HO/D/B3

Cox, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1142

Craigie, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A165

Crawford, J.A.: PP/HO/D/A1341

Crawford, W.: PP/HO/D/A2235

Cresson, Elliott: PP/HO/D/A1489, A1505, A1513, A1516, A1518, A1529, A1541, A1547, A1554, A1561, A1569, A1571-A1573, A1576, A1580, A1582, A1584-A1585, A1588, A1596, A1606, A1670, A1741, A1755, A1798, A1831-A1832, A1884, A1935, A1947, A1952, A1965, A2008, A2465, A2466, A2467?, D99f135r, D129

Crichton, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A1408

Crosfield, Henry: PP/HO/D/B204-B205

Crosse, J.S.: PP/HO/D/A1937

Crosthwaite, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/A2149

Cruickshank, Ann: PP/HO/D/A1558, A1566

Cursetjee, Manackjee: PP/HO/D/A1856

Curtis, William: PP/HO/D/A2473

Cuvier, C.: PP/HO/D/A1180

Cuvier, Georges: PP/HO/D/A171

D'Allers, ?: PP/HO/D/A2226

Danyan, ?: PP/HO/D/A1809

Darton, Samuel [clerk, Devonshire House Monthly Meeting]: PP/HO/D/A1748, C3f95v

D'Aubigny, Henri Merle: PP/HO/D/A1591, A1674, A1734, A1983

Daumas, F.: PP/HO/D/A2154

D'Avezac?, ?: PP/HO/D/B20

Davy, J.: PP/HO/D/A1637, A1648, A1656, A1862, A1883, A1897, A2079

Dawson (née Crampton), Susan: PP/HO/D/A1958, A1961

Dean, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1277

Delafosse, E.: PP/HO/D/B14

Dell, R.: PP/HO/D/A2207

Desborough, H.: PP/HO/D/D119

D'Este, Sir Augustus: PP/HO/D/A1616, A1736, A1747, A1805, A1819-A1820, A2236

Dicken, Oswald: PP/HO/D/A1397

Dieffenbach, Ernest: PP/HO/D/A1765, A1859; also covering notes on A2237, A2238

Dieffenbach, Johann Friedrich: PP/HO/D/A1898,

Downing Street: PP/HO/D/A1646

Du Paneau, Peter S.: PP/HO/D/A1592

Duckett, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1422.5, A2031

Duff, J. Gordon: PP/HO/D/A1577

Duffin, E.M.: PP/HO/D/A1027

Duinérife?, C?: PP/HO/D/B2

Dumas, ?: PP/HO/D/A2239

Dunbar, George: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Duncan, Andrew, junior: PP/HO/D/A1132, B3, B4, B5

Duncan, Andrew, senior: PP/HO/D/B3, B4, B5

Duncan, John: PP/HO/D/A2240

Duncker, Joh.: PP/HO/D/A2010

Dunn, Henry, Secretary, British and Foreign School Society: PP/HO/D/A1503

Duranton, ?: PP/HO/D/A1172, A1174, A1176, A1195

Dusgate, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1225, A1235, A1236, A1240, A1283, A1431, A1595, A1921, A1926-A1928, A1931-A1932, A1936, A2005, A2086-A2087, A2103, A2161

Duvancel, Sophie: PP/HO/D/A1096, A1163, A1175, A1218, A1227, A1229, A1253, A1264, A1274, A1289, A1295, A1329, A1332, A1336, A1344, A1360-A1361, A1387, A1389, A1396, A1545, A2241, A2242

Ealley?, Agostino: PP/HO/D/A2474

Eden, Robert: PP/HO/D/C5f1A

Edinburgh University Medical Faculty: PP/HO/D/A1050

Edwards, ?: PP/HO/D/A1439

Edwards, H. Milne: PP/HO/D/A1129, A1211, A1263, A1773, A2243, A2246

Edwards, W.: PP/HO/D/A1665, A1686, A1763, A1785

Edwards, W.J.: PP/HO/D/A1325, A1353, A1381, A1762, A2244, A2245

Edwards, W.J.: PP/HO/D/B20

Elliott, William: PP/HO/D/A1520

Emblius, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2093

Erenberg, ?, Prof.: PP/HO/D/A2246

Estlin, John Bishop: PP/HO/D/A2044

Établissement Géographique de Bruxelles: PP/HO/D/A1994

Evans, Charles: PP/HO/D/A2082

Evans, James Cook: PP/HO/D/A1472.2

Evans, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2194

Everett, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1433, A2083

Ewing, William: PP/HO/D/A1087

Eynemerd?, ?: PP/HO/D/B21

Eyre, James: PP/HO/D/A1640

Fantandini, Antonio: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Farr, William: PP/HO/D/A1916

Farre, J.R.: PP/HO/D/A2141

Fawcett, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2213

Félon?, ?: PP/HO/D/B20

Ferguson, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1252

Ferroy, ?: PP/HO/D/A1226, A1237, A1337, A1459

Férrusac, André Étienne Just Paschal Joseph François, Baron de: PP/HO/D/A1352

Finch, Maria: PP/HO/D/A1258

Finch, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1083, A1086, A1093, A1097, A1107, A1120, A1131, A1182, A1243, A1287, A1298, A1299, A1319, A1343, A1373, A2247

Finlay, ?: PP/HO/D/D129

Fisher, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A1497

Fisher, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1477

Fisher, Thomas W.: PP/HO/D/A1024, A1029, A1040, A1048, A1238, A1968

Fitzgerald, F.: PP/HO/D/A2181

Fitzroy, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2084

Fletcher, J.: PP/HO/D/A1165

Fletcher, Joseph: PP/HO/D/B42

Forshall, J., Rev., British Museum Library: PP/HO/D/A1490

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/D/A1285, A2048

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/D/B206-B208

Forster, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1152

Forster, Robert: PP/HO/D/D266

Foster, R.J.: PP/HO/D/A2427f38B

Fovell, A.A.: PP/HO/D/A298

Foville, Achille: PP/HO/D/A1167, A1168, A1506, A1511, A1514, A1524, A1531, A1544, A1548, A1553, A1563, A1581, A1586, A1590, A1597, A1615

Foville, Laure: PP/HO/D/A1698

Fowler, John F.: PP/HO/D/A1853

Fowler, Lucy: PP/HO/D/B209

Fowler, William: PP/HO/D/B210

Fox, Caroline: PP/HO/D/B211

Fox, George: PP/HO/D/B212

Fox, R. Hingston: PP/HO/D/C35-8

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/D/A1628

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/D/B213

Fox, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2074

Fox, Samuel: PP/HO/D/B214

Franklin, Arthur: PP/HO/D/A1188

Freeman, Robert: PP/HO/D/B43

Freeman, Robert, Royal Medical Benevolent College: PP/HO/D/A2197

Fry, Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/A134

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/D/A2136

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/D/B216

Fry, William: PP/HO/D/A316

Gaetano, Bianchi: PP/HO/D/A1930

Gale, George B.: PP/HO/D/A1621, A1659

Gallatin, Albert: PP/HO/D/B27

Garrison, William Lloyd: PP/HO/D/A1475

Gashy, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1356

Gavazzi, Alessandro: PP/HO/D/A2185

Gazzeri, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1406

Gemmellaro, Mario: PP/HO/D/A1151, A1154, A1216, A1278, A1302, A1320, A1335, A1359, A1442-A1443, A1460, A1480, A1543, A1574, A1583, A1624, A1682, A1696, A1723, A1752

Gené, Joseph [Secretary, Académie Royale des Sciences]: PP/HO/D/A1839

Gené, Joseph [Secretary, Académie Royale des Sciences]: PP/HO/D/B25

Gentili, Raimondo: PP/HO/D/A1143

Gerock, W.A.: PP/HO/D/A1102

Gibbins, William: PP/HO/D/A1651

Gibson, W.: PP/HO/D/A2135

Giglioli, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2216

Giglioli, J.: PP/HO/D/A1559, A2196, A2211

Giles, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1414

Gillett, Joseph Ashly: PP/HO/D/A514, A2081

Gillett, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A189, A514

Gillett, William: PP/HO/D/A1171, A1234

Gillies, ?: PP/HO/D/A1334

Glaisyer, John: PP/HO/D/A1208, A1891

Glaisyer, Messrs.: PP/HO/D/D298

Glen, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A1398

Godfrey, James: PP/HO/D/A1861, A1865

Godlee, Burwood: PP/HO/D/A1800

Godlee, John: PP/HO/D/A1004

Godlee, M.A. [cousin of Thomas Hodgkin MD]: PP/HO/D/A1428, B217

Godlee, Mary: PP/HO/D/A1372, A1695, A1822, A1854

Godlee, Mary: PP/HO/D/A1428

Godlee, Priscilla: PP/HO/D/B218

Godlee, Rickman: PP/HO/D/A1679, A1750, A2017

Godlee, Rickman: PP/HO/D/B105, B135, B141, B148, B219-B220

Godlee, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A1008, A1038, A2248

Gordon, George W.: PP/HO/D/A1951, A2054

Gouger, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1495

Graham, Robert: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Green, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1491

Green, Joseph Henry: PP/HO/D/A1852, A1872, A1877

Gregory, George: PP/HO/D/A1870

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/D/A1729

Griffa, Michele: PP/HO/D/A1169

Griffiths, John, junior: PP/HO/D/A1371, A1611

Griscom, John: PP/HO/D/A1021, A1034, A1056-A1057, A1487, A1826

Gruelin, Léopold: PP/HO/D/B15

Guedall?, E.: PP/HO/D/B221

Güggenbühl, ?: PP/HO/D/A1984

Guislain, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1607, B12

Guldberg, C. Hoegh: PP/HO/D/A1633

Gurley, R.R.: PP/HO/D/A1782, A1829, A1900, A1901

Gurney, Anna: PP/HO/D/A1963, A2249, A2250

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/D/A1128, A1201, A1294, A1322, A1364, A1383, A1384, A1385, A1412, A1413, A1415, A1418, A1426, A1429, A1445, A1557, A1641, A1644, A1647, A1663, A1681, A1737, A1907, A1918, A1933, A1934, A1957, A2059, A2060, A2075, A2088, A2110, A2118, A2126, A2128, A2129, A2134, A2138, A2144-A2146, A2148, A2160, A2164, A2165, A2172, A2173, A2177, A2182, A2184-A2185, A2192, A2251, A2251, A2510

Gurney, John: PP/HO/D/A1579

Gurney, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2095, B58-B60

Guy's Hospital, students: PP/HO/D/B73

Hack, Daniel P.: PP/HO/D/B222

Hacker, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/A2209

Hale, Erwin [Correspondence Secretary, Massachusetts Medical Society]: PP/HO/D/A1634

Hales, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2215

Halford, Sir Henry: PP/HO/D/B10

Hall, Marshall: PP/HO/D/A1714, A1869, A1871, A1873, A1876, A2130

Halswell, Edmund: PP/HO/D/A1813

Hamilton, R.: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Hampson, Aspinall: PP/HO/D/B224-B225

Hancock, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1422.6

Hannay, Alexander J.: PP/HO/D/A1338, A1342, A1485

Hanson, Augustus W.: PP/HO/D/A2001, A2064

Hardwick, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A1657

Hardy, John: PP/HO/D/A410

Hardy, William: PP/HO/D/A1386

Harker, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/B223

Harrison, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/A1667, A1669

Harrison, E.W.: PP/HO/D/A2158

Harrison, G.: PP/HO/D/A257

Harrison, George: PP/HO/D/A1764

Harrison, John G.: PP/HO/D/A1397

Hart, Aaron, Society of United Israelites: PP/HO/D/A1407

Harvey, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2212, A2217

Hastings, G.W.: PP/HO/D/B226

Hawes, B.: PP/HO/D/A2253

Hawkins, Francis, Registrar, Royal College of Physicians: PP/HO/D/A1639, A1643

Henslow, J.S.: PP/HO/D/A1772

Herman, G. Ernest: PP/HO/D/C34

Herschel, J.M.: PP/HO/D/A1138, A1393, A1400, A2254, A2255

Hervey, C.H.: PP/HO/D/A1493

Hervey, Philip: PP/HO/D/A1496, A1500, A1844, A1966

Hervez de Chégoin, Nicholas Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1230

Hes-ton-a-quete, Francis (also referred to as Hesh-ton-a-quete, François), Chippeway / Ojibway chief: PP/HO/D/A1593, A1719

Hingston, C.: PP/HO/D/A1161

Hodgkin, Anna [Holdship] [d.1818]: PP/HO/D/A24, A1001, A1007, A1010

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/D/A1308, A1482

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/D/A1, A4, A6, A12-A13, A15-A17, A20, A23, A26, A28-A30, A32, A36-A40, A43-A46, A49-A51, A53, A56, A58-A59, A61-A64, A73-A77, A 80-A83, A86, A88-A90, A92, A99-A102, A106, A108, A110, A112, A115, A117, A119, A121, A123, A125, A127, A131, A134, A136, A141-A142, A145-A146, A148, A150, A158-A159, A161, A163-A164, A167, A169, A171-A172, A174-A175, A178, A181, A183-A185, A189-A191, A194, A196, A198-A200, A202, A204-A206, A208, A210-A211, A213-A217, A219-A224, A226, A230-A231, A233-A236, A239, A241-A245, A248, A251-A252, A256-A257, A259, A261-A263, A265, A267-A271, A273-A275, A277-A284, A286-A296, A298-A300, A305-A309, A312-A313, A321-A323, A325-A367, A339, A341, A343, A347, A350, A353-A354, A356-A357, A359, A362-A364, A366, A369, A372, A375, A535, A1042

Hodgkin, Elizabeth Haughton: PP/HO/D/A462

Hodgkin, John [1741-1815]: PP/HO/D/A1000

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/D/B229

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/D/A1999, A2070, A2077

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/D/A3, A6, A8-A13, A16, A18-A22, A25-A30, A32-A36, A 38-A43, A48, A51-A52, A54-A57, A60, A62-A63, A65, A67-A71, A73, A75, A77-A79, A81-A84, A86-A89, A91, A93-A98, A100, A104, A106-A107, A109-A111, A114-A116, A118-A120, A126, A129-A130, A132-A133, A138-A141, A144-A145, A147, A149-A152, A156-A161, A170, A175, A177, A179-A180, A182, A184, A187, A193, A201, A204, A221-A222, A224-A227, A229, A232, A235-A238, A241, A243, A245-A246, A248-A250, A254, A256, A258, A260-A261, A268, A270-A274, A276-A277, A279-A282, A284-A289, A291-A292, A294-A299, A301, A304-A308, A310-A320, A330-A333, A338, A340-A344, A346, A348-A352, A364, A368, A371, A373, A378-A380, A384-A386, A390, A392-A393, A396, A398-A402, A404, A406, A409-A413, A415-A420, A422, A425-A426, A428, A433, A435-A498, A501, A564, A566, A 567, A569, A700, A1618, A1729, A2334

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/D/B35-B41, B56, B58-B60, B152, B165, B178A, B292-B293, B297, B305, B310-B311, B314, B318, B320, B322-B323, B325, B328, B331, B334-B336, D291

Hodgkin, John, senior [1766-1845]: PP/HO/D/A2, A5, A7, A14, A24-A27, A31, A35-A36, A47, A49-A51, A54, A58-A59, A66, A68, A71-A72, A76, A79, A85-A86, A88, A90, A93, A95-A98, A103-A106, A110, A113-A115, A119, A122, A124, A126, A128, A135-A137, A139, A141, A143, A145, A148-A155, A157-A162, A164-A166, A168, A171-A173, A175-A177, A179-A180, A182-A184, A186, A188, A192, A195, A197, A206-A207, A209-A210, A212, A216-A221, A228, A240-A242, A247-A248, A252-A253, A255-A258, A262-A266, A269-A270, A272-A273, A275-A280, A283-A284, A286-A292, A295-A303, A306, A308-A309, A312-A316, A320, A322, A324, A326-A330, A333-A334, A336-A337, A339, A341, A345, A347-A349, A353, A355-A358, A361-A362, A365, A367, A370, A372, A374, A376-A377, A379-A384, A387-A389, A 391, A394-A395, A397, A402-A405, A407-A408, A410-A411, A414, A416, A421, A423-A427, A429-A432, A434, A499, A536, A677, A681, A701, A708, A1042, A1100, D291

Hodgkin, Mary: PP/HO/D/A999, A1346

Hodgkin, Sarah Frances: PP/HO/D/A889, A907, A2509, A2509A

Hodgkin, Sarah Frances: PP/HO/D/B149, B157-B158, B167, B172, B295-B296, B298, B302-B303, B313, D292

Hodgkin, Susanna: PP/HO/D/A998

Hodgkin, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A499-A992, A1556, A2207, A2301-A2457, A2479-A2501, B178; C3f19r, 34r; C5f13r; D1f87r, 101v; D99f97r, 136v, 213r, 217r, 221r, 223r, 231r, 233r, 237r, 238r, 241r, 250v, 255r, 264r, 265r, 267r, 269r, 277r, 285r, 289r, 304r, 317r, 336r, 338r, 342r, 357r, 369r; D152, D291-D292

Hodgkin, Thomas [1744-1810]: PP/HO/D/A997(photo)

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/D/A2457f3, 30; B315, B317, B319, B321, B324

Hoge, W.J.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Holland, C. [for the Associated Licentiates of the Royal College of Physicians]: PP/HO/D/A1645

Holland, H.: PP/HO/D/A2092

Home, James: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Homewood, J.B.: PP/HO/D/A1953

Honolulu: unidentified missionary: PP/HO/D/A2418f16r

Hope, Thomas Charles: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Horn, W.: PP/HO/D/A1358

Horne, Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/A1602

Horner, F.R.: PP/HO/D/A1333

Horniblow, John: PP/HO/D/B52

Howard, Elizabeth [sister of Luke]: PP/HO/D/A2100

Howard, John Eliot: PP/HO/D/B229

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/D/A1031, A1113, A1411, A1417, A1438, A1452, A1512, A1549, A1658, A1672, A1700, A1842, A1885, A2016, A2038A, A2106A, A2120A, A2159, A2413f80r

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/D/A1446, A1721

Howard, Rachel: PP/HO/D/B230

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1020, A1397

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/D/B231

Howell, James: PP/HO/D/A1878

Howse, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1613

Hubbard, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/A1515, A1537, A2468

Hughes, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1610, A2174, A2256

Hughes, H.M.: PP/HO/D/A1424, A1684, A1801

Hughes, S.: PP/HO/D/A1617

Hughes, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2064

Hull, J.P.: PP/HO/D/A1032

Humble, William (Secretary, Royal Geographical Society): PP/HO/D/A1992, A1993

Hunton, Thomas: PP/HO/D/B232

Hüpgens, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2018

Hurn, J.G.H.: PP/HO/D/A2503

Hutchinson, M.: PP/HO/D/A1699

Imbert des Mottelettes, ?, Count: PP/HO/D/A1828, A1833

Imbert des Mottelettes, ?, Count: PP/HO/D/B20

Imperial and Royal Academy of ?, Siena: PP/HO/D/A1728

Innes, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1903

Irvine, Alexander, junior: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Isambert, ?: PP/HO/D/A1795

Jackson, J.B.S.: PP/HO/D/A1964

Jagar, John: PP/HO/D/A1397

James, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2222

Jameson, R.: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Jameson, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1016

Janson, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A1013

Janson, James W.: PP/HO/D/B233

Jardi, Capetanus: PP/HO/D/B11

Jenkins, John: PP/HO/D/A1692

Johnson, George: PP/HO/D/A1290, A1370

Joinville, ?, Prince de: PP/HO/D/A2132

Jomard, Edme François: PP/HO/D/A1023, A1025, A1026, A1068

Juillien, ?: PP/HO/D/A1221

K-?, ?: PP/HO/D/B26

Kayat, Habib Baptist A.: PP/HO/D/B171, B174, B177-B178, B294

Kee, C.B.W.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Keith, Thomas: PP/HO/D/D115

Kemp, Caleb R.: PP/HO/D/B234

Kemp, J.: PP/HO/D/B235

Kennedy, J.: PP/HO/D/A2102

Kennedy, William: PP/HO/D/A1975

Key, Charles Aston: PP/HO/D/B51

Kidd, J.: PP/HO/D/A1677, A1776

King, Eliza: PP/HO/D/A2002, A2009

King, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1468, A1498, A1568, A1694, A1725, A2062, B297, B300

King, T.W.: PP/HO/D/A758, A2257

Kingdon, W.: PP/HO/D/A1422.7

Knight, George Henry: PP/HO/D/A1889

Knorre, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1145, A1153, A1177, A1202, A1435

Knox, Robert: PP/HO/D/A 1114, A1121, A1123, A1224, A1423, A1499, A1882, A2258, A2259, B47

Kurz, ?: PP/HO/D/A2085

Kurz, Frederick Johan: PP/HO/D/A1987

L., J.B.: PP/HO/D/A2507

La Via, Gregorio Barnaba: PP/HO/D/B7

Lafayette, George Washington: PP/HO/D/A1051

Lamb?, Richard H.: PP/HO/D/B236

Lang, John ?Shamore: PP/HO/D/A1998

Lantery, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1532, A1536, A1540, A1940-A1942, A1946, A1969, A1972, A1974, A1982, A1988

Latikena, Kiaterata: PP/HO/D/A2220.1

Latrobe, ?: PP/HO/D/A1810

Lavater, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1260, A1546, A1599, A2038

Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent de: PP/HO/D/D294

Lawler?, R.N.: PP/HO/D/B237-B238

Le Marchant, D., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2261

Le Soeur, ?: PP/HO/D/A222

Lean, William Scamell: PP/HO/D/B239

Lee, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1707

Lee, S.: PP/HO/D/A1464, A1471

Lee, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A2260

Lefevre, [Rachel] Emily Shaw: PP/HO/D/A1523, A1857, A1887

Lefevre, John George Shaw: PP/HO/D/A1197, A1857

Leonhard, ?: PP/HO/D/B15

Leslie, ?: PP/HO/D/B3

L'Evêque Grégoire, ?: PP/HO/D/A1099

Leverrier, Urbain Jean Joseph : PP/HO/D/A1995, A2029

Lewis, Evan: PP/HO/D/A2191

Lindsey, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2140

Lippi, Reynaldo: PP/HO/D/A1401, A1622

Lister, Joseph Jackson: PP/HO/D/A1214, D299

Lizars, John: PP/HO/D/A1555

Lobeck, H.L.: PP/HO/D/A1777, A1793, A1881

Loewe, L.S.: PP/HO/D/B240

London Dispensary: PP/HO/D/B49

London Society for the Improvement of the Condition of the Factory Children: PP/HO/D/D243

Long, George: PP/HO/D/A2261

Louis, ?: PP/HO/D/A1525

Lubbock, J.W.: PP/HO/D/A1769

Luckington, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1074

Lynch, Daniel: PP/HO/D/A1397

Maber, H.H.: PP/HO/D/A1159

Macchi, Mauro: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

MacCord, Emily: PP/HO/D/A2026

MacDowall, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1517

Mackay, W.S.: PP/HO/D/A1039

Mackinsale?, ?: PP/HO/D/B172A-B

Mackmurdo, Gilbert: PP/HO/D/A1849

MacNay, Thomas [Stockton and Darlington Railway, Wear Valley Railway]: PP/HO/D/A1941A;; PP/HO/E/A2000, A2055, A2322

Maconochie, A.: PP/HO/D/A1502, A1780

Magius, ? de: PP/HO/D/A1212

Malden, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2188

Malfatti, ?: PP/HO/D/B21

Mandale, ?Blair: PP/HO/D/A2176

Manini, Pasquale Stanislao: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Mantell, G.: PP/HO/D/A1284

Marieur, J.R., Société des Sciences Médicales et Naturales de Bruxelles: PP/HO/D/A1751

Marinut, J.R.: PP/HO/D/B19

Marrigno, Carmelo: PP/HO/D/B8

Martin, F.: PP/HO/D/A2032

Martin, John: PP/HO/D/A1552, A1954, A2263, A2464

Martin, Peter: PP/HO/D/A1141, A1463, A1560

Martin, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1192-A1193, A1200, A1203, A1232, A1244, A1255, A1317, A1483, A1711, A2014, A2037, A2061

Martin, Thomas: PP/HO/D/B241

Martin, William: PP/HO/D/A2180

Martineau, Harriet: PP/HO/D/A2264

Masi, L.: PP/HO/D/A2091

Masterman, Selina Sarah: PP/HO/D/A2055

Masterson, Amelia: PP/HO/D/B242

Mattheis, Joseph de: PP/HO/D/A1402

May, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1436

May, Edward C.: PP/HO/D/A185, A1148, A1618, B243

Mayer, Enrico: PP/HO/D/A2178

McGrigor, J., Army Medical Department: PP/HO/D/A1713

McQueen, James: PP/HO/D/A1534

Meazza, ?: PP/HO/D/A2265

Meiklejohn, ?: PP/HO/D/B3

Meisser, ?: PP/HO/D/B19

Melch, ?: PP/HO/D/A1892

Melsens, ?: PP/HO/D/A2078

Menibelli, T.: PP/HO/D/A1140

Mercer, C.F.: PP/HO/D/A2106, A2108, A2458

Metford, Henry: PP/HO/D/A1638

Metropolitan Sewage Manure Company: PP/HO/D/A2013

Mic-Mac Society, Prince Edward Island: PP/HO/D/B244

Millar, James: PP/HO/D/A1259

Milona, Nicolo: PP/HO/D/A1818, A2266

Miner, C.A.: PP/HO/D/A2224

Modena, C.: PP/HO/D/A2219

Moline, William: PP/HO/D/A1091

Molino, ?Carta: PP/HO/D/A1127

Mollet, J.E.: PP/HO/D/A1527

Monteaux, C.: PP/HO/D/A1938

Montefiore, Abraham: PP/HO/D/A1066

Montefiore, John J.: PP/HO/D/D188

Montefiore, Judith: PP/HO/D/A2475

Montefiore, Moses: PP/HO/D/A295, A1077, A1756, A2163, A2195, A2200, A2424f15r; A2455f20r?; A2475, A2512

Montemont, Albert: PP/HO/D/A1313

Monticelli, Theodore: PP/HO/D/A1105-A1106

Moore, H.: PP/HO/D/A1978

Moore, Henry: PP/HO/D/B173, B178

Moore, M.: PP/HO/D/A2069

Morrice, J.: PP/HO/D/A2267

Morse, Sidney E.: PP/HO/D/A2090

Morton, J.G.: PP/HO/D/A1033

Morton, Samuel George: PP/HO/D/A1144, A1228, A1250, A1276, A1671, A1689, A2043

Moubot, H.: PP/HO/D/D217-D218

Munro, Alexander: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey: PP/HO/D/A2179

Murdoch, W.: PP/HO/D/A1362, A1374, A1375, A1380, A1403

Naegele, F.E.: PP/HO/D/B15

Napper, R.P.: PP/HO/D/A1909

Nasmyth, ? [ wife of Robert Nasmyth]: PP/HO/D/A1556

Nasse?, ?, Fr.: PP/HO/D/B26

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science: PP/HO/D/B226

Naudi, ? [widow of Dr ?Clardo]: PP/HO/D/A1701

Naudi, Francesco: PP/HO/D/A1701, A1730

Nelson, Robert: PP/HO/D/A1565

Newby, T.C.: PP/HO/D/B329-B330, B332-B333, B337

Newham, Jane: PP/HO/D/B245

Newman, Thomas: PP/HO/D/D266

Niven, William: PP/HO/D/A2470

Nobele, E. de, Secretary, Société de Médicine de Gand: PP/HO/D/A1619, B12

Norton, Thomas: PP/HO/D/B246

Novell, M.A.: PP/HO/D/A1072, A2268

Nunes, W.A.: PP/HO/D/A2113, B247

Opie, Amelia: PP/HO/D/A1316, A1838, A1843, A2476-A2478

Overend, Gurney and Company Limited: PP/HO/D/B299

Overend, Hall: PP/HO/D/A1146

Overend, John: PP/HO/D/A2209

Owen, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1821

Paradon, Jules: PP/HO/D/A2427f4v

Parke, John: PP/HO/D/B125

Parker, John W.: PP/HO/D/A394

Paterson, James: PP/HO/D/A2058

Payne, Alfred: PP/HO/D/B248

Payne, Caroline: PP/HO/D/B249

Payne, Eliza R.: PP/HO/D/A1722

Pearce, John: PP/HO/D/B134

Pease, Joseph [of Southend, Darlington]: PP/HO/D/A1472.3, B250

Peate, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2036

Pecchioli, Zanobi: PP/HO/D/A1324, A1340, A1348, A1733, A1739, A1774

Peck, Thomas E.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Peckover, Algernon: PP/HO/D/A2156

Pennsylvania Rail Road Company: PP/HO/D/A2147

Pentland, J.B: PP/HO/D/A1280, A1292

Perey, L., fils: PP/HO/D/A1339, A1486

Perrey, A.: PP/HO/D/A2157

Perry, Stephen: PP/HO/D/A2462

Phillips, B.: PP/HO/D/A2270

Phillips, Richard: PP/HO/D/D207

Pickford, James H.: PP/HO/D/A1213, A1269-A1270, A1731, A1824

Pieri, Johannes, Count: PP/HO/D/B17

Pillans, James: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Pirondi, ?, fils: PP/HO/D/A1501, A1649, A1652

Pirondi, Sirus: PP/HO/D/A2099

Plomley, J.: PP/HO/D/A1397

Plumer, William S.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Politi, Raffaello: PP/HO/D/A1078, A1103, A1147, A1160, A1301, A1314, A1366

Polk, Josiah F.: PP/HO/D/A1474, A1539, A1788, A1792, A1796, A1845

Pope, Christiana: PP/HO/D/B251

Postlethwaite, James: PP/HO/D/A1397

Power, Maria: PP/HO/D/A1912

Power, O.: PP/HO/D/A1888, A1911, A1913-A1915, A1924, A1959, A2012, A2042, A2045-A2047

Prat, N.: PP/HO/D/A1441

Preston, T.: PP/HO/D/A1136

Price, Christiana A.: PP/HO/D/B252

Price, John: PP/HO/D/A1397

Price, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1395

Prichard, James Cowles: PP/HO/D/A1391, A1538, A1564, A1575, A1625, A1636, A1732, A1779, A1802, A1807, A1827, A1834, A1836, A1841, D229

Prior, T.R.: PP/HO/D/A1751

Propert, John: PP/HO/D/B43

Proudfeet, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A1815

Provincial Medical and Surgical Association: PP/HO/D/A1996

Puccinel, Clemente: PP/HO/D/D95

Pye-Smith, Ebenezer: PP/HO/D/B301

Quain, R.: PP/HO/D/A2189

Quekett, John: PP/HO/D/A2169

Quiroga, ?, General: PP/HO/D/A1242

Ralston, Gerard: PP/HO/D/A1895, A2112

Red Jacket [Iroquois chief]: PP/HO/D/D175A

Rees, Evan: PP/HO/D/D266

Reinaud, ?: PP/HO/D/A2454f19r

Reinhardt?, F.A.B.: PP/HO/D/B15

Renwick, W.H.: PP/HO/D/A1306

Retzius, Anders: PP/HO/D/A1905, A2119, A2123, A2271

Rhoads, Edward: PP/HO/D/B253

Ricard, ?: PP/HO/D/A1028

Rice, T. Spring, 1st Baron Monteagle of Brandon, Secretary of State for the Colonies: PP/HO/D/A1646

Richardson, James: PP/HO/D/A1973

Richardson, Thomas: PP/HO/D/D115

Rickman, H.: PP/HO/D/A1917

Rickman, Henry Ware: PP/HO/D/A1328, A1504

Rickman, John H. : PP/HO/D/A336, A1003, A1044, B254

Rickman, Mary [1748-1818; Verrall]: PP/HO/D/A1011, A1012

Rickman, Matilda: PP/HO/D/A1904, B255

Rickman, Priscilla: PP/HO/D/A1811, A1814, A1823, A1867

Rickman, Rachel: PP/HO/D/A1286, A1291

Rickman, Richard Peters [cousin of John Hodgkin junior]: PP/HO/D/A2345

Rickman, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A1002, A1006

Rickman, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A737, A996, A1680, A1685, A1688, A1693, A1695, A1697, A1703-A1704, A1717, A1985, A2003, A2104, B256-B257; PP/HO/E/A1172, A2258, A2514

Rickman, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1422.4, A1479, A1678

Ritchie, David: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Ritchie, William: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Ritter, Carl: PP/HO/D/A2121, A2137

Rix, F.J.: PP/HO/D/A1879

Roberton, John: PP/HO/D/A2125

Roberts, Joseph Jenkins, President of Liberia.: PP/HO/D/A2057, A2109, A2153

Robinson, ?C.M., junior: PP/HO/D/A1982A

Robinson, Edward: PP/HO/D/B27

Robinson, S.: PP/HO/D/A2471

Rokitansky, Karl: PP/HO/D/A1991, A2139

Rothschild, ?: PP/HO/D/A222

Roupell, ?: PP/HO/D/A1744

Roussel, ?: PP/HO/D/B18

Roy, Rajah Rammohun: PP/HO/D/A1437

Royal College of Physicians: PP/HO/D/A1639, A1643

Royal Geographical Society: PP/HO/D/A1502, A1992, A1993

Royal Medical Benevolent College: PP/HO/D/A2197

Royer, A.A.: PP/HO/D/A1037, A1095, A1110, A1111, A1112, A1117, A1119, A1122, A1124-A1125, A1162, A1309, A1377, A1386, A1462, A 2458A, A2504?

Rumsey, H.W.: PP/HO/D/A1614

Russell, ?: PP/HO/D/B3

Ryedon, Egerton: PP/HO/D/A1922

Sailer, Luigi: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Salutius, Alexander: PP/HO/D/B25

Sand, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2056

Sanderson, John: PP/HO/D/D266

Sargent, Hester: PP/HO/D/A223

Sargent, Isaac: PP/HO/D/A247, A255, A257, A1042, A1109, A1111, A1116, A1135, A1149, A1189, A1191, A1600, A1605, A1761, A1799, A1811, A2460

Saul, David: PP/HO/D/A1241, A1247

Saul, J.: PP/HO/D/A1249, A1550

Saunders, John: PP/HO/D/A1893

Scaife, Henry Neale: PP/HO/D/B258

Scaife, Reginald: PP/HO/D/B170

Scarcelles, Dominicus: PP/HO/D/B11

Scarpellini, Feliciano: PP/HO/D/A1085, B6

Schirk, C.: PP/HO/D/A2472

Schneider, S.A.T.: PP/HO/D/B23

Schönbein, Professor C.F.: PP/HO/D/A2122

Schönberg, Alberto de: PP/HO/D/A1137, A1166, A1404, A1632, A1702

Schoolcraft, Henry R.: PP/HO/D/B27

Schükei, Emeric: PP/HO/D/A1507, A1521

Schürmayer, J.H.: PP/HO/D/B23

Scull, Gideon D.: PP/HO/D/A2081

Selwyn, Congreve: PP/HO/D/A1715

Seux, ?, Vicomte, Secretary, Société de Médecine: PP/HO/D/A1753, B18

Seymour, Edward J.: PP/HO/D/A1410, A1416

Seys, John: PP/HO/D/A1783

Sharpey, W.: PP/HO/D/A1742, A1754, A2022

Shaw, H. Norton: PP/HO/D/A2024

Shebbeare, H.: PP/HO/D/A1533

Sheil, J.B.: PP/HO/D/A1092, A1251

Shephard, John: PP/HO/D/B260

Shephard, Mary: PP/HO/D/B261

Sherwin, A., Honorary Secretary, Spitalfields Mechanics Institution: PP/HO/D/A1369

Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper: PP/HO/D/A2272

Shillitoe, Jane [Rickman]: PP/HO/D/A1603

Sibson, Francis: PP/HO/D/A1720, A1875, A1894

Sigourney, L.H.: PP/HO/D/A1825

Simon, J.P.: PP/HO/D/A1970

Simpson, James Y.: PP/HO/D/A1630

Simpson, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1804

Skirrow, James: PP/HO/D/A1705

Skirrow, William, junior: PP/HO/D/A1494

Sloper, Robert S.: PP/HO/D/A1394, A1419, A1427, A1432, A1448, A1449, A1450, A1451, A1457, A1458, A 1461, A1465, A1467, A1471A

Smith, ?: PP/HO/D/A1743

Smith, A.: PP/HO/D/A2441f63r, 81r; A2442f40r, 94r

Smith, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1609

Smith, Culling Eardley, Sir: PP/HO/D/A1789, A2072, A2076, A2133, A2273, A2274

Smith, Ebenezer: PP/HO/D/A1727, A1740, A1948, A2275, B56, B68

Smith, H.J.: PP/HO/D/A1601

Smith, J. Pye: PP/HO/D/A1890, A1896

Smith, Joseph A.: PP/HO/D/A1397

Smith, O?.: PP/HO/D/B308-B309

Smith, Richard: PP/HO/D/B161, B291, B304, B306-B307, B327

Smyth, W.H.: PP/HO/D/A1626, A2035

Società Medica-Chirugica di Torino: PP/HO/D/A1866

Société de Médecine: PP/HO/D/A1753

Société de Médicine de Gand: PP/HO/D/A1619

Société des Sciences Médicales et Naturales de Bruxelles: PP/HO/D/A1751

Society of United Israelites: PP/HO/D/A1407

Solly, S.: PP/HO/D/A1851

Somerville, James: PP/HO/D/A1368

Sondén, C.V.: PP/HO/D/B28

Speciall, R.: PP/HO/D/B259

Spence, H.: PP/HO/D/A1971

Spirling, J.W.: PP/HO/D/A2068

Spitalfields Mechanics Institution: PP/HO/D/A1369

St John's British Hospital: PP/HO/D/A1526

St Thomas's Hospital: PP/HO/D/A1847, A1860, A1868, A1874. See also Barker, J.A.

St Thomas's Hospital, students: PP/HO/D/B77

Steinau, J.H.: PP/HO/D/A2067, A2071

Steinkopf, Ch.F.A.: PP/HO/D/A2115

Stewardson, J.: PP/HO/D/A1508

Stewart, ?J.?S.: PP/HO/D/B244

Stewart, P.D.: PP/HO/D/B244

Stickney, Rachel: PP/HO/D/B262

Stockenström, Sir Andreas: PP/HO/D/A1784, A1787, A1817, A1967, A1986

Streeter, Robert J.H., Provincial Medical and Surgical Association: PP/HO/D/A1996

Stringer, George: PP/HO/D/A1009

Stroud, Dr. William: PP/HO/D/A424, A1081, A1090, A1156, A1207, A1239, A1312, A1326, A1330, A1357, A1367, A1376, A1378, A1382, A1388, A1390, A1456, A1470, A1478, A1492, A1542, A1551, A1604, A1654, A1662, A1687, A1706, A1709, A1906, A1920, A2080

Sturz, J.: PP/HO/D/A1939

Suliot, Theodore E.: PP/HO/D/A1198

Sullivan, George: PP/HO/D/A2049

Sunday, John: PP/HO/D/D172

Symonds, J.A.: PP/HO/D/A1803

Tagore, G.M.: PP/HO/D/A2221

Tanner, William: PP/HO/D/A1635, B263-B264

Taranto, Antonio: PP/HO/D/A1080

Taylor, John: PP/HO/D/B265

Taylor, Richard: PP/HO/D/A1718

Thatcher, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1846, A1855

Thomans, J.: PP/HO/D/B13

Thomas, William: PP/HO/D/A1014

Thompson, Bowen: PP/HO/D/A2015

Thompson, Cardew?: PP/HO/D/A1204

Thompson, Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/D127

Thompson, James B.: PP/HO/D/A2019

Thompson, Mary: PP/HO/D/B266

Thompson, William: PP/HO/D/A2000

Thomson, J. Edgar, Pennsylvania Rail Road Company: PP/HO/D/A2147

Thorpe, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/A255, A295, A1043, A1045-A1046, A1055, A1059-A1065, A1069-A1071, A1073, A1082, A1088-A1089, A1183, A1217, A1248, A1265, A1297, A1307, A1392, A1399, A1425, A1453, A1484, A1587, A1708, A1763, A2276, A2277

Tothill, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A2063

Travers, B.: PP/HO/D/A2278

Travers, John: PP/HO/D/A1100

Travers, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1726, A1729, A1790

Tuckerman, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1519

Tuckett, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A1899, A1902, A2214, A2279, A2279A

Tuckett, Henry: PP/HO/D/A716

Tuckett, Philip D.: PP/HO/D/B267

Tuduno, Domenico: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Tuke, Daniel H.: PP/HO/D/A2117, A2186

Tuke, Harrington: PP/HO/D/B268

Tuke, Samuel [clerk, London Yearly Meeting]: PP/HO/D/D257

Tweedie, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A1676

Valens, Marianus?: PP/HO/D/B11

Vandermaelen, Philip, Établissement Géographique de Bruxelles: PP/HO/D/A1994, A2454f20r

Vansittart, Nicholas, Baron Bexley: PP/HO/D/A1488, A1757, A1768, A1775

Varga, Mathias: PP/HO/D/A1379, A1440, A1481

Viale, Guiseppi: PP/HO/D/A2280

Vigers, N.A.: PP/HO/D/A1210

Vinel-Grandchamp, F.: PP/HO/D/A1421, A1466

Volto, ?, Società Medica-Chirugica di Torino: PP/HO/D/A1866, B24

Vulpes, ?: PP/HO/D/A1185

Wadd, Thomas M.: PP/HO/D/A1535

Wahlberg, J.A.: PP/HO/D/A2107, A2114

Walker, G.W.: PP/HO/D/D179

Wallace, William: PP/HO/D/B3, B5

Walsh, Joseph: PP/HO/D/B122

Walters, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1397

Warren, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2471

Washington, John: PP/HO/D/A1683

Waterhouse, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2168

Waterhouse, Edwin: PP/HO/D/B312

Waterhouse, Elizabeth [Bessie]: PP/HO/D/A2136, A2511

Waterhouse, Mary A.: PP/HO/D/B269

Watson, J.: PP/HO/D/A1331

Waytes?, J.B.: PP/HO/D/A2513

Wear Valley Railway: PP/HO/D/A1941A

Webb, Richard D.: PP/HO/D/A2023

Webster, Daniel: PP/HO/D/A2041

Welford, Charles: PP/HO/D/B27

Weston, Warwick: PP/HO/D/A1422.3

Wetherald, William: PP/HO/D/B270

Whitfield, R.S., St. Thomas's Hospital: PP/HO/D/A1847, A1868, A1874

Whiting, John: PP/HO/D/A2281

Wigan, A.L.: PP/HO/D/A1910, A1923, A1949, A1990, A2004, A2282

Wilkinson, John: PP/HO/D/A1434

Wilks, Samuel: PP/HO/D/D285

Williams, Caleb: PP/HO/D/A1047, A1510, B271-B272

Williams, H.: PP/HO/D/A1409

Williams, Helen Maria: PP/HO/D/A1030, A1035, A1041, A1049, A1058, A1181, A1199, A1254, A1256, A1261-A1262, A1266, A2283-A2285

Williams, J. Calthorp: PP/HO/D/A2286

Williams, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2287

Williams, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1858

Willis, Charles: PP/HO/D/A1956

Willis, Edward: PP/HO/D/A1955

Wilson, ?: PP/HO/D/B3

Wood, George R.: PP/HO/D/A2050

Wood, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2069

Woollgar, J.W.: PP/HO/D/A1257

Wyatville, Jeffrey: PP/HO/D/A1778

Yates, James: PP/HO/D/A1650, A1806

Yates, Joseph B.: PP/HO/D/A2288

Yates, William Holt: PP/HO/D/A2021

Young, Robert: PP/HO/D/A407, A2011, A2463

Young, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A1187, A1205, A1293, A1660, A1664, A2289, B47

Yuly, Judah S.: PP/HO/D/A2225

Index to recipients of letters, and third parties mentioned in documents, held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

[Unidentified American Friends]: PP/HO/D/D258

[Unidentified: A Friend in England: draft sent to Elliott Cresson]: PP/HO/D/A2468

[Unidentified: Alfred]: PP/HO/D/A2418f99v

[Unidentified: Amy]: PP/HO/D/A2456f36r,76r

[Unidentified: cousin of Thomas Hodgkin MD]: PP/HO/D/A2413f62r

[Unidentified: foreign Friends]: PP/HO/D/D99f336r

[Unidentified: Friend in Philadelphia]: PP/HO/D/D99f338r

[Unidentified: friend of James Backhouse, near Graham's Town, S. Africa]: PP/HO/D/A2435f13r

[Unidentified: friend of James Backhouse, near Port Elizabeth, S. Africa]: PP/HO/D/A2435f9r

[Unidentified: friend of John Stewart, Hudson's Bay Territory]: PP/HO/D/A2434f84r

[Unidentified: Friend]: PP/HO/D/D99f342r

[Unidentified: friends of Thomas Hodgkin MD in Jamaica]: PP/HO/D/A2456f64r

[Unidentified: German living amongst Brazilian Indians]: PP/HO/D/A2417f76r,85v

[Unidentified: Governor of Liberia]: PP/HO/D/A2417f84r

[Unidentified: Insurance Office advised by Hodgkin]: PP/HO/D/A2416f37v

[Unidentified: magazine editor]: PP/HO/D/D1f101v

[Unidentified: Missionaries among the Basutos]: PP/HO/D/A2448f24r

[Unidentified: nephew of Thomas Hodgkin MD]: PP/HO/D/A2382

[Unidentified: New York clergyman]: PP/HO/D/D99f255r

[Unidentified: Sandwich Islands Institute, secretary]: PP/HO/D/A2434f78r

[Unidentified: schoolmaster at Ohahoo]: PP/HO/D/A2434f68r

[Unidentified: Sir Charles]: PP/HO/D/A2446f69r

[Unidentified: Wesleyan missionaries]: PP/HO/D/A2430f23r

[Unidentified]: PP/HO/D/A681, A1284, A2069, A2301, A2305, A2307, A2310, A2316, A2322, A2333, A2337-A2338, A2341-A2344, A2347-A2350, A2354-A2355, A2356A-B, A2358, A2359, A2361A-B, A2361D-A2363, A2365, A2371-A2373, A2380; A2413f19r, 27v, 32r, 34r, 47r, 51r, 70r, 72r; A2414f1r, 6v, 19v, 36r; A2416f89r, 92r; A2417f33v; A2417f53r, 97v, 98v, 99v; A2418f10r, 13v, 102r, 102v: A2419f18v, 23v, 25r, 27v, 34v, 47v, 49v, 51v, 60r; A2419f87v, 98v, 100r, 103r, 108r, 112v; A2420f14r, 16v, 19v, 22v, 38v, 39v, 40v, 49v, 52v, 53v, 55r, 56r, 58r, 59r, 64r; A2421f1v, 2r, 5r, 13v, 18r, 23r, 27r, 29v, 33v, 36r, 39v, 40r, 41r, 42v, 43v, 45r, 46v, 47r, 49v, 50v, 54v, 58v; A2422f2v, 4v, 9v, 14r, 15v, 20r, 22r, 24r, 26r, 27r, 32r, 34r, 36r, 38v, 40r, 58v, 61v; A2423f4r, 23r, 39r, 41v, 42v, 48v, 54v, 56v, 58v; A2424f2r, 30r; A2425f2v, 7r, 30v, 34v, 44r; A2426f51r, 52r, 66r; A2427f4r, 38r, 38A, 39v, 50v; A2429f25r, 26r, 57r, 76r, 86r, 97r, 99r; A24330f1r, 8r, 28r, 34r, 37r, 62r, 68r; A2431f17r, 20r, 34r, 37r, 42r, 54r, 60r, 62r, 63r, 80r; A2432f12r, 15r, 18r, 21r, 23r, 26r, 29r, 31r, 37r, 41r, 46r, 50r, 60r, 92r, 98r; A2433f1r, 11r, 13r, 18Ar, 39r, 43r, 47r, 50r, 54r, 56r, 68r, 78r, 79r, 87r, 90r, 91r, 93r, 96r; A2434f68r, 78r, 98r; A2435f1r; A2436f17r, 22r, 29r, 34r, 46r, 52r, 65r, 93r, 96r; A2437f1r, 8r, 10r, 11r, 15r, 29r, 30r, 35r, 40r, 43r, 44r, 45r, 48r, 53r, 57r, 60r, 63r, 69r, 72r, 73r, 79r, 83r, 88r, 89r, 91, 95r; A2438f4r, 8r, 10r, 16r, 23r, 27r, 33r, 36r, 40r, 48r, 50r, 59r, 61r, 66r, 71r, 74r, 78r, 84r, 87r, 90r, 93r, 95r, 97r, 100r; A2439f3r, 6r, 7r, 10r, 19r, 21r, 23r, 28r; A2439f31r, 37r, 43r, 46r, 53r, 55r, 59r, 61r, 64r, 67r, 75r, 85r, 87r, 89r, 91r; A2440f1r, 7r, 12r, 13r, 16r, 20r, 25r, 33r, 36r, 38r, 45r, 48r, 49r, 53r, 70r, 73r, 76r, 83r, 92r, 96r; A2441f1r, 5r, 19r, 63r, 81r, 83r, 88r, 91r, 99r; A2442f1r, 3r, 9r, 12r, 15r, 17r, 26r, 29r, 31r, 33r, 35r, 42r, 50r, 51r, 59r, 61r, 66r, 68r, 73r, 75r, 82r, 86r, 91r, 94r, 99r; A2443f1r, 6r, 7r, 9r, 10r, 16r, 17r, 18r, 19r, 21r, 23r, 26r, 27r; A2443f31r, 32r, 35r, 38r, 40r, 44r, 48r, 49r, 50r, 51r, 62r, 81r, 91r; A2444f5r, 10r, 12r, 13r, 16r, 19r, 22r, 25r, 26r, 29r, 33r, 35r, 40r, 43r, 46r, 51r, 56r, 60r, 63r, 66r, 70r, 73r, 79r, 82r, 84r, 86r, 87r, 88r, 90r, 94r; A2445f7r, 10r, 13r, 21r, 24r, 26r, 28r, 32r, 39r, 47r, 69r, 70r, 73r, 75r, 76r; A2446f9r, 25r, 36r, 37r, 42r, 48r, 50r, 62r, 63r, 64r, 87r; A2447f1r, 8r, 12r, 17r, 18r, 22r, 25r, 34r, 36r, 44r, 49r, 53r, 55r, 62r, 63r, 65r, 69r, 72r, 76r; A2448f40r, 43r; A2449f13r, 23r, 47r; A2450f12r, 13r,14r, 25r; A2451f15r, 22r, 46r, 184r, 285r, 293r, 335r, 356r, 374r, 376r; A2452f7r, 27r, 76r, 112r, 122r, 128r, 134r; A2454f7r; A2455f20r, 35r; A2456f16r, 65r; A2457f1r, 2r, 8r, 26r, 28r, 45r, 47r, 48r, 49r, 52r, 54r, 57r, 59r, 61r, 64r, 68r, 69r, 70r, 71r, 75r; A2463, A2467, A2475A, A2484-A2503; B179, B182, B233; D1f87v, 95; D99f213r; D127

Abington, S.J.: PP/HO/D/A2451f22r, 243r; A2452f12r, 97r, 104r

Acland, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2426f8r; A2451f141r, 145r; A2452f63r, 64r

Adams, J.: PP/HO/D/A2436f90r

Adams, William: PP/HO/D/A2363B

Addington, H.U.: PP/HO/D/A2445f67r; A2447f33r

Adler, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f53r, 55r; A2452f28r

African Civilization Society: PP/HO/D/A2451f153r; A2452f67r

African Colonization Society: PP/HO/D/A2419f4v, 9r; A2457f44r

African Perseverance Society: PP/HO/D :D115

Albers, ?: PP/HO/D/A792A

Albion Life Office: PP/HO/D/A2450f15r

Alderson, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2417f68v

Alexander, Richard D.: PP/HO/D/A2413f52v, A2462

Alison, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2413f50r, A2443f55r

Allen, M.: PP/HO/D/A171

Allen, Stafford: PP/HO/D/A2451f167r; A2452f72r

Allen, William: PP/HO/D/A2306, A2307?, A2428f13r

Almonte, General: PP/HO/D/A2448f62r

Amangkra, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2451f302r; A2452f114r

American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions: PP/HO/D/A2418f16r

Ammooah, Cofee: PP/HO/D/A2448f36r

Amos, T.C.: PP/HO/D/A2456f75r

Anderson, W.M.: PP/HO/D/A2423f45r

Ansell, Charles: PP/HO/D/A2384

Arbousset, J.T.: PP/HO/D/A2448f24r; A2451f169r; A2452f72r

Armstrong, G.: PP/HO/D/A2364

Arundel, M.: PP/HO/D/A2436f70r

Ashby, Robert, senior: PP/HO/D/A1157

Ashington, R., junior: PP/HO/D/A2451f120r; A2452f54r

Ashley, John: PP/HO/D/A2451f118r; A2452f54r

Ashley-Cooper, Anthony, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury: PP/HO/D/A2446f92r, A2482?

Ashwell, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2431f71r

Asylum Life Assurance Company: PP/HO/D/B51, B52?

Atlas editor: PP/HO/D/A2417f45v

Atlas Life Assurance Company: PP/HO/D/A2416f37v; A2450f8r; A2457f16r

Attah, King Quaca: PP/HO/D/A2448f36r

Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex: PP/HO/D/A2416f9r; A2457f10r

Awool, Cofee: PP/HO/D/A2448f36r

Babington, C.M.: PP/HO/D/A2448f73r

Babington, Charles C.: PP/HO/D/A2451f333r; A2452f122r

Bach, Adolphus: PP/HO/D/A2436f12r

Backhouse, James: PP/HO/D/A2416f48r; A2429f34r; A2430f19r; A2435f9r, 13r, A2457f18r

Backhouse, William: PP/HO/D/A2456f41r

Baker, Thomas, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2442f38r

Balbi, Eugenio: PP/HO/D/A2423f22r

Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, Turlls & Co.: PP/HO/D:B314. See also Barclay, Tritton...

Barclay, Joseph Gurney: PP/HO/D/A2446f4r; A2448f56r

Barclay, Tritton, Bevan and Company: PP/HO/D/A2449f42r. See also Barclay, Bevan...

Baring, Thomas, Sir: PP/HO/D:B66

Barker, C. Fiott: PP/HO/D/A2447f67r

Barker, Charles F.H., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2446f23r, 71r

Barlow, W.F.: PP/HO/D/A2450f12r

Bartolitti, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Bates, ? [medical student, son of friend of Thomas Hodgkin]: PP/HO/D/A2320

Bates, Elisha: PP/HO/D/A2417f40v

Bax, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2436f50r

Beaumont, M.F.: PP/HO/D/A2425f32r

Beaumont, William: PP/HO/D/A2435f35r

Beaver, Herbert: PP/HO/D/A2429f95r

Bedford, Peter: PP/HO/D/A2427f6v, A2466

Bell, James: PP/HO/D/A2446f1r; A2451f80r; A2452f42r

Bell, William: PP/HO/D/A2432f56r, 75r

Bendysk, T.: PP/HO/D/A2454f38r

Benedict, ?, Judge: PP/HO/D/A2429f55r; A2437f33r; A2446f76r

Benson, Stephen A., President of Liberia: PP/HO/D/A2426f29r, 64v; A2446f77r; A2451f351r; A2452f127r

Beret?, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f224r; A2452f90r

Bert?, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2451f325r; A2452f120r

Bevan, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2413f78r; A2416f5r; A2457f9r

Beynon, J?.: PP/HO/D/A2441f33r

Biddulph, John: PP/HO/D:B67

Bike, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2427f14r

Birt, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2449f46r; A2451f39r, 91r, 282r, 285r?; A2452f23r, 46r, 110r, 111r?

Blackburn, John: PP/HO/D/A2428f33r, 51r

Blackburn, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2428f51r; A2430f64r

Blake, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2448f23r

Blankstone, G.: PP/HO/D/A2451f83r; A2452f43r

Blois, Clara: PP/HO/D/A2448f89r

Blomfield, Charles James, Bishop: PP/HO/D/A2446f38r

Blumenbach, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2413f54r

Bode, Baron de: PP/HO/D/A2427f10v, 47v

Boott, Francis, Dr. : PP/HO/D/A1397, A2421f20r

Borthwick, Peter: PP/HO/D/A2419f115v; A2457f61r

Bossey, P.: PP/HO/D/A2414f33v; A2457f8r

Botcherby, Blackett: PP/HO/D/A2427f49v

Bourne, Th.: PP/HO/D/A2425f62v; A2456f20r, 27r, 33r

Bowdich, P.: PP/HO/D/A2422f17r

Bowen, John, Bishop of Sierra Leone: PP/HO/D/A2449f14r

Bowring, Sir John: PP/HO/D/A2419f54r; A2451f70r; A2452f39r; A2457f53r

Braim, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2445f55r

Braithwaite, J.B.: PP/HO/D/A2379; E/A:A3316, A3349, A3363

Brew, Herbert: PP/HO/D/A2418f16v

Brewster, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A512

Bridel, James: PP/HO/D/A2416f73v; A2457f22r

Briscoe, J.J.: PP/HO/D/A2430f49r

British African Colonization Society members: PP/HO/D/A2428f6r

British Association secretary: PP/HO/D/A2323

British General Hospital governors: PP/HO/D/A2441f9r

British Medical Association council: PP/HO/D/A2385

Brockway, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A2339

Brooke, J.C. Byde: PP/HO/D/A2441f7r

Brougham, Lord: PP/HO/D/A2423f53v; A2427f47r; A2429f4r, 51r, 88r; A2435f56r

Brovill?, James [Guy's steward]: PP/HO/D/A2328

Brown, W.M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f355r

Browning, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2439f14r

Buchanan, ?, Governor: PP/HO/D/A2429f52r; A2430f74r; A2431f51r, 89r; A2432f94r

Bulini, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Bulkeley, John: PP/HO/D/A2427f59r

Bulwer, H.L., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2427f30v

Bunbury, ?, Lady: PP/HO/D/A2429f39r

Bunbury, H.: PP/HO/D/A2431f79r

Burnaby, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/D/A2376

Burns, Annie: PP/HO/D/A2425f66v

Burton, E.R.: PP/HO/D/A2423f12v

Busby, James: PP/HO/D/A2455f12r

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [1st Baronet]: PP/HO/D/A2417f25r; A2418f4v, 10v; A2428f1r; A2431f7r, 95r

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [1st Baronet]: PP/HO/D:B178A

Cadbury, B.H.: PP/HO/D/A2456f43r

Cadbury, James: PP/HO/D/A2423f52v

Cadet, Socrate, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f330r; A2452f121r

Calloway, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2453f10r

Camidge, J.C. [Vicar of Wakefield]: PP/HO/D/A2449f20r

Campbell, W.H.: PP/HO/D/A2434f96r

Cane, W.H.: PP/HO/D/A2450f13r

Canning, Stratford, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe: PP/HO/D/A2448f80r 81r

Cape Town Mail, editor: PP/HO/D/A2445f38r

Carey, ?, Mrs: PP/HO/D/A2451f64r; A2452f36r

Carey, E.: PP/HO/D/A2451f238r; A2452f96r; A2454f16r

Carroll, Edward: PP/HO/D/D266

Casalis, E.: PP/HO/D/A2426f37r; A2449f35r; A2451f40r; A2452f24r

Casalis, M.: PP/HO/D/A2449f25r

Cathcart, ?, Maj.-Gen.: PP/HO/D/A2423f26v

Chalmers, William: PP/HO/D/A2446f80r

Chapman, Abel: PP/HO/D/A2437f71r, 77r, 85r

Chapman, J.J.: PP/HO/D/A2443f60r

Chapman, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2451f343r; A2452f124r

Charlton, R.: PP/HO/D/A2427f19r

Chesson, W.F.: PP/HO/D/A2451f277r; A2452f107r

Chiappini, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f276r; A2452f107r

Christy, H.: PP/HO/D/A2426f10v

Church Missionary Society, secretary: PP/HO/D/A2442f98r

Church, Edward: PP/HO/D/A2386

Churchill, Alfred, Lord: PP/HO/D/A2425f57v, 69v; A2451f320r; A2452f118r

Clark, James, Sir : PP/HO/D/A2424f6v; A2426f5r; A2427f15r; C3f19r

Clark, William : PP/HO/D/A2318.2, A2417f46r

Clarke, Hyde, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2456f31r

Clarkson, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2309?, A2416f1r, 21r; A2431f56r; A2457f9r; A2457f12r; D99f97r

Coan, J.C.W., Levant Herald editor: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Coates, T., Useful Knowledge Society: PP/HO/D/A2442f40r

Cobden, Catherine Anne: PP/HO/D/A2456f35r

Cobden, Richard, MP: PP/HO/D/A2425f43r, 47r

Cockle, R.F.: PP/HO/D/A2450f18r

Coindit, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Colenso, John William, Bishop of Natal: PP/HO/D/A2437f98r; A2438f1r

Colls, John: PP/HO/D/A2425f71r

Committee of free persons of colour, Madison Wisconsin: PP/HO/D/A2423f64v

Committee on Beyrout mission: PP/HO/D/A2426f6r

Compton, Theodore: PP/HO/D/A2450f15r

Converse, S.: PP/HO/D/A2440f28r

Cooke, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2422f52v

Cooper, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A2451f345r; A2452f124r

Coppinger, William: PP/HO/D/A2369, A2448f6r, 19r, 23r, 54r, 72r, 93r; A2449f1r, 41r, 49r; A2451f10r, 49r, 88r, 101r, 136r, 177r, 220r, 288r, 298r, 300r, 307r, 353r, 361r; A2452f6r, 30r, 45r, 49r, 61r, 74r, 88r, 111r, 113r, 115r, 128r; A2453f2r; A2455f13r 26r, 30r, 43r, 66r, 68r; A2456f15r, 23r 39r, 42r, 53r, 58r, 59r, 63r, 77r; B321-B323

Coquerel, Jean-Charles?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2445f44r

Corcos, ?: PP/HO/D/A2456f52r, A2475

Cormac, A.: PP/HO/D/A2445f5r

Cormack, W.E.: PP/HO/D/A2445f60r

Cowper, W.F.: PP/HO/D/A2422f50r

Cox, William Sands: PP/HO/D/A2428f71r

Coxhead, T.: PP/HO/D/A2451f90r, 104r; A2452f46r, 51r

Craft, William: PP/HO/D/A2426f62v; A2455f29r, 37r; A2456f13r

Craigie, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2434f90r

Crawford, William: PP/HO/D/D99f241r

Crawfurd, J.: PP/HO/D/A2447f9r

Cresson, Elliott: PP/HO/D/A1561, A2413f66v, 88r; A2416f15v, 40v, 84v; A2417f1r; A2419f29v, 42v, 94r; A2420f42v; A2428f92r; A2429f60r; A2430f18r, 88r; A2431f72r, 87r; A2441f50r; A2445f15r; A2457f11r, 16r, 25r, 48r, 50r; A2457f5, 8r, 68r; A2468, A2493?; D99f136v

Cropper, James: PP/HO/D/A2416f30r

Cropper, John: PP/HO/D/A2451f176r, 339r; A2452f73r, 122r; A2457f14r

Crossman, E.: PP/HO/D/A2451f119r; A2452f54r

Crosthwaite, B.: PP/HO/D/A2424f16v

Crummell, Alexander: PP/HO/D/A2456f12r

Cuffe, Otway O'Connor, 3rd Earl of Desart: PP/HO/D/A2423f49v

Cull, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2447f47r

Cursetjee, Manackjee: PP/HO/D/A2444f76r

Curtis, John: PP/HO/D/A2473

Curtis, John Wright, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2436f51r

Dailey, J.R.: PP/HO/D/A2449f9r, 37r

Dailey, Joseph R.: PP/HO/D/A2370A

D'Allers, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2447f28r

Dalrymple, Donald: PP/HO/D/A2437f5r; A2451f41r; A2452f24r

Daniel, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2447f30r; A2451f59r; A2452f34r

D'Aquila, ?, Countess: PP/HO/D/A2424f6r

D'Aquila, ?, Prince: PP/HO/D/A2424f2r, 30r

D'Arces, ?: PP/HO/D/A2427f53r

D'Aubigny, Henri Merle: PP/HO/D/A2419f55r; A2423f52r; A2457f53r

Daumas, François [French missionary to the Basutos]: PP/HO/D/A2448f77r; A2449f2r, 29r, 44r; A2451f47r, 100r, 138r, 189r, 274r, 280r; A2452f28r, 49r, 61r, 78r, 106r, 109r

Davy, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2419f82v, 108r; A2420f25r, 59r?; A2423f29r; A2432f34r; A2437f42r; A2457f56r, 60r, 65r, 73r

Dawson, R.: PP/HO/D/B308-B309

De Borgue, S.: PP/HO/D/A2454f3r

De Chocle, Josepo: PP/HO/D/A282

De Vaux, C.: PP/HO/D/A2451f311r; A2452f116r

Deacon, ?: PP/HO/D/A2456f29r

Desborough, H. [Admiralty civil servant]: PP/HO/D/A2417f66v

D'Este, Augustus F., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2414f28r; A2457f2r

Dickson, W, Dr. Sir: PP/HO/D/A2424f15r; A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Dieffenbach, Ernest: PP/HO/D/A2428f37r, 61r; A2430f40r; A2432f1r; A2434f41r, 91r; A2435f75r

Diell, John: PP/HO/D/A2429f36r

Dodd, A.J.S.: PP/HO/D/A2413f80r; A2439f83r

Dodge, Leonard: PP/HO/D/A2430f17r

Douglas-Maclean-Compton, Spencer Joshua Alwyne, 2nd Marquess of Northampton: PP/HO/D/A2435f57r

Dracachis, Leonidas: PP/HO/D/A2375; A2378; A2451f232r; A2452f82r, 94

Drummond, H.: PP/HO/D/A2414f17r; A2457f2r

Du Feugré, ?: PP/HO/D/A2416f100r; A2457f28r

Duck, Nehemiah: PP/HO/D/A2429f16r

Duff, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2455f55r

Dukey, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2448f23r

Dumball, G.W.: PP/HO/D/A2430f86r

Duncan, John: PP/HO/D/A2422f45v; A2444f1r

Dunn, Nathan: PP/HO/D/A2444f55r

Durand, James B.: PP/HO/D/A2451f14r; A2452f6r

Dureau de la Malle, ?: PP/HO/D/A2461

Dusgate, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2425f64r; A2428f28r; A2430f48r; A2435f33r; A2436f1r, 31r; A2448f11r

Duvancel, S.: PP/HO/D/A2416f7r; A2457f9r

Dyster, F.D.: PP/HO/D/A2441f26r

Edhem Pasha: PP/HO/D/A2427f35v

Edwards, Dr. W.: PP/HO/D/A2428f17r, 32r

Eliot, John: PP/HO/D/A2435f81r; D256

Emlamana?, ?: PP/HO/D/A2431f45r

Enhault, Louis: PP/HO/D/A2424f81v

Evans, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2429f31r, 78r; A2432f8r

Evans, Ephriam: PP/HO/D/A2416f32v; A2457f15r; D99f267r

Evans, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2429f1r; A2451f217r; A2452f87r

Evans, William: PP/HO/D/A2451f217r; A2452f87r

Everett, Edward: PP/HO/D:D99f221r, 231r, 237r

Eyre, Edward: PP/HO/D/A2445f78r

Fackris, Basil: PP/HO/D/A2379A; A2451f347r; A2452f125r

Fagg, W.J.: PP/HO/D/A2413f21v

Fairbairn, J.: PP/HO/D/A2423f24r, 27v; A2448f14r, 78r

Fairlie, Archibald: PP/HO/D/A2455f5r

Fellows, Charles, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2450f16r

Feltham, M. & M.: PP/HO/D/A2456f54r

Fitzclarence, Adolphus, Lord: PP/HO/D/A2446f82r, 85r

Fitzpatrick, J.: PP/HO/D/A2447f31r, 60r

Fitzroy, Robert, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2441f16r

Fletcher, A.: PP/HO/D/A2426f23r

Fletcher, Ann: PP/HO/D/A2449f48r

Fletcher, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2447f10r

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/D/A2417f3v; A2439f98r; D99f357r

Forster, William Edward: PP/HO/D/A2454f8r

Fortune, James: PP/HO/D/A2431f82r

Foster, E.R.: PP/HO/D/A2429f5r

Foster, Joseph: PP/HO/D/D99f277r

Foville, Achille: PP/HO/D/A2416f79v, 92v; A2417f36r,50v; A2419f1r, 37v, 45r, 71r, 90r, 105r; A2420f65v; A2422f41v, 47v, 55v; A2423f2v; A2426f49r; A2428f25r; A2434f49r, 53r; A2436f5r, 27r, 81r ,94r; A2437f37r; A2440f5r, 57r; A2441f55r, 73r; A2442f24r; A2443f64r; A2447f2r; A2448f60r; A2451f247r; A2452f99r; A2456f17r; A2457f24r, 28r, 43r, 49r, 51r, 55r, 57r, 60r, 75r

Foville, Laure: PP/HO/D/A2419f93r; A2457f57r

Fox, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2451f222r; A2452f89r

Fox, Joshua: PP/HO/D/A2414f22v; A2415; A2457f2r

Fox, R.: PP/HO/D/A2414f13v; A2457f1r ,9r

Fox, S. [uncle of Thomas Hodgkin MD]: PP/HO/D/A2417f17r

Fox, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2416f4r; A2457f9r

Freeman, J.J.: PP/HO/D/A2428f45r

Freshfield, F.: PP/HO/D/A2425f55v

Friend, The, editor: PP/HO/D/:B336

Friends of Pyrmont: PP/HO/D/A2469

Friends of the African Negro Race: PP/HO/D/A2425f31r

Frogno?, M.: PP/HO/D/A2426f4r

Fry, Rachel: PP/HO/D/A134

Fry, Richenda: PP/HO/D/A2451f107r; A2452f52r

Fry, William: PP/HO/D/A316

Gaetano, Bianchi: PP/HO/D/A2420f1v; A2457f62r

Galignagni's Messenger, editor: PP/HO/D/A2451f16r; A2452f8r

Galloway, R.: PP/HO/D/A2451f58r; A2452f33r

Gamgee, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2451f195r; A2452f80r

Garnet, H. Highland, [President, African Civilization Society]: PP/HO/D/A2451f153r; A2452f67r

Gemellaro, Guiseppi: PP/HO/D/A2434f63r

Gemellaro, Mario: PP/HO/D/A2417f8r, 31v, 53r?; A2436f40r

General Steam Navigation Company: PP/HO/D/A2425f55r

Geographical Society: PP/HO/D/A2423f64; A2425f2r; A2454f19r, 20r; see also Royal Geographical Society

Gibson, F. Milner, MP: PP/HO/D/A2448f88r

Gibson, Jemima: PP/HO/D/A2451f181r, 182r; A2452f75r

Giglioli, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2454f28r; A2456f25r

Gillett, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A2451f112r; A2452f52r

Gillett, William: PP/HO/D/A2451f20r; A2452f10r

Gilpin, Charles, MP: PP/HO/D/A2357; A2451f180r; A2452f75r

Gipps, George, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2431f64r

Gladstone, William Ewart.: PP/HO/D/A2423f49r; D154

Glaisyer, John: PP/HO/D/A2428f40r

Godlee, Burwood: PP/HO/D/A2346, A2483

Godlee, John: PP/HO/D/A2435f45r

Godman, John D. : PP/HO/D/D278

Goodison?, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2417f13v

Gorham, James: PP/HO/D/A2416f10v; A2457f10r

Graham, James William: PP/HO/D/A2446f4r, 13r

Graham, James, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2435f54r

Grant, Charles, 1st Baron Glenelg: PP/HO/D/A2326

Grant, Charles, 1st Baron Glenelg: PP/HO/D/D172

Graut, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2420f4r; A2457f62r

Graves, J.T.: PP/HO/D/A2442f4r

Gray, Robert, Bishop of Cape Town: PP/HO/D/A2457f68r

Green, J.H.: PP/HO/D/A2438f32r; A2440f31r

Greene, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2440f52r

Gregory, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2352

Grey, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2421f63v; A2433f33r

Grey, ?, Dowager Lady: PP/HO/D/A2470

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2368; A2416f78v; A2417f20v, 67r, 75r; A2425f74v; A2448f1r 75r ,79r, 94r; A2449f33r; A2451f35r, 103r, 382r; A2452f21r, 50r; A2455f10r; A2456f1r; A2457f23r

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/D/D191

Grey, Henry, 3rd Earl Grey: PP/HO/D/A2423f10v

Gribble, G.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Grusser, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Güggenbühl, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2446f41r

Guislain, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2430f4r

Gulliver, George: PP/HO/D/A2448f47r

Gundish?, R.B.: PP/HO/D/A2439f1r

Gurley, R.R.: PP/HO/D/A2431f39r; A2434f4r; A2435f39r; A2442f45r; A2448f23r; A2453f3r

Gurney, Anna: PP/HO/D/A2420f9v; A2457f63r

Gurney, Hannah: PP/HO/D/A2429f44r

Gurney, Hudson: PP/HO/D/A2356, A2363C; A2413f45r; A2417f64r; A2424f70v; A2426f1r, 23v; A2463?, A2464

Gurney, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2422f60r; A2430f78r; A2441f54r

Gurney, W.A.: PP/HO/D/A2426f58v

Guy's Hospital, Governors: PP/HO/D/B53-B54, B56

Hack, J. Barton: PP/HO/D/A2428f20r, 86r; A2432f9r; A2433f36r; A2435f44r

Hacker, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/A2480

Hadfield, G., MP: PP/HO/D/A2425f56r

Hagen, Jacob, junior: PP/HO/D/A2417f48v; A2428f82r, 89r

Hall, M., Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2352

Halperson, Leon: PP/HO/D/A2427f32r

Halswill, Edmund: PP/HO/D/A2438f29r

Hanbury, Daniel, junior: PP/HO/D/A2451f158r; A2452f70r; A2454f11r

Hanbury, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2451f59r; A2452f34r

Hancock, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A2448f49r; A2451f155r; A2452f68r

Hankinson, ?: PP/HO/D/A2416f70r; A2457f21r

Hanson, Augustus W.: PP/HO/D/A2064; A2423f36r, 40v; A2441f70r; A2446f78r, 79r; A2450f2r

Hanson, W.A.: PP/HO/D/A2448f16r, 37r, 74r, 85r; A2449f11r, 19r; A2451f4r, 256r, 296r, 304r; A2452f3r, 102r, 113r, 114r

Harber, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/A2455f63r

Hardy, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2417f88r

Harris, George: PP/HO/D/A2433f69r

Harrison, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/A2325, A2327-A2328, A2331-A2332, A2335-A2336; A2417f81r, 91r, 96r?

Harrison, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/B55

Harrison, G.W.: PP/HO/D/A2449f22r

Harrison, George, Sir: PP/HO/D/B68

Harrison, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2447f16r, 43r; A2448f22r

Harvey, ?: PP/HO/D/A2425f39r

Harvey, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2387

Harvey, W.H.: PP/HO/D/A2430f53r

Hastings, Charles, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2425f63r; A2451f178r; A2452f74r

Hawes, Benjamin, Sir [under-secretary of state for the colonies]: PP/HO/D/A2420f34r, 56r?, 58r?, A2445f65r; A2457f66r, 71r?, 72r?

Hawtrey, Montague: PP/HO/D/A2451f205r, 225r; A2452f83r, 90r

Hawtrey, S?.: PP/HO/D/A2455f32r

Hay, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2363A

Head, G.M.: PP/HO/D/A2447f14r

Heath, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2441f61r; A2443f100r

Heisch, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2417f70v

Herschel, John F.W., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2416f10v; A2417f59r; A2443f74r; A2457f10r

Hervey, P.: PP/HO/D/A2416f57r; A2417f38r; A2457f20r

Hes-ton-a-quete, Francis (also referred to as Hesh-ton-a-quete, François), Chippeway / Ojibway chief: PP/HO/D/A2429f82r; A2432f54r; A2434f17r

Heygate, Joseph, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2420f15v; A2457f64r

Heywood, Eardley: PP/HO/D/A2435f46r

Higgins, William M.: PP/HO/D/A2450f17r

Hill, Rowland: PP/HO/D/A2449f36r

Hobbs, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2414f40r; A2457f8r

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/D/A682, A692, A696

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/D/A24, A256, A499, A509, A517, A522, A523, A527, A529, A540, A541, A543, A546-A547, A553, A560-A561, A564, A577, A588, A591, A595, A598, A601, A603-A604, A608-A609, A615, A618-A619, A624, A626, A630, A640, A650, A657-A658, A663, A668, A672, A676, A687

Hodgkin, Elizabeth Haughton: PP/HO/D/B230, B232, B269

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/D/A2449f12r; A2456f22r, 24r

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/D/A165, A206-A207, A209, A212, A216, A218-A220, A223, A355-A357, A500, A502-A505, A507-A509, A511-A513, A516, A520, A521, A524, A525, A526, A530-A532, A534, A536-A539, A543, A545, A546-A548, A552, A554-A556, A558, A559, A562, A570, A573-A575, A579-A586, A594, A600, A602, A605-A607, A610-A611, A620-A623, A625, A627-A628, A631-A637, A639, A641-A642, A644-A647, A649, A651, A655, A659, A661-A662, A664-A670, A673-A674, A677, A680, A682-A683, A692-A696, A698, A701-A704, A706, A708-A710, A713-A716, A718-A722, A724-A729, A733-A735, A737-A739, A741-A742, A746, A747?, A748-A765, A767, A769-A770, A772-A992, A1002, A1037; A2427f7r; A2451f203r, 211r, 230r;2452f85r, 93r; A2454f34r; A2456f37r, 61r, 67r; A2509, A2509A

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/D/B57,B141, B148?, B158, B161, B167, B170, B172-B173, B176-B178, B183-B188, B189?, B190-B229, B231, B234, B236-B241, B242?, B243, B245-B261, B263, B265, B267, B270-B273, B291, B295-B296, B298, B300-B303, B306-B307, B312-B313, B315-B317, B319, B324, B326-B327, B329-B330, B332-B333

Hodgkin, John, senior: PP/HO/D/A189, A501, A506-A508, A510, A514-A516, A518, A520, A528-A529, A533, A535, A542-A549, A551, A557, A563-A569, A571-A572, A578, A587, A589-A593, A595-A597, A599, A609, A612-A614, A616-A617, A629,638,643,646, 648,651,652-654,656,671,675,676,678,679,681,683,684-691,697,699, A700, A705, A707, A711-A712, A717, A723, A730-A732, A736, A740, A743-A745, A765-A766, A768, A1618

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/D/A2426f21v

Hodgkin, Mary [1771-1849]: PP/HO/D/A2446f7r

Hodgkin, Sarah Frances: PP/HO/D/A459, A2510-A2513

Hodgkin, Sarah Frances: PP/HO/D/B152, B165, B171, B174-B175, B178, B244, B266, B293, B297, B310

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/D/A2426f21v; A2451f193r; A2452f79r

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/D/B316, B318, B320, B325; C35, C36?, C37-C38

Hodgkin, Thomas, MD: PP/HO/D/A1-A498, A512, A514, A995-A2412A, A2345, A2427f36B, A2479, A2504-A2507

Hodgkin, Thomas, MD: PP/HO/D/B52A, B101, B135, B299; C3f95v, C5f1A; D69,99f94r,99f135r,144; E/A:559,581,592,2559; I/A9; J/A61, D31,D132-D135; K/?C5

Hodson, C.F.: PP/HO/D/A2446f95r

Hope, G.W. [Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies]: PP/HO/D/A2444f77r

Houston, Samuel [President of Texas]: PP/HO/D/A2440f58r

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/D/A2303-A2304, A2307?, A2311-A2312, A2314-A2315, A2324; A2413f1r, 35v; A2414f15v; A2417f54r; A2457f8r

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/D/A2414f15v; A2457f8r

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2302

Howse, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2418f11r

Hubbard, Jeremiah: PP/HO/D/A2413f91r

Hudson, H.: PP/HO/D/A2444f78r; A2446f33r

Hughes, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2329

Hughes, Edward [?father of Dr. Hughes]: PP/HO/D/A2423f63v

Hughes, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2449f4r, 18r; A2451f1r, 29r; A2452f1r, 17r

Humboldt, Alexander, Baron: PP/HO/D/A2413f15v; A2423f18v; A2447f7r

Imbert des Mottelettes, ?, Count: PP/HO/D/A2433f77r, 86r; A2434f3r; A2435f20r, 79r

Imperiale Rego Instituto Lombardo di Scienze Lettere e Arti: PP/HO/D/A2423f20r

Innes, A.: PP/HO/D/A2455f58r

Irish Friend, editor: PP/HO/D/A2429f92r

James, Sir Henry: PP/HO/D/A2456f38r

Janson, William: PP/HO/D/A2447f26r

Jeffrey, Russell: PP/HO/D/A2451f349r; A2452f126r

Johnson, Edward Lewis: PP/HO/D/A2437f44r

Johnson, George: PP/HO/D/A2446f61r

Joinville, ?, Prince de: PP/HO/D/A2381, A2427f46r

Jones, J.F.: PP/HO/D/A2451f363r; A2452f130r

Jones, Peter [Kah-ke-wa-quo-na-by]: PP/HO/D/A2416f31r; A2429f80r; A2435f85r; A2448f9r; A2451f357v; A2452f129r; A2457f15r

Jones, Peter [Kah-ke-wa-quo-na-by]: PP/HO/D/D99f265r; D169

Kay, Stephen: PP/HO/D/A2447f27r

Kayat, Habib Baptist A.: PP/HO/D/B292

Keith, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2443f86r

Kelley, E.: PP/HO/D/A2448f15r

Kemp, Grover: PP/HO/D/A2448f42r, D299

Kennedy, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2448f32r; A2451f66r, 142r, 284r; A2452f37r, 63r, 110r

Kennedy, William: PP/HO/D/A2451f75r; A2452f40r

Kerns, Thomas, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2419f21r; A2437f86r; A2439f5r; A 2440f22r; A2442f74r; A2443f67r, 94r; A2457f46r

Key, Charles Aston: PP/HO/D/:B72

Key, Thomas Hewitt, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2444f23r

Kime?, W.T.: PP/HO/D/A2455f53r

King, ?: PP/HO/D/A2432f66r;

King, Richard, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2416f24v, A2418f5v, A2457f13r; D99f317r

Kingston, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2432f3r, 62r

Kiro, ? [Tahitian]: PP/HO/D/A2446f46r

Knox, Frederick J.: PP/HO/D:A2430f44r; A2445f63r; A2434f93r; A2435f42r, 74r; A2442f84r; A2445f63r, 80r

Knox, John F.: PP/HO/D/A2445f1r; A2446f26r

Krama, ?: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Kurstädt, W.G.: PP/HO/D/A2426f8r

L?, ?, Dr. [Kingston, Canada]: PP/HO/D/A2451f235r; A2452f95r

Land, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2421f60v

Lang, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2416f54r; A2445f53r; A2457f18r, 19r

Langley, J.B.: PP/HO/D/A2451f313r; A2452f116r

Lankester, E.: PP/HO/D/A2450f14r

Lantery, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f124r,327r;2452f56r,120r

Lasham, B.G., Dr. : PP/HO/D/A2445f34r

Latrobe, ?, Governor: PP/HO/D/A2447f38r

Lavater, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Lawrie, Walter: PP/HO/D/A2446f28r

Lefevre, John G. Shaw, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2370; A2426f39r; A2444f98r; A2449f39r; A2450f1r; A2451f57r; A2452f33r

Lefevre, John G. Shaw, Sir: PP/HO/D/D99f369r

Lemere, Bedford: PP/HO/D/A2451f279r; A2452f108r

Leried?, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2454f1r

L'Etienne, ?: PP/HO/D/A2433f83r

Levant Herald, editor: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Leveson-Gower, Granville George, 2nd Earl Granville: PP/HO/D/A2373A, A2452f49r

L'Huiller, ?: PP/HO/D/A2419f41r; A2457f50r

Liberal Herald, editor: PP/HO/D/A2388

Liberian patriots: PP/HO/D/A2456f9r

Lichfield, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f279r; A2452f108r

Lippi, ?Reynaldo: PP/HO/D/A2417f19r; A2437f70r

Litchfield, J.P.: PP/HO/D/A2448f45r

Livingstone, David, Dr. : PP/HO/D/A2446f98r

Lloyd, Thomas: PP/HO/D A2441f78r

Lloyds Committee: PP/HO/D/A2436f91r

Lobeck, L.L.: PP/HO/D/A2437f67r; A2443f77r

Locock, Charles, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2425f50v

Loewe, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2444f24r

Lombard, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

London Dispensary: PP/HO/D/A649

London Dispensary: PP/HO/D/B47, B48, B50

Lord, D.J.K.: PP/HO/D/A2451f89r; A2452f45r; A2455f18r

Lowe, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A1256

Lowry, R.K.: PP/HO/D/A2459

Lubbock, J.W.: PP/HO/D/A2428f54r, 77r

Lurin?, ?: PP/HO/D/D99f264r

Lushington, Stephen: PP/HO/D/:B71; E/A:3223

Lynch, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2447f20r

MacNay, Thomas [secretary, Stockton and Darlington Railway Company]: PP/HO/D/A2451f171r, 250r; A2452f73r, 100r

Maconochie, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2430f82r

Maitland, Brownlow: PP/HO/D/A2442f88r

Malcolm, Charles, Admiral Sir: PP/HO/D/A2442f5r, 8r; A2446f43r

Mansfield, William: PP/HO/D/A2460

Marchall de Calvi, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2389

Marco, D.G.: PP/HO/D/A2474

Marriage Law Reform Association: PP/HO/D/A2451f227r; A2452f92r

Marriage, ?: PP/HO/D/A2451f172r; A2452f73r

Marsh, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2455f15r

Marshall, J.: PP/HO/D/A2451f365r; A2452f131r

Martin, William, Sir [Chief Justice, New Zealand]: PP/HO/D/A2377; A2433f29r; A2451f129r, 178r, 179r, 185r, 252r, 329r, 380r; A2452f57r, 74r, 77r, 101r, 121r; A2455f11r, 45r, 51r

Martini, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Mason, T.: PP/HO/D/A2455f22r

Mason, W.: PP/HO/D/D152

Matteucci, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2451f151r; A2452f66r

Maunsell, G.: PP/HO/D/A2455f48r

Mayah, Cofee: PP/HO/D/A2448f36r

Mazzara, Louis [Luigi]: PP/HO/D/A2449f50r; A2451f30r, 60r, 105r, 130r; A2452f17r, 34r, 35r, 51r, 59r; D95

McCormick, R.: PP/HO/D/A2456f30r

McDonogh, John: PP/HO/D/A2353

McDowall, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2416f64r; A2417f84r; A2457f20r

McQueen, James: PP/HO/D/A2425f53r

McWilliam, James Ormiston: PP/HO/D/A2361C

Medical and Chirurgical Society: PP/HO/D/A2419f98v?; A2457f58r?

Medical Mission to China: PP/HO/D/A2434f61r

Mercer, C.F., General: PP/HO/D/A2421f11v

Metcalfe, Charles, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2443f22r

Meyer, Henry [Enrico]: PP/HO/D/A2414f7v; A2428f68r; A2437f70r; A451f149r; A452f66r; A2454f30r; A2457f1r

Meyer, M.: PP/HO/D/A2441f42r

Mignani, Francesco: PP/HO/D/B104

Miley, ?: PP/HO/D/A2421f66r

Milonas, Antoine: PP/HO/D/A2441f37r

Milonas, Nicolas: PP/HO/D/A2441f37r

Miner, C.A.: PP/HO/D/A2383

Mitscherlich, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2428f57r

Modram, James: PP/HO/D/D99f269r

Mollett, John S.: PP/HO/D/A2428f79r

Montefiore, Judith, Lady: PP/HO/D/A2424f81v

Montefiore, Judith, Lady: PP/HO/D/C5f13r

Montefiore, Moses, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2417f73vp; A2424f78r; A2425f80v; C5f13r

Moore, M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Morgan, John: PP/HO/D/A2428f42r

Moring, H.: PP/HO/D/A2434f44r

Morley, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2425f40r

Morning Star editor: PP/HO/D/A2366

Morrice, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2446f67r

Morrice, John: PP/HO/D/A2436f87r

Mundhenck, August: PP/HO/D/A2443f79r

Murat, ? [head of Bicêtre hospital]: PP/HO/D/:B101

Murchison, Roderick Impey, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2451f97r; A2452f55r

Myers, J.H.: PP/HO/D/A2479

Myers, J.J.: PP/HO/D/A2451f25r, 43r, 93r, 133r; A2452f14r, 23r, 25r, 47r, 60r

Nadau, J.E.: PP/HO/D/A2423f57v

Nahon, ?: PP/HO/D/A2475

Napier, W.: PP/HO/D/A2456f45r

Nasmyth, ? [wife of Robert Nasmyth]: PP/HO/D/A1556

Naudi, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/D207

Naudi, N.: PP/HO/D/A2434f97r

Negri, Cristoforo, Cavaliere: PP/HO/D/A2481

Nehemiah [Basuto chief]: PP/HO/D/A2451f139r

New Model Prison Commissioners: PP/HO/D/A2437f32r

New York Colonisation Society: PP/HO/D/A2451f152r; A2452f67r. See also Pinney.

Newby, T.C.: PP/HO/D/B328

Newham, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2451f168r; A2452f72r

Northampton Infirmary, Committee of Management: PP/HO/D/A2426f38v

Norton, J., Captain: PP/HO/D/A606

Nunn, T.W.: PP/HO/D/A2451f33r; A2452f19r

Office of Commissioners of Savings Banks, Melbourne: PP/HO/D/A2449f16r; A2451f111r; A2452f52r

Ord, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/D/A2455f40r

O'Riley, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Orpen, J.M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f67r, 73r, 260r; A2452f38r, 39r, 103r, 115r; A2453f8r

O'Shaughnessy, W.B., Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2439f18r

Overend, Hall: PP/HO/D/A2413f16v

Packington, J.: PP/HO/D/A2390

Pakington, J., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2423f44r

Palmer, Edward: PP/HO/D/A2448f82r; A2455f16r

Pansa, Alberto: PP/HO/D/A2454f31r

Paradon, Jules: PP/HO/D/A2427f3r

Pardo, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Parker, ?, Dr., Medical Mission to China: PP/HO/D/A2434f61r

Parsons, W.M.: PP/HO/D/A2440f78r

Patterson, William C. [President, Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company]: PP/HO/D/A2446f75r, 86r; A2450f7r

Payne, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2429f18r

Payne, James, Reverend: PP/HO/D/A2451f258r, 314r; A2452f103r, 117r

Payne, John H.: PP/HO/D/A2456f64r

Peace Congress, Paris: PP/HO/D/A2446f45r, 73r

Peacock, ?: PP/HO/D/A2391

Pearce, ?: PP/HO/D/A2456f29r

Pease, Henry, MP: PP/HO/D/A2427f2v; A2451f113r; A2452f53r

Pease, John: PP/HO/D/A2455f56r

Pelham, Henry Thomas, 3rd Earl of Chichester: PP/HO/D/A2423f49v, 51r

Pelham-Clinton, Henry Pelham, 5th Duke of Newcastle: PP/HO/D/A2425f28r, 50r

Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company: PP/HO/D/A2446f75r, 86r; A2450f7r

Perry, Reverend Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2449f21r

Peterson, James [Chief Justice, St Vincent]: PP/HO/D/A2441f75r

Philip, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2419f66v; A2420f38v?; A2430f59r; A2431f5r; A2435f3r; A2441f32r, 44r, 90r; A2443f96r; A2445f36r; A2457f54r, 68r

Phillips, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2434f21r

Phillips, B.: PP/HO/D/A2441f11r

Phillips, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2417f30r

Picchioli, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Pickford, J.H.: PP/HO/D/A2429f101r

Pine, B.C.: PP/HO/D/A2435f70r; A2448f67r

Piney, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Pinney, J.B. [Secretary, New York Colonisation Society; Governor of Liberia]: PP/HO/D/A2416f66v; A2451f152r; A2452f67r; A2457f21r

Piper, J.: PP/HO/D/A2451f309r

Pirondi, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2451f17r; A2452f8r

Pisani, ?, Count: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Pitman, E.: PP/HO/D/A2448f57r

Pleydell-Bouverie, Edward: PP/HO/D/A2425f41r

Plumptree, H. Wiston, Reverend: PP/HO/D/A2422f12v

Polk, Josiah F.: PP/HO/D/A2434f11r; A2435f36r; A2448f5r, 23r, D99f223r, 238r

Pollard, George [Manager, London Joint-Stock Bank]: PP/HO/D/A2419f12v;2457f45r

Pollixfen, T.: PP/HO/D/A2418f1r

Pottinger, Henry, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2446f18r

Pou, William: PP/HO/D/D192

Poynder, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/D/B69

Pretorius, Andries, President of Transvaal: PP/HO/D/A2448f13r

Prichard, Augustine, Dr: PP/HO/D/A2416f22v, 34r; A2428f69r; A2429f10r, 46r, 90r; A2432f6r; A2443f76r; A2457f12r, 15r

Prichard, James Cowles: PP/HO/D/D275-277

Priestman, John: PP/HO/D/A2450f23r

Prokesch, Anton, Baron: PP/HO/D/A2427f41v

Pungatara, Abraham: PP/HO/D/D192

Quaife, ?: PP/HO/D/A2435f78r

Rackim, ?, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, Governors: PP/HO/D/A2445f27r

Radlinski, Giacomo: PP/HO/D/A2425f2r

Ralston, Gerard: PP/HO/D/A2112

Rankin, P. [Chief Justice, Sierra Leone]: PP/HO/D/D119

Ransome, James: PP/HO/D/A2428f41r

Ransome, Robert Charles: PP/HO/D/A2425f9r; A2449f40r

Ransome, Sophie Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/A2207

Ranuzzi, Annibale, Count: PP/HO/D/A2423f20v

Rawson, M.A.: PP/HO/D/A2425f36r

Reade, A.: PP/HO/D/A2446f20r

Reade, T.F.: PP/HO/D/A2455f1r

Rees, Evan: PP/HO/D/D99f285r

Retzius, Anders: PP/HO/D/A2448f86r

Rice, H.S.: PP/HO/D/A2441f23r

Rice, Thomas Spring, Baron Monteagle: PP/HO/D/A2446f94r

Richard, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2451f115r, 148r; A2452f53r, 65r

