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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 6

Aug 1901 - Jul 1903
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/164 **

506 pages - all used except the following which are blank or cancelled. p.14 two cancelled letters [faint copies of 15]; 168; 423 cancelled;
NB 410 the right hand side is blank, but has some word which have bled through from p. 409
The vast majority are typed copy letters. 138 - the page is torn in half.

NB There is no corresp to MARKBY STEWART & Co. in this volume.

J Clifford ABBOTT 473 re. "'Tabloid' matter"
WJ Lewis ABBOTT 354 re. missing turquoise pendants
FW ACKERMAN, Bromley 228 enc. cheque
Moustapha AHMED [Cairo, ctd LB5] 413 ack. letter asked re. books from Omdurman.
WE AKEHURST, 200 enc. cheque
Miss ALLEN, Nurse, 311, 490a, 490b, 494. Enc. cheques for Mrs HSW's stay in a nursing home; 490a&b re. arrangements for Mrs HSW's labour, booked rooms with nursing care [nb these are out of sequence dated May/Jun 1903];
Frederick D ALLEN, Pitmans 266 transcript of speeches at Balfour's Banquet.
Maurice ALLEN, Somerset 495 arrangements to meet Mrs & Miss Head (from New York)
AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, FW Hodge, Editor, Washington 78 enc. cheque for 'Zuni Folk Tales' by FH Cushing.
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 391 enc. cheque for reprints of Power's article.
AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, 145, 180, 181, 201, 240, 312, 351 411.
Mainly to Prof. Chas Caspari, also to Prof JD Remington Atlantic Co, Longport, New Jersey and to Prof Whelpley, Philadelphia. Apologised for absence from annual meeting & golden jubilee meeting, also ordered 500 reprints of Hoffman's speech at GJ mtg. 180 re. Philadelphia scholarship, 411 re. business training of pharmacists also possible funding for Chair of pharmacy.
Mrs Garrett ANDERSON 307 enc. donation and HSW agreed t o become Vice-President of the Imperial Vaccination League
The 'ANGLO-AMERICAN' 470 enc. subscription
ANGLO-ITALIAN EXPRESS, London 409 re. shipment of books
Sir Edwin ARNOLD 128 offered EA visits to the WCRL, WPRL and Dartford Works.
ARTICLE CLUB 68 enc. subscription.
HE ATKINS, Salisbury 202 postponed visit to Dartford till following summer.
AUTOTYPE CO 195 enc. cheque for Kitchener photographic portrait

BRITISH & COLONIAL DRUGGIST 433 re. proposal by Chamberlain
WH BAILEY & Son 493 enc. cheque
Dr Andrew BALFOUR 215, 259, 306, 313, 321, 364, 383, 389, 390, 395, 400, 444, 498, 502-504. 215 enc. letter of introduction from HSW to Dr WH Crosse Medical Officer Niger Company West Africa, also re. Mr Beam; 259 re. Mr Currie; 306 to AB in Cairo - re. equipment for the College; 313 re. spare copies of menu to be sent to AB's contacts; 321 HSW thanked AB for gift of his novels, there is also a very faint ms postscript 'I hope you have [had] a pleasant [.....- too faint to read]'; 364 first letter form HFJ to AB in Khartoum, sent specimens of Aboe Akoe, Cassia Beareana, Korarima Cardamome and Hyoscyamus muticus, also photomicrography particle; 383 replacements for goods damaged in transit; 389 HSW instructed AB to research local poisonous snakes; 390 re. progress also medium by Drigalski, Conradi and Maconkey's; 394 & 400 re. shipment of items; 444 re. difficulties in importing Calcium Carbide; 498 progress at College; 502-504 Detailed letter: HSW apologised for 'neglect', fitting out of Labs, collection of items for HSW's Museum, HSW to provide 'index scrap books' [guard books] suitable for the climate, US General Creely, Washington Agricultural Department, interest in health of AB's wife in 'trying climate', Mounteney's birth.
Mrs BALFOUR 367 enc. copies of Balfour's Banquet souvenir menus.
BARCLAYS BANK, Eastbourne 98 enc cheque for AJ Mounteney Jephson.
Stuart BARNADO 61 was joining Mr & Mrs HSW in Nice, SB given Tabloid medicine cases and other items for them by Johnson.
Mrs TJ BARNADO 7, 63, 247. 7 returned repaired trunk; 63 Johnson apologised Christmas present of photographs of Mrs Wellcome had not reached Mrs TJB; 247 enc. Cyril Barnado's camera.
Dr TJ BARNADO 44, enc. photographs of Mrs Wellcome;
BARNADO's HOMES 465 enc. donation
BARRATT & LOVELL, Bromley 227 enc. cheque
Driver R BASHAM [ctd LB5, Boer War?] 7 enc. clothes, tobacco and 'comforts' for RB Alexander BASSANO 192 paid for photograph of Lord Kitchener
BAXTER, PAYNE & LEPPER, Bromley, [Estate Agents] 105, 109, 113, 119, 125b, 154, 160, 194, 488a, 500. re. tenancy of Sir Robert Lighton's 'Blackbrook, Bingley', enc. cheques etc. 488a rental of 'Oast House'.
BEDFORD, LEMERE & CO 257 broke copyright with photograph of HSW's portrait of Washington.
Station Master BIARRITZ 90, 116. re. missing parcel of 'lace fan'.
Alfred BISHOP 299 re. PATA and the association for the protection of trade-marks and patented goods against fraudulent substitution.
MB BLAKE 467a, 481 HSW sent MB books on South America, introduction to Mr Meiggs, in faint ms 'I shall be very pleased if you will dine with me one ev'g next week when you are free'.
GEP BLANCHFLOWER 378 asked to purchase 'a curious umbrella' on HSW's behalf.
William BRACKETT & SONS, Estate Agents 97 re. rental properties.
Dr Alice B BRILL, Florence 1 BW&Co presence in Australasia
BRITISH COFFEE & QUICK LUNCH SYNDICATE 112 ordered lunch boxes for HSW.
BROMLEY & DISTRICT TIMES 486 enc. cheque
WE BROOKE & Sons 101, 103, 106, 110, 121, 133, 213. Ordered frame and inscription for Washington portrait, enc. cheque.
JR BROUGH, Freemason 442, 447 RMIB donations.
Sir James Crichton BROWNE 482 re. meeting with MS&Co and JC Smith (of BW&Co)
Emil BRUGREH BEY 380 in French, requested photographs of a tomb and artefacts at Sakkarah discovered by Prof Victor Loret.
Sir T Lander BRUNTON 443 to arrange meeting, ms 'I trust you are in greatly improved health'
General TB BUNTING c/o Santa Cruz, California 197, 298, 386. HSW thanked GB for books
[The Royal Victoria &] BULL HOTEL, Mr Russell, Dartford 23, 97, 104 [ctd LB5] enc. cheques; 97 booked room for Mr & Mrs HSW
J BULL 420 re. HSW's photographs
PB BURGOYNE Australian wine importer 200, 458 wine samples, 458 invited to join IIC
C BURLAND 366 HSW abroad and unable to attend wedding.
Miss BUSTEED 357

CH CAMP, New York 296 HSW thanked CC for Monteray California Convention on Trade-Marks report.
CANNON STREET HOTEL 220, 238 booked a room for business meeting (fraudulent substitution committee).
J Ridgley CARTER, American Embassy 172a, 314 [ctd LB5] re. 'The Washington Monument Association of Alexandria, Virginia' HSW enc. reproductions of Rosebury's & HSW's Washington portrait, also re. masonic lodges.
CARLYLE HOUSE TRUST, Geo. A Lumsden 426, 430, 434 [ctd LB5] enc. subscription, also re. Carlyle article GL wrote for newspapers.
Hon Joseph C CHOATE, American Ambassador in London 147 enc. notes re. Washington portrait JCC to unveil at Masonic Grand Lodge.
The Editor CENTRAL NEWS LTD, 261 Invited to 'Balfour Banquet'

CHATTO & WINDUS 468 enc. cheque
FH CHEESEWRIGHT, Freemason 194, 384 [ctd LB5] RMIB & RMIG votes also Nicholl case, and enc. donation to fund.
CHEMISTS' ASSISTANTS' ASSOCIATION, To A Latrielle, re. Lownsbrough, or Alfred Britton 46, 69, 336 [ctd LB5] enc. subscriptions, donations and bought ball tickets.
Miss CLARK, Doughty Street 263, 291 re. Mrs HSW, also enc. cheque.
RF Maitland COFFIN, Freemason 87 re. Hiram Mark Lodge
Miss EL Cole 333 enc. cheque, for Mrs HSW.
FH COLLINGS 32 enc. cheque
COLUMBIA LODGE, John Morgan Richards, Arthur W Chapman 40, 82, 110, 385, 447 [ctd LB5] re. Columbia Lodge business, enc. subscriptions.
Thos COOK & Sons Z Abder, TC Agent in Assiout, Egypt 11, 203, 204, 373, 375. re. storage of HSW's goods and disposal via JA Atkinson;
Thos COOK & Sons Cairo, Egypt 34, 36, 170, 246, 269, 295, 327, 329, 375. re. HSW's goods stored in Cairo, also yacht galley to be shipped to Gordon College Khartoum, return of goods to HSW in England, and damage to goods in transit; Also to JA Atkinson c/o Thos Cook & Sons Cairo, Egypt 214, 374 ordered portrait photograph of Wingate and Cromer, also re. disposal of goods stored at Abder.
Thos COOK & Sons, London 22, 56 enc. cheque and ack. cheque for overpayment of Venice Office.
Thos COOK & Sons Naples, 122 re. TC -v- Hutchinson.
Thos COOK & Sons Paris 404 re. shipment of cases to London
Dr J Ward COUSINS, President British Medical Association 244 [ctd LB5] re. discontinuation of 'The Chromatic Dials and Test Types', invited to meet Balfour.
COVELL & HARRIS, Bromley 228 enc. cheque
CREASEY, SON & PARSLOW 67, 213 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque, ordered suit.
CREMER & CO 39 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque
Sir Anderson CRITCHETT 485 re. meeting with HSW.
Earl CROMER, Cairo 288 re. Balfour's Banquet.
Dr JG CROSS 425 Mr Davies to give JGC a tour of WCRL & WPRL
JM CROUCH 223 enc. cheque
Senator CULLOM, USA 140 [ctd LB5] sympathy on death of Cullom's daughter, Mrs Ridgley.
James CURRIE, Education Office Khartoum (later of Edinburgh) 81, 162-163, 164-165, 171-172, 264, [284] 285, 297, 398, 505, 506 [ctd LB5] . re. the building and fitting of Gordon College; possible Directors are mentioned - 163 Dr Balfour, 164 Dr Beam; 171-172 Dr Balfour's appointment, HSW's opinion of him, also re. Dr Beam; 264 re. Balfour's progress in preparing for post and date for voyage; [284] 285 re. Balfour's Banquet, 284 is a very faint a copy of 285; 297 HSW requested photos of the College; 398 enc. a copy of items shipped to Khartoum for JC's reference; 505 re. the honour of naming of Gordon College 'Wellcome Research Laboratories'; 506 HSW asked for help in acquiring portraits for Gordon College.
F CURRY 334, 357-359 [ctd LB5] 334 c/o Thomas Cook Mentona, France, purchase of cannon and return of Baedeker's Guide; 357-359 c/o T Cook Genoa, HSW gave detailed instructions for FC to survey Dr Friedlowski's collection of medical illustrations in Kreisbach near Vienna and negotiate a price.
Mrs CUTHILL 184 rental of Ruxley Cottage

Dr Ludwig DARMSTAEDTER 167 advice re. LD's possible visit to America.
DARTFORD & DISTRICT CRICKET LEAGUE, Frank Lee 45, 328, 440 enc. donations.
DARTFORD BOYS SCHOOL, Headmaster, WA Ward 191 donation to Martin Sydney fund
DARTFORD POOR FUND Rev Percy E Smith 64, 315 enc. donations
DARTFORD VOLUNTEERS, Captain Morphew 18, 230 enc. donations
DICKENS & JONES 293 enc. cheque
DIRECTOR OF STORES Cairo 280, 397 re. shipment of apparatus and chemicals for Gordon College Khartoum.
Prof HH DIXON 393 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine
DIXON, ELKIN & DIXON 432 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque
T&H DOUBLET 29 enc. cheque for binoculars for Bertrand Stewart.
Dr W DOWSON 243, 488. 243 HSW thanked WD for suggestions of people to invite (not clear what to); 488 Sir William Taylor (Director General, Army Medial Department) to vivist WPRL.
GC DRUCE, Oxford 286 re. Balfour Banquet also thanked for copy of 'North African Experiences'.

Benj EDGINGTON & Co 10, 18, 191, 363 [ctd LB5] re. cleaning & insurance of Egyptian tents.
John EDINE c/o Prof Schafer Edinburgh University 241, 270, 311 re. camera for use with a microscope.
John Passmore EDWARDS 478-479 [ctd LB5] HSW's thanks (and views) on the unveiling of busts at the Passmore Edwards Settlement, also on Anglo-American relationship.
EMULATION LODGE OF IMP, Joseph Russell, Freemason's Hall 79, 355 enc. cheques re. dinners.
ERNEST LTD 377 enc. cheque
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 44, 275, 278 re. policy 250766
DH EVANS & CO 294, 346, 362 enc. cheques, inc. for Mrs HSW,
EVANS & MASON 346 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.

SW FAIRCHILD 340, 469 thanked for photographs of 'shooting camp' inc. a moose; re. birth of Mounteney
Arthur LW FECHTNER, Freemason 92, 175, 233. re. meetings; 175 RMIB vote.
Joseph FELS 196, 360, 424. 196 details of 3 expert witnesses - Prof James Dewar, Julian Lewkowitsch and A Gordon Salaman; 360 HSW absent; 343 HSW gave JF details of 2 factories to let in Dartford.
Joao FERREIRA, Funchal [ctd LB5] 17, 161 re. HSW's collection of furniture.
C Urquhart FISHER 455 enc. cheque re. IIC dinner.
WJ FISHER, Freemason 438 enc. donation to Mark Benevolent Fund;
Dr A Chune FLETCHER 121, 482, 486, 489, 496, 497. Enc. fees; 486 & 489 re. some silver trays; 496 & 497 re. Mrs & Miss Head arriving from New York; 497 re. Dr Clarke's book, and HSW's move to the Oast House
WM FLINDERS-PETRIE, Univeristy College London 300, 464, 489 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts.
J Gregory FOSTER 499 ack. letter.
Hon John W FOSTER 456 Details of birth of HSW's son Mounteney, also re. Alaskan boundary and Metlakahtla, also re. Chamberlain and British 'protective fiscal policy'.
Sir Thomas R FRASER 424, 431, 443, 474. Mainly re. Perredes study of Strophanthus seeds also 431 thanked TF for paper on 'Acokanthera Schimperi'

R&S GARRARD & Co 203, 347 enc. cheques, 347 for Mrs HSW
C GEORGE, Garden Requisite Stores, Brickley 222 enc. cheque
GIEL FRERES Jeweller, Geneva 209 ordered salt-cellars.
FL GILL, Dartford 126 re. unnamed scheme.
WS GLYN-JONES 288 re. retail chemists.
Bonnin GOUDIN, Versailles 403 re. shipment of cases via Thomas Cook.
RF GOULD, Woking, Freemason 457 photograph of Washington portrait.
H GOULDSMITH & Son 348 enc. cheque, for Mrs HSW.
Lionel GOWING, Freemason 81a, 102. HSW to attend Duke of Connaught's installation as Grand Master with Save Lodge masons; donation to Mark Benevolent Fund.
GS GRANT & CO 254, 460 [ctd LB5] Enc. cheques and called on order of champagne.
General GREELY 426 enc. silver wedding gift, a coffee set.
FW GREGORY, Freemason 124, 134. re. masonic business.
Anton GRESHOFF, The Hague, 173, 242, 287. 173 enc gift of books; 242 thanked AG for books, Mrs HSW's illness, thanked AG for list of Congo doctors, HSW asked for advice re. medical case for the Queen; 287 regrets for AG on the death of his mother.
D GRIMSTED Bromley 229 enc. cheque
Mrs CL GRIFFIN Society Of American Women In London 114 purchased tickets for SAWL 'At Home' for 'Special American Ambassador Mrs Whitelaw Reid '
Dr AS GUBB 441a re. Dr A Chune Fletcher.

HAINES & SONS 151, 155, 330. Restoration of Washington portrait.
Messrs J&E HALL, Dartford 384 condolences on death of Mr Marcet
Miss JE HAMAND, Iowa 395 enc. a copy of 'The Story of Metlakahtla'
HAMPTON & SONS 125b, 253, 267, 268, 309, 329, 331. re. HSW's rental of 'Blackbrook' including queries in the inventory when he vacated the property. Requested details of another property.
Robert Gordon HARDIE, Vermont, USA 24, 28, 74a, 86, 103, 176-179 ms, 190, 207, 332, 344a [ctd LB5] Mainly re. Washington portrait commissioned for Freemason Grand Lodge. 24 & 28 inc. names and addresses of 6 American masons who could advise on historical matters. 74a & 86 Return of preliminary portrait and customs delays; 103 portrait arrived safely; 176 enc. newspaper cuttings re. unveiling and payment; 190 enc. photos of portrait and copyright assignment forms; 332 ack receipt of 'original Portraits of Washington'; 334 returned book 'Original Portraits of Washington', also re. distribution of singed photographic copies of the portrait to the King and senior masons.
Lt Col JL HARRINGTON 166, 378b HSW requested a signed photograph of Emperor Menelik, Abyssinia, thanked for receipt of Ras Makunan's photograph.
Traer HARRIS, Harley Street 96 enc fee.
Charles HARRISON 316, 332 HSW purchased the original cartoon of 'A Submarine Pantomine' in 'Punch'.
EF HARRISON, BW&Co 441b, 454 re. meeting to discuss the work in WFH's department.
John HARVEY, Littlehampton 414, 436, 463, 496 enc. cheques, also re. care and sale of boats.
Mr T HAWKELEY 493 enc. cheque
Madame HAYWARD 388 enc. cheque, for Mrs HSW.
Alec B HECTOR, BW&Co Sydney 305 enc. 45 copies of Gulliver's Travels, the staff Christmas gift.

HJ HENDERSON, Freemason 160 re. RMIB votes for Nicholl
Everard HESKETH 134 re. 'Incorporation of Dartford'.
Maxwell HICKES 465 MRS HSW sent thanks for flowers re. birth.
Aubrey J HILL, Phoenix Mills, Dartford 99, 367 enc. 99 'Reports by Lord Cromer on ...Egypt and the Sudan' to be returned to Johnson; 367 re. items sent to Dartford to be held for HSW.
U HOEBLI Milan 408 enc. cheque for books
Dr Fr HOFFMANN, Berlin 143-44, 198, 273, 376, 448. HSW asked FH to convey warm greetings to his friends at the meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association in Philadelphia, refers to deaths of Maisch, Squibb, Scheffer and Rice. 198 commiseration for FH's illness which prevented him from attending APA meeting, thanked FH for reprint of his address; 273 Balfour's Banquet; 376 sent copies of APA address; 448 re. Otto's health, Dr Power and an article by FH.
HOGARTH HOUSE RESTORATION COMMITTEE 56 ack. return of donation as scheme had fallen through.
EM HOLMES 33, 247, 271, 350. 33 advised of HSW's absence, passed to Sudlow or Smith; 247 returned book loaned to Mrs HSW; 271 re. Balfour's Banquet, mentions use of 'Aboe Akoe'; 350 thanked for specimens, ideas on 'compressed paper fuel' and possible vacancy for his niece (fluent in Russian)
HOOPER & Co 120 re. Mr Nicholls.
Fred G HOPKINS, Emanuel College Cambridge University 95 HSW declined offer.
HOPTON & SONS 221 enc. cheque.
HOTEL ST PETERSBURG, Paris, 31 re. Sudlow's missing boots.
HOWARD'S STORES, Bromley 227 enc. cheque
Frank M HOYT 476 re. birth of Mounteney and possible visit to USA.
Herbert V HUMPHREY 279, 310. Histological slides sent to Dowson and returned to HH as not relevant.
Mrs HUNT 181, 211, 294 enc. cheques, also re. E Salmon [HSW's servant].

IMPERIAL INDUSTRIES CLUB HSW was heavily involved in the establishment of this retail trade organisation for the protection of patented goods and trade-marks against 'piracy and fraudulent substitution'. In early correspondence it is referred to as the 'Association Of Industries'. The following letters were sent out by HSW, mainly re. meeting details, attendance at meetings, additional possible members (companies such as Imperial Tobacco Co, Messrs J&P Coats and Messrs Keen, Robinson & Co Ltd. were approached), rules for committee. Sir George Hayter Chubb was the Chairman, WT Shore (later JE Evans Jackson) the Secretary. Several meetings were held over private dinners at the Carlton Hotel. [The IIC took the place of the defunct Article Club']
218, 234, 250, 262, 265 all copied to:
Bovril Ltd 453 (to Andrew Walker)
James Buchanan & Co,
J&J Colman Ltd,
Condy & Mitchell Ltd,
John Dewar & Sons Ltd (also 187 to Sir Thomas Dewar),
Fassett & Johnson,
William Hollins & Co Ltd,
Horrockses, Crewdson & Co (also 237),
JE Evans-Jackson 454, 462
A&F Pears Ltd (also 182, 337, 459 to TJ Barratt, all on substitution issue e.g. 337 re. Pears' anti substitution advertisement in 'Whitaker's Almanac'),
John Morgan Richards (also 148, 236),
Schweppes Ltd (also 235 and to CD Kemp-Welch 429, 452, 474)
J&J Colman Ltd (also 238, 251, 272 to JJC's Edward Lewis).
Additional letters on the same subject were sent to:
Apollinaris Co. Ltd (to Julius Prince) 418, 450
Bryant & May's Managing Director Gilbert Bartholomew, 335, 336, 405, 450.
Cellular Clothing Co (JH Lowe) 449
Cadbury Bros., (to George Cadbury or Mr Davenport) 219, 405, 417
J&P Coats, Otto E Phillips 189
and to Kodak Ltd, WJ Shore (MD was George Davison) 303, 341, 449.
Messrs Vickers Sons & Maxim Ltd (to Sir Hiram S Maxine) 461
IMPERIAL SANITARY STEAM LAUNDRY 125c, 142, 500. re. items for laundering - list attached.
Walter INGLE 15, 82. Return of HSW's photographic negatives.

JAPAN SOCIETY Charles Holme 93, 325 enc. subscription.
JH JENKS 35 donation to Henry Pritchard Fund
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 21 very faint, enc.
JESSURUN & Co, Venice 90, 115, 127. re. missing parcel of 'lace fan'.
Mrs Herbert JONES 388 returned book and asked re. published photograph of Pocahontas portrait.
Richard JOSEY 360, 370 HSW absent.

KEITH, PROWSE & CO 8, 88, 99, 115, 146, 151, 192 Enc. cheques for tickets, inc. for Coronation Procession.
J Scott KELTIE 406 re. advertisments.
KEMYS TYNTE & TEMPLE CRESSING, J Percy Fitzgerald 39, 96 enc. subscriptions.
Mrs GW KENNEDY, Pennsylvania 441 condolences on death of her husband.
Imre KIRALFY, Freemason 84, 95, 387 re. votes for RMIG also 95 HSW declined role as steward.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, FH Ward, George Rankin, 38, 72, 73, 230 Enc. subscriptions and donations e.g. RMIB also FH Ward 278, 289, 365, 376. c.1901/2 HSW Lodge Treasurer HF Johnson deputed by HSW to liase on this in his absence.
KODAK LTD [aka EASTMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC CO] [ctd LB5] 33, 98 re. development of HSW's films, also enc. cheques.

Dr LH LAIDLEY, St Louis 437, 491. 437 re. Mrs Laidley's visit to London, enc. silver hypodermic case, suggests theme 'the History of American Medicine' for LL's exhibit at the World Fair St Louis; 491 HSW enc. booklet on ancient Welsh medicine.
LAFAYETTE LTD 29, 30, 37, 71, 80, 342, 428, 435. Orders and cheques for photographs, 37 re. cancellation of Barnado's photograph of Mrs HSW on HSW's instruction
Sir Francis LAKING 470 re. meeting
HJ LAMB 208 [ctd LB5] repaired hour-glass charm.
Dr CMS LANKESTER, Church Missionary Society 256 difficulty with BW&Co telephone system.
FW LAWSON, Leeds 6 re. executor of Captain Robert Nelson
Dr Frederick LAWRENCE, Freemason 85 subscription for Hiram Mark Lodge.
Joseph L LEMBERGER, Pennsylvania, 441 condolences on death of his wife
Edward LETCHWORTH, Freemason. 328, 378c [ctd LB5] both re. 'vote of thanks' from Grand Lodge for Washington portrait.
Angelo LEWIS, member of Whitefriars 415 re. BW&Co 'prohibited' from issuing Chemist's Diaries (and similar) to non medics or chemists.
B Franklin LIEBER 261 re. meeting HSW.
Sir & Lady LIGHTON 125, 145a, 156-157. re. tenancy of 'Blackbrook', 156-7 re. difficulties with Weedon the gardener
John LINDSAY 2, 5 possible purchase of book (Koran)
LLOYDS, J Franklin Adams 274, 308, 396. Details of c.70 cases of apparatus & chemicals sent to Gordon College, Khartoum.
LLOYDS REGISTER 102, 434. enc. cheques for inclusion on yacht register.
LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Kenric B Murray 84, 85. removed HSW's name from list of nominations, enc. subscription.
LONDON CHEMISTS' ASSOCIATION, Robert H Jones, Secretary 225-226 LCA had criticised a BW&Co circular on fraudulent substitution. The letter discusses the relationship of chemists and BW&Co, also ethical considerations: 'The chemist is unlike other traders in that substitution may be in his case not only a commercial fraud but may be also an act endangering health and even life'.
LONDON CITY & MIDLAND BANK 259 HSW cancelled standing order to the Imperial Institute.
M Victor LORET 318, 381 318 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts. 381 in French, re. tomb at Sakkarah
LOTUS CLUB, New York, CW Price 70, 323 enc. cheques.
Robert A LOWE, Chislehurst 425 enc. cheque
Dr AP LUFF 487 re. meeting with HSW

Dr MacALISTER, Cambridge 319, 339 319 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine requested bibliography of 'recent works' and English translation of 'Papyrus Ebers'
JYW MacALISTER Freemason 158, 258, 387, 445. Mainly re. masonic votes for RMIB and RMIB and Nicholl Fund; also 195 declined position as director of 'Lysoform'; re. employment of Mr Fletcher.
Peter MacEWAN 210 Enc. report on the BW&Co Italian trade-mark case.
J Morrison McLEOD, Freemason's Hall 185 RMIB donation
His Royal Highness Ras MAKUNAN, Abysinnia 378a thanked RM for signed portrait photograph.
Grayson MADDERS 316 HSW wished him good health after an operation.
MAPLE & CO 484 re. invoice for baby items - cot etc.
MAPPIN Brothers 135, 270 enc. cheque for turquoise drop necklace, 270 enc. chque from Mrs HSW.
G MARCUSE 229, 377 enc. foreign stamps
JD MARKHAM, USA 475 r possible meeting when HSW in America
MARSHALL & SNELLGROVE 64, 347, 353 re. storage of Mrs HSW's blue fox muff and cape.
Prof MASPERS 301, 368. re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts.
Sully MATTERN Bilbao 407, 501 re. shipment of 51 cases to London , inc. some from Zamora.
John MATTHEWS, Bromley 130-131 detailed terms and conditions for hire of horse, carriage and coachman.
W MAUNDER 222 enc. cheque
Caswell A MAYS, New York 338 thanked for interest in Gordon College Khartoum.
Wm S MEIGGS 467 [ctd LB5] HSW introduced Maurice B Blake re. proposed South American expedition
John MELLANBY 464 meeting with HSW before resigning from WPRL
Mrs MESSENGER 483 enc. cheque
METROPOLE HOTEL, 138 London, 487 Folkestone, booked rooms.
CFJ MEYER, Messrs Meyer Drug Co. St Louis USA 422 HSW sent congratulations for 50 years trading.
Charles E MEYER, Philadelphia 345 thanked for copies of 'Keystone'
Messrs MITCHELL's ROYAL LIBRARY 276, 315 booked string quartet and 2 bag-pipers for Balfour's Banquet
Florence E MOORE 263 enc. cheque
JW MOORE, Freemason 45 enc. donation to RMIB
MORGAN 124 reference re. Edward Solomon (applied to HSW as Butler).
Edward MORRIS 107 re. illness of John Meiggs, enc. tabloid products and directions from a consultant.
R MUIR 371 ack receipt of photo-micrographic camera which was forwarded to Balfour.
Dr Wm MURRELL 491 [ctd LB5 the right hand margin has not 'copied', however the sense of the letter can be made out] re. difference in opinion.
David Christie MURRAY 446 [ctdLB5] HSW criticised some passages in a published short story by DCM in which poison for a suicide was easily (and not realistically) obtained -this had led to some readers complaining to BW&Co

'NATIONAL DRUGGIST' HR Strong St Louis 252, 394, 442. re. fraudulent substitution of goods, HSW asked for American reports and articles on the subject that HS was aware of; sent HS 500 copies of a BW&Co circular on substitution.
NATIONAL PRESS INTELLIGENCE COMPANY, New York 188 requested Metlakahtla cuttings.
NATIONAL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS ASSOCIATION AE Strong 43, 217, 279, 337 enc. subscriptions. HSW ordered copies of literature on trade-marks. Also NWDA campaign re. fraudulent substitution.
Herbert NELSON 16 presented with the Stanley Medallion for the late Captain Robert Henry Nelson.
HJ NICOLLS & CO 25 enc. cheque
WH NICOLLS 132, 295. 132 referred Nicholls to CRB Keetley and A Chune Fletcher; 295 HSW rejected WHN's offer to 'put a cool quarter of a million into' BW&Co if it became a joint stock company.
G NITCHSE, Photographer, Lausanne 195, 342, 355, 477. Ordered copies of HSW and Mrs HSW portraits

OCEAN ACCIDENT GUARANTEE Co 2, 12, 154 enc. cheques re. policy 165508 and 686840
OLD KINGS ARMS CHAPTER, JA Farnfield 70 enc. subscription
Herrn. Baron Henri OEFELE 356, 372 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts.
Carlo OGLIANI, Genoa 78 re. photographs and price of 'Capo di Monti casket'

WH PARKE, Sligo 3 [ctd LB5] executor for Surgeon TH Parke enc. Stanley medallion
Albert E J PARKER 186 re. Smith Parker & Co.
CF PARTINGTON, Freemason 382 enc. donation to R Sebastian Hart, Fidelity Lodge Testimonial Fund
Dr Noel PATON 139 meeting re. Gordon College.
Hon George PEEL 31 re. Gordon College Khartoum.
Sir Theopilus PEEL, Leeds 232 re. Mounteney Jephson's successful recovery from operation in Napier New Zealand.
Captain Charles PELHAM [ctd LB5] 118, 152, 401 Ordered lobsters; storage of HSW's items; address for Mr Redden.
Colonel RH PENTON, Principal Medical Officer of the Egyptian Army, War Office, Cairo 173, 283, 399. HSW enc. gift of medical book; re. Dr Balfour; enc. copy of items shipped to Gordon College for RHP's reference.
Dr George [N] PEREZ, Savile Club 185, 352, 379 re. portraits for sale.
PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL John Humphrey, 245 short letter re. fraudulent substitution debate.
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, Richard Bremridge 87, 104, 129, 440. Bought annual dinner tickets, 87 Weld & Linstead to attend. Also 129 reference for Dr Schyver (applying for Professor of Pharmacy post).
PHILLIPS, SON & NEALE 91 enc. 3 items for auction - from the letter a regular occurence.
HJV PHILLPOTTS 108 [ctd LB5] re. draft agreement between HSW and Sir CR Lighton.
PITMANS METROPOLITAN REPORTING AGENCY 159 enc. cheque for attendance and transcription at Freemason's hall (Washington Portrait presentation).
PLYMOUTH DEVONPORT STONEHOUSE & DISTRICT CHEMISTS ASSOC, Dr Alfred Breeze 249 enc. cheque but unable to attend annual dinner.
Sir R Douglas POWELL 473, 484 re. meeting - 484 with MS&Co and JC Smith of BW&Co.
GA POYNDER 199 enc. Cheque for books.
PRINCES' RESTAURANT 255, 277, 281, 341. re. 'Balfour Banquet' inc. music and pipers.

C QUELCH 481 CQ introduced to HSW by WT Shore.

Nicolos RAFFO, Raffo, Dalmazzo & Co, [ctd LB5] Genoa, 326. HSW declined to enter into a controversy between Raffo's business partnership.
P RALPH 141, 149, 150. re. purchase of croquet set.
RAYNES PARK LAUNDRY 416, 419, 468, 500. Enc. linen or cheques.
John REDDEN, Littlehampton 402 requested update on work for HSW.
Sir James REID 485 re. meeting HSW.
Mr F & Mary REEVE, Cranbrook 302, 490. Message for MR from Mrs HSW also re. meeting.
JF ROBERTS 75 donation to Letchworth Wedding Fund.
Peter ROBINSON & Co 292, 432 enc. cheques
P ROCHEMAN, Cairo 282 thanked for photograph, also re. BW&Co Tabloid samples.
ROMEIKE & CURTICE 153 ordered press cuttings re. presentation of Washington Portrait to Masonic Grand Lodge.
ROSE & CO 233 enc. cheque
Rt Hon Earl of ROSEBERY 169 HSW requested a photograph of Gilbert Stuart's Washington portrait, on behalf of 'The Washington Monument Association of Alexandria, Virginia'.
ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 94, 322 enc. subscriptions.
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB, John Ross Divett, 67, 100, 323 enc. subscriptions.
ROYAL MEDICAL BENEVOLENT COLLEGE J Bernard Lamb 406, 434a enc. donation re. annual festival.
ROYAL TEMPLE YACHT CLUB Harry Vandervell 88, 361 enc. subscriptions.
RUSSELL HOTEL 77, 112 booked rooms for Mr & Mrs HSW and Mr & Mrs FH Wellcome.
J RUSSELL 183 HSW advised confidentiality re. business 'movement'

Edward SALMON 125a offered ES job as HSW's butler
Dr A Gordon SALAMON 472 [ctd LB5] re. St Louis Exhibition.
SALVATION ARMY, William Turner 41, 362 enc. donations
Jessurum SALVIATI & Co, Regent Street 89, 312, 409 re. HSW's order of lace.
WE SAMPSON , Freemason 354 HSW to be 'First General'
Dr AG SANDBERG, Freemason 83, 322, 349 Fidelity Lodge subscriptions.
SAVAGE CLUB Secretary EE Peacock 59, 62, 69, 188, 324, 393, 410 enc. subscriptions and cheques for annual dinner. 410 redirection of letters for HSW from Club to Snow Hill.
SAVAGE CLUB LODGE Walter J Ebbetts, Prof R Bowdler Sharpe, 60, 81a, 86, 206, 353, 416. enc. subscriptions. 206 HSW introduced Andrew Balfour to Prof BS, re. Khartoum;
Dr [HJ] SCHAFER 317, 361 [ctd LB5] re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts.
Nurse SCHELL 212, 216, 249, 254. 212 & 216 enc. cheques, also S checked a list of domestic goods that Mrs Wellcome had removed from Blackbrook - particularly silver, also asked re. 'Buzzard cakes'.
H & August SCHLAFFER, Pharmacist, Indiana 421, 438. HSW sent congratulations for 51 years trading, later sent condolences for August's father's death.
Herr Curt SCHULZ, Brixton 248, 260, 273. HSW wished to book CS's zither quartette for a dinner party [260 is faint]
SELIGMAN BROS 153 enc. donation to American Society in London Benevolent Fund
SAD SHEPPARD, USA 94 donation to Rice Memorial Fund
General Sir Rudolf C SLATIN PACHA, Sudan 137 HSW thanked SP for autographed portrait (of SP).
WH SMITH & SON, Bickley 224 enc. cheque
SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS MANUFACTURES & COMMERCE, Sir H Truman Wood 133, 392, 492 enc. subscriptions. 392 requested copies of 'missing' journals
SOUTHAMPTON HOTEL, Surbiton 292 enc. cheque
SPIERS & POND 155 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque
John W STAIRS, c/o Deputy Mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia 19, 57 [ctd LB5] sent Stanley medallion re. Lt WG Stairs.
Col EA STANTON 412 enc. gift of Tabloid Medicine Case via Balfour
Herr STERNDORFF 320 re. HSW's interest in ancient Egyptian medicine and collection of related artefacts.
Thomas STEVENS, 427 enc. wedding present.
Bertrand STEWART [ctd LB5] 35, 451, 471 BW&Co to be invoiced by Man, Son & Sons for BS's order; 451 re. medicine cases, also re. birth of HSW's son; 471 re. birth of son and return of Jephson in bad health from New Zealand.
R Clay SUDLOW 466 [ctd LB5] Thanked for silver set given to Mounteney by BW&Co management.

TG TAGG & SONS, Tagg's Island, Hampton Court 106, 111, 186. [ctd LB5] reserved Canadian canoe for Henley, enc. cheque.
Richard TAYLOR 223 enc. cheque
Walter TAYLOR & Sons 492 enc. cheque
TEMPLE PRESS CUTTING AGENCY 402 ordered press cuttings on death of Paul du Chaillu the African Explorer.
Frederick THORNLEY, Australia 60 HSW wished him well re. his move to Maryborough, Queensland and his marriage.
JE TOMS 321 JT had been using incorrect address.
D TRYTEL 435 enc. cheque for 'The Alchemist' picture.
Alex TURNER & CO, Estate Agents 331 requested house details
TUSCAN CHAPTER, Rose Croix, A Gordon Smith, Walter J Ebbetts or Walter H Jessop, 74, 93, 413. enc. subscriptions. Also 74 re. HSW's absence from Tuscan Chapter Tose Croix in 1901
Mrs B TUSSAUD 460 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque and documents.
John TUSSAUD 451 re. meeting for JT's advice

JC UMNEY 46 donation to WAH Naylor Testimonial Fund [Freemason?]
W URQUHART-DAVEY 32, 349 enc. cheques.

FC VAN DUZER Freemason & American Society in London. 15, 83, 111, 304, 370, 385, 427. Mainly re. American Society subscriptions & dinners, also 15 re. 1902 American Exhibition, Crystal Palace; 304 HSW endorsed B Franklin Lieber's application to become a member; 370 HSW absent for Washington banquet.
Peter VAN Schaack 174 re. Anton Greshoff.

Thomas WAKELY, The Lancet, 239, 369, 379. re. Lancet articles: suggested Balfour should write articles whilst in the Sudan; misuse of the 'trade-mark' name 'The Lancet' in New Zealand'; Indian medical practices.
W WALKER, Johnson & Solhurst, 5 re. chemist's analysis of substance (asphaltum)
WALPOLE BROS 494 enc. cheque
J Hodson WALTER 132 enc. cheque for reports written by JHW for the newspapers.
WALTON & LEE, Estate Agents 330 requested house details
Miss B WATKINS 291 enc. cheque
Dr JJ WEDGWOOD, Freemason. 8 enc. cheque; 123 re. Columbia Lodge estrangement
Rev GT WELLCOME 20, 25, 40, 74, 81a, 100, 152, 186a, 258, 309, 335, 382, 431, 483 Mainly brief with enc. $200 cheques. 25 enc. a silver tea/coffee service and a china tea service. 309 enc. 'Ecclesiastical Researches of John Jones' and books for Miss Myrtle & Ethel Wellcome.
HS WELLCOME, from HF Johnson 26-27, 490. 26-27 to HSW in Montrex, Switzerland, re. Lafayette photographs and HSW's boots [from Ferraira]; 490 re. arrival of Miss Head from New York.

Miss Myrtle WELLCOME, Los Angeles 42 apologised re. parcel that incurred duty costs.
WELLCOME CLUB & INSTITUTE, 10, 23, 101, 208, 214, 310, 325, 419, 429, 480. to FJW Thompson, C Gordon Cowen, Mr FG Workman and WH Fowkes. Enc. cheques, e.g. 10 for HSW's lunch. Objects on display at WC&I - 23 positioning of 'chain armour' & 'Wellington portrait', 325 'ancient Egyptian' artefacts, 419 care of metal items (anti rust) 'spears, chains etc', and 480 drawing of blinds to preserve cabinets. Also, 101 HSW voted Patron of the Wellcome Tennis Club; 208 HSW donated epaulettes for the Dramatic Club; 214 returned HSW's key to wine bin for Mr Sudlow's use;
WHARTON & CO, Kilburn 455 enc. cheque fo 'photographic reproduction of the birth announcement'.
Charles WHITE, Liveryman 221 enc. cheque
WHITEFRIARS CLUB, to Arthur Spurgeon, or AG Browning, 59, 68, 260, 303, 366. enc. cheques for Whitefriars' dinners, subscriptions and donation to newsboys brigade.
Walter WHITEHEAD 290, 304 ordered 'Apostles of Physiology' by Prof. Shirley [actually by William Stirling] for the Library, also re. Balfour Banquet.
EA WICKENDEN, Livery & Bait Stables, Kent 220 enc. cheque
Campbell WILLIAMS 248 thanked CW for hepatic 'tabloid' formula, also re. Iodide research.
Dr Andrew WILSON 109, 499 [ctd LB5] enc. cheque, HSW absent.
Major-General Sir Charles WILSON 9 executor of Captain Stairs re. Stanley medallion.
Mr J WILTSHIRE 138 enc. cheque.
Major General Sir Francis Reginald WINGATE 13, 136, 205, 231, 412. Mainly re. the development and opening of Gordon Memorial College, also 13 re. meeting in Cairo; 205 & 231 HSW provided a yacht and row boat for the College staff; 412 enc. gift of Tabloid Medicine Case via Balfour
WOOLFE & SON LTD 391 enc. cheque
WOOLLAND BROS 293 enc. cheque
AC WOOTTON 125 [ctd LB5] re. ACW's illness.
Arthur D WYATT, Brattleboro' Vermont USA 193, 216, 343-344, 371, 384a, 386, 439 HSW ordered 225 prints of Washington portrait by Hardie - re. late delivery.
ME WYATT 348 enc. cheque, for Mrs HSW.
Alan WYON 1, 117, 122, 245, 363 ordered business & address cards enc. cheques.

Fred YATES 21 enc. cheque for care of HSW's canoes and paddles.
YWCA, Mrs LM Hamilton, Mrs Davis & Miss AE Seager, Dartford 4, 75, 333 [ctd LB5] enc. donations.

ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY's GARDENS, E Ockenden, Regents Park 76, 80, 142, 159. re. death and skinning, first of HSW's Grivet Monkey then his Patas Monkey.

The following were sent gifts of 'Dervish skulls' and bones for their Anatomical Museum's or personal anatomical collection, 'as found by Mr Wellcome in the sands on the battlefield of Omdurman', Sudan .
Dr A Chune FLETCHER 43 & 47 also a bullet from Kerrari, Sudan.
ROYAL COLLEGE Of SURGEONS, Dublin, Ireland 58.
Prof R Bowdler SHARPE, Natural History Museum 55, enc. a live beetle found by HSW on bones on the Omdurman battlefield, Sudan.
SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, Prof Anderson Stuart 65
Sir Frederick TREVES 50 for TJB's anatomical collection.


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