Tubarine (Muscle Relaxant)

1946 -1982
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Tubarine- Tubocurarine Chloride Injections for use as a muscle relaxant in conjunction with light anaesthesia. It is particularly suitable in long operations and for poor-risk patients, since it avoids the hazards of deep anaesthesia. Two aqueous solutions of 'Tubarine' are provided for different methods of administration; both contain 10 mg. of tubocurarine chloride per ml. 'Tubarine' (Miscible) supplied in 1.5 ml ampoules and 'Tubarine' (stabilized).

Folder 1 contains U.K. material including data information sheets on 'Tubarine', 1964 and 1958 'Wellcome Tuberculin' of 1959; pamphlets on 'Tubarine' generally 'For the Medical Profession only'; "Dear Sir/Doctor" letters, c.1955; photocopied article from Foundation News, Dec. 1946; one black and white photograph with colour transparency of product ampoule's x 5 in 1.5 ml. and packaging.

Folder 2 contains 'Tubarine' booklets on Tubocurarine Chloride Preparations dated 1958 and 1951; a photocopied article 'd- Tubocurarine Chloride- supplementary notes on the documentary film produced by the Welllcome Film Unit', 1948 and annotated (1970) photocopied booklet on Tubocurarine Chloride Preparations dated 1952 .

Folder 3 contains Overseas material from France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Yugoslavia - information includes data sheets and pamphlets.


1946 -1982

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