Richards, ?: PP/HO/D/A2441f71r

Richards, O.: PP/HO/D/A2425f9v; A2447f28r

Richards, W.: PP/HO/D/A2443f84r

Richardson, George: PP/HO/D/A2413f57r

Rickman, Edwin Swan: PP/HO/D/A2435f58r; A2436f44r

Rickman, Henry Ware: PP/HO/D/A1328

Rickman, John: PP/HO/D/A2413f85v

Rickman, Richard Peters: PP/HO/D/A2345

Rickman, Sarah: PP/HO/D/A411

Rickman, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2446f74r, C5f14v

Ridge, John [Cherokee chief]: PP/HO/D/:D99f223r,250v

Rio Doce Company agent: PP/HO/D/A2435f60r

Ritter, Carl, Professor: PP/HO/D/A2423f61r; A2447f7r

Rivière, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2417f57r

Rix, J.: PP/HO/D/A2414f15r; A2457f2r

Roberts, M.: PP/HO/D/A2423f38v

Roberts, R.: PP/HO/D/A2456f4r

Robertson, James: PP/HO/D/A2420f5v; A2457f62r

Robinson, G., Dr. : PP/HO/D/A2448f50r

Robinson, J.P.: PP/HO/D/A2445f49r

Robinson, William: PP/HO/D/A2449f16r; A2451f111r; A2452f52r

Robson, Isaac: PP/HO/D/A2454f21r

Rogers, E.J.: PP/HO/D/A2367

Rogers, Frederick, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2456f60r

Rolland, S.: PP/HO/D/A2448f24r; A2449f2r

Rooke, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2434f74r

Rose, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/D/A2360

Rosenberg, ?: PP/HO/D/A2465

Rosenberg, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2417f72r

Ross, John: PP/HO/D/A2448f4r; A2451f267r; A2452f105r

Rothman, R.W.: PP/HO/D/A2428f72r

Routh?, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2450f19r

Rowand, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2448f23r

Royal College of Physicians: PP/HO/D/A2392

Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society: PP/HO/D/A2423f44v; A2446f61r. See also Medical

Rudolphi, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2428f60r

Rusconi, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Russell, John, 1st Earl Russell: PP/HO/D/A2420f18v; A2430f12r; A2457f64r; D243

Russell, M.: PP/HO/D A2425f71v

Ryan, E., Sir: PP/HO/D/A2426f7v

Ryerson, Egerton: PP/HO/D/A2430f16r; A2431f25r, 76r; A2433f67r; A2434f81r; A2435f83r; A2439f96r; A2451f65r, 278r; A2452f37r, 108r

Saint David's Gold Mining Company: PP/HO/D/A2451f355r; A2452f128r

Sarell, ? [brother of R. Sarell]: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Sarell, Philip: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Sarell, R.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Sargent, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A2431f12r, 14r, 98r

Sargent, Isaac: PP/HO/D/A572,616; A2430f45r; A2431f48r; A2435f26r

Scaife, Henry Neale: PP/HO/D/A2451f102r; A2452f50r

Scaife, Reginald: PP/HO/D/A2447f73r, B197

Schaller de Mayers, ?, Baron: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Scharf, M. junior: PP/HO/D/A2441f13r

Schomburgk, R.H.: PP/HO/D/A2434f94r; A2438f45r; A2441f80r

Schönbein, C.F. Professor: PP/HO/D/A2423f59v; A2448f20r

Searles, C.: PP/HO/D/A2455f33r

Seemann, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f78r; A2452f41r

Sergeant, John: PP/HO/D/A2443f96r

Sewall, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2441f48r

Shaw, H. Norton, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2427f25r; A2447f43r; A2448f69r; A2450f20r; A2451f228r; A2452f92r

Sheil, R.C.: PP/HO/D/A2429f3r

Sheppard, Moses: PP/HO/D/A2471

Sibson, ? [father of Dr Francis Sibson]: PP/HO/D/A2419f57r; A2457f53r

Sibson, Francis, Dr. : PP/HO/D/A2442f70r; A2448f39r; A2451f209r; A2452f84r

Simmons, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2435f76r

Simonides, C.: PP/HO/D/A2451f333r

Simpson, ?: PP/HO/D/A1819

Simpson, Sir George: PP/HO/D/A2432f67r; A2439f49r

Sloper, Robert S.: PP/HO/D/A2313, A2317, A2334, A2393; A2435f64r; A2436f10r; A2439f4r; A2443f92r

Slorrs, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2456f56r

Smith, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2428f48r

Smith, Culling Eardley, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2422f63v; A2443f70r, 88r; A2445f6r, 41r

Smith, Gilbert: PP/HO/D/A2431f30r

Smith, Henry, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2421f32r

Smith, Henry, Sir: PP/HO/D/D180

Smith, Joseph [Cape coast]: PP/HO/D/A2449f5r; A2451f305r, 321r, 340r, 352r; A2452f115r, 119r, 123r, 127r

Smith, Richard: PP/HO/D/B305, B310

Smith, W.: PP/HO/D/A2432f7r

Society for the Promotion of Christianity amonst the Jews: PP/HO/D/A2443f87r

Society of United Israelites: PP/HO/D/A2413f43r

Society of United Sisters: PP/HO/D/A2413f44r

Solomon, G.: PP/HO/D/A2451f23r; A2452f12r

Solomon, M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f45r?, 69r, 74r, 95r; A2452f12r?, 38r, 40r, 48r

Somerville, E.: PP/HO/D/A2417f69v

Sonsino, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f368r; A2452f132r

Sonsino, Vito: PP/HO/D/A2427f54r; A2451f367r, 368r; A2452f131r, 132r

South Staffordshire General Hospital, Governors: PP/HO/D/A2425f69r

Spartali, M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f156r; A2452f69r

Spencer, R., junior: PP/HO/D/A2437f94r

Spender, J.C.: PP/HO/D/A2443f72r

St Thomas's Hospital: PP/HO/D/B77

Stanley, Edward Smith, 13th Earl of Derby: PP/HO/D/A2430f65r; A2437f13r

Stansbury, John (Secretary, Marriage Law Reform Association): PP/HO/D/A2451f227r; A2452f92r

Starbuck, Charles: PP/HO/D/A2435f29r

Statham, Jemima: PP/HO/D/A2373B

Statham, J.F.: PP/HO/D/A2361E

Stephens, John: PP/HO/D/A1472.2, A1472.3

Stewart, Fanny: PP/HO/D/A2443f57r

Stewart, G.: PP/HO/D/A2456f6r

Stewart, John: PP/HO/D/A2434f84r

Stewart, Robert: PP/HO/D/D298

Stockenström, Andreas, Sir: PP/HO/D/A2420f39v; A2426f46r; A2430f27r, 57r; A2442f21r; A2446f15r, 30r; A2451f163r, 270r; A2452f105r; A2453f6r; A2457f68r

Stoddart, James: PP/HO/D/A2430f42r; A2434f43r

Stroud, H. Fitzherbert: PP/HO/D/A2423f62r

Stroud, William: PP/HO/D/A2321, D272-D274

Stuart, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2319

Sturge, Charles [Mayor of Birmingham]: PP/HO/D/A2451f369r, 372r; A2452f133r, 134r

Sturge, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2448f71r; A2449f26r

Sturz, J.J.: PP/HO/D/A2413f82v; A2455f61r

Suart [sic] & Simpson: PP/HO/D/A2448f55r

Sumers, S.: PP/HO/D/A2416f42r; A2457f18r

Sutton, C.B.: PP/HO/D/A2451f160r; A2452f71r

Tayler, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2416f37v; A2457f16r

Taylor, Alfred: PP/HO/D/A2435f17r

Taylor, David: PP/HO/D/A2435f17r

Taylor, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2413f48v

Taylor, T.M.: PP/HO/D/A2451f77r; A2452f41r

Thatcher, A.: PP/HO/D/A2428f30r

Thatcher, S.: PP/HO/D/A2448f46r

Thatcher, T.: PP/HO/D/A2433f84r; A2434f1r, 47r, 87r; A2435f23r, 48r, 52r; A2436f3r, 8r, 33r; A2437f9r, 92r; A2440f89r

Thomas, F.S.: PP/HO/D/A2444f55r

Thompson, H.H.: PP/HO/D/A2414f7r

Thompson, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2436f58r

Thompson, Hill, Dr.,: PP/HO/D/A2457f1r

Thompson, J. Edgar: PP/HO/D/A2448f21r, 64r

Thompson, James B., Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2361, A2394, A2441f88r; A2445f30r; A2446f5r, 12r, 24r, 60r

Thompson, James Robert: PP/HO/D/A2448f36r

Thomson, Allen, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2417f23r; A2434f89r; A2437f82r; A2451f56r; A2452f32r

Thomson, Edgar: PP/HO/D/A2456f34r

Thorpe, Benjamin: PP/HO/D/A617, A636, A2308, A2318.1, A2434f31r

Thwaites, J.: PP/HO/D/A2448f17r

Tiedemann, ?, Profesor: PP/HO/D/A2437f70r

Timothy, P.V.: PP/HO/D/A2456f18r

Travers, Ingram: PP/HO/D/A2451f51r; A2452f30r

Travers, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2330, A2340, A2441f74r

Trefry, Joseph: PP/HO/D/A2430f94r; A2431f1r; A2432f5r

Tripe, G.: PP/HO/D/A2414f9r; A2457f1r

Tuckett, Edmonds: PP/HO/D/A2426f33v

Tuckett, Frederick: PP/HO/D/A2434f38r; A2435f73r; A2436f74r; A2442f53r; A2475B

Tuckett, H.: PP/HO/D/A2428f9r, C3f34r

Tuke, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/C34

Tuke, Samuel: PP/HO/D/A2429f8r, 13r; A2448f51r

Turner, Edward F.: PP/HO/D A2427f59r

Turner, Richard: PP/HO/D/A2443f53r

Turner, Th.: PP/HO/D/A2425f48r

Twiss, Horace: PP/HO/D/A2416f23v; A2457f13r

United Kingdom Quarterly and Monthly Meetings: PP/HO/D/D257

University College Council: PP/HO/D/A2444f24r

University of London Senate: PP/HO/D/A2451f323r; A2452f119r; A2456f69r?

Useful Knowledge Society: PP/HO/D/A2442f40r. See also Coates.

Vandermaelen, G.: PP/HO/D/A2428f65r

Vandermaelen, Philip: PP/HO/D/A2430f6r

Vansittart, Nicholas, Baron Bexley: PP/HO/D/A2416f6r; A2420f22r?; A2457f9r; A 2457f64r?

Vaughan, P.: PP/HO/D/D129

Viger, D.B.: PP/HO/D/A2448f23r

W?, M.: PP/HO/D/A2431f66r

Wagstaff, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f62r; A2452f35r

Wagstaff, D.: PP/HO/D/A2425f70r

Walcheren, ?, Baron: PP/HO/D/A2423f21v

Walker, Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/A2395

Ward, Henry: PP/HO/D/A2448f58r

Ward, J.: PP/HO/D/A2435f72r

Ward, R.B.: PP/HO/D/A2396

Washington?, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2417f67v

Waterhouse, Edwin: PP/HO/D/B311

Waterhouse, Elizabeth [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/D/B262

Watkin, Elizabeth: PP/HO/D/D99f217r

Webster, Daniel: PP/HO/D/A2429f9r

Wedge, ?: PP/HO/D/A2431f65r

Weir, W.: PP/HO/D/A2443f42r

Werry, W.: PP/HO/D/A2446f72r

Wetherall, James: PP/HO/D/A2429f83r

Wheeler, Charles: PP/HO/D/D99f304r

Wheeler, Daniel, junior: PP/HO/D/A2430f14r; A2431f2r; D99f304r

Whiffen, E. Henry: PP/HO/D/A2351

Whiteley, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2451f53r?; A2452f31r?

Whitington, G.T.: PP/HO/D/A2428f10r

Wiblin, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2456f28r

Wigham, Cuthbert: PP/HO/D/D99f304r

Wilberforce, William: PP/HO/D/A2458

William IV, King of the UK: PP/HO/D/A1535

Williams, Caleb, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2448f35r, 53r

Williams, Stephen: PP/HO/D/A2447f41r

Willis, Charles: PP/HO/D/A2445f58r

Willis, E.: PP/HO/D/A2447f6r; A2448f23r

Willson, ?, Captain: PP/HO/D/A2472

Wilson, J.: PP/HO/D/A2417f93r

Wilson, John: PP/HO/D/A2450f8r

Wise, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/D/A2475

Wise, J.P.: PP/HO/D/A2429f24r

Wodehouse, P.E.: PP/HO/D/A2426f40v

Wood, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/D/A2448f23r

Wood, J.M.: PP/HO/D/A2449f43r

Wood, W.M.: PP/HO/D/A2456f46r, 74r

Wood, William: PP/HO/D/A2451f251r; A2452f100r

Wright, W. (Graham's Town): PP/HO/D/A2441f29r

Wright, W.E.: PP/HO/D/A2430f65r

Yates, J.: PP/HO/D/A2417f47r

York Lunatic Asylum Governors: PP/HO/D/A2435f55r

Young, H.E.F.: PP/HO/D/A2446f34r; A2446f83r

Young, Mary: PP/HO/D/A2455f27r

Young, Robert: PP/HO/D/A2435f66r; A2442f55r

Young, Thomas: PP/HO/D/A2427f17r

Young, W.H.E. [Governor, South Australia]: PP/HO/D/A2423f47r; A2450f9r

Yuly, J.L., junior: PP/HO/D/A2456f48r

Finding aids

Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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