Correspondence. General and Surnames, 'Booth' to 'Loudon'

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File consists of papers and general correspondence, plus correspondence with people who have surnames from Booth to Loudon, related to the seminar on, "Research in General Practice", which was held at the Wellcome Institute on 11 February 1997. The seminar was part of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine meetings also known as the Witness Seminars. The transcript of this seminar was published with three other seminars in Volume 2 of the Witness Seminar series, E.M. Tansey, D.A. Christie, L.A. Reynolds (editors), Making the Human Body Transparent: The Impact of N.M.R. and M.R.I.; Research in General Practice; Drugs in Psