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Sub-series consists of papers, correspondence, photographs and cassette tapes related to the seminar on "Research in General Practice", which was held at the Wellcome Institute on 11 February 1997. The seminar was part of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine meetings also known as the Witness Seminars. The transcript of this seminar was published with three other seminars in Volume 2 of the Witness Seminar series, E.M. Tansey, D.A. Christie, L.A. Reynolds (editors), Making the Human Body Transparent: The Impact of N.M.R. and M.R.I.; Research in General Practice; Drugs in Psychiatric Practice; The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit, (London: Wellcome Trust, 1998).

The participants for the seminar were; Sir Christopher Booth; Dr Irvine Loudon; Dr Ann Cartwright; Professor Marshall Marinker; Dr Donald Crombie; Professor Thomas Meade; Professor Sir Michael Drury; Professor David Metcalfe; Professor Paul Freeling; Dr Bill Miall; Professor David Hannay; Professor David Morrell; Dr Julian Tudor Hart; Professor Sir Stanley Peart; Dr Keith Hodgkin; Dr Mark Perry; Dr John Horder; Dr Ian Tait (Chair); Professor Margot Jefferys; Dr David Tyrrell; Dr Clifford Kay; Dr W. O. Williams; and Dr Stephen Lock.

The organiser of the meeting was Dr Tilli Tansey and the editors of the published transcript were L.A. Reynolds and E.M. Tansey.

Others present at the meeting and apologies; Dr John Ford; Dr Wilfred G. Harding; Dr Brian Hurwitz; Professor Anne-Louise Kinmonth; Mrs Joan Mant; Dr Andrew Morrice; Dr Paul Thompson; Professor Nick Bosanquet; Mr Pat Brennan; Dr John Eversley; Professor Godfrey Fowler; Professor D Pereira Gray; Dr Paul Hodgkin; Dr Edgar Hope-Simpson; Professor John Howie; Professor Brian Jarman; Mr John Kendall; Dr Ekke Kuenssberg; Professor D C A Mant; Dr Geoffrey Marsh; Dr Ian McWhinney; Dr Nigel Oswald; Professor Stuart Pocock; Professor Ian Richardson; Professor Martin Roland; Dr Chris Salisbury; Professor Nigel Stott; Dr Margaret Thorogood; Dr Madge Vickers; Dr C A H Watts; and Professor David Wilkin.



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