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A warning to men who don't use condoms; part of the Alberta HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns for young adults. Lithograph.

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If you're male, have more than one sexual partner and don't use condoms, we suggest you attach this to the front of your pants: Warning. Sex with individuals like myself will be the leading cause of premature death due to AIDS for over four million women by the year 2000. Abstinence remains an option. Space filled by MBL/BBDO [Alberta] An Agency of the BBDO Worldwide Network. Funded under the National AIDS Strategy, Health Canada, in partnership with Alberta Health and the Canadian Public Health Association. For more copies: National AIDS Clearinghouse, Canadian Public Health Association, 1565 Carling, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8R1, Tel: (613) 725-3769, Fax ...


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

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