Safe sex in AIDS prevention


  • A hairy green male stamen heading from the right towards a deep red rose in full bloom representing 'Love Question No 345', which asks how crazy are you if your summer passion is unprotected; one of a series of safe sex AIDS prevention advertisements by Folkhälsoinstitutet, RFSU and RFSL. Colour lithograph by Garbergs, ca. 1995.
  • The side profile of the face of Gladys, a black woman with red lips with speech bubbles containing a conversation with Steve about the use of condoms; advertisement for safe sex by the N.I.A.D. (Nederlands Instituut voor Alcohol en Drugs). Colour lithograph by Laren, Tadberg Design.
  • A condom with a message in English and Chinese about safe sex and the risk of AIDS; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the Training and Health Education Department, Ministry of Health in Singapore. Colour lithograph, 1993.
  • A condom with an open packet and the message in French: "Those who believe there is a vaccine against AIDS - this is what it looks like"; advertisement by Ministére des Affaires Sociales de la Santé et de la Ville. Colour lithograph by M. Descottes, 1995 (?).
  • Varieties of condoms representing an advertisement for safe sex and AIDS Hotlines by the CATF Columbus AIDS Task Force. Colour lithograph.
  • Recto: a woman holds up a condom to a man in bed as cupid aims to shoot a heart arrow towards them; verso: numerous cupids with condoms attached to his arrow with four cartoon vignettes and text relating to safe sex, STI's and condoms; an advertisement by SOA Stichting. Colour lithograph by Gerrit de Jager, January 1992.
  • The sun with a smiling face and a condom with the message in French: "On holiday I forget everything except a condom"; a safe sex advertisement by the Ministère des Affaires Sociales de la Santé et de la ville, L'Europe contre le SIDA and the SIDA Info Service. Colour lithograph by L'Agence Verte.
  • Female catkins on a willow tree, representing an archaic Chinese nickname for sexually transmitted diseases, with the message that AIDS is worse. Colour lithograph by AIDS Concern, Hong Kong, ca. 1997.
  • A bare-chested woman wearing jeans flings her head back and says "I only make love safely"; advertising safe sex in AIDS prevention. Colour lithograph for Bajes Special Mainline, 199-.
  • A green wall bearing numerous German graffiti phrases about sex with a pair of lips, a drawing of a bottom, an arrowed heart bearing the letters 'T + B' and an umbrella; an advertisement for condoms as a protection against AIDS by the Authority of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, Hamburg. Colour lithograph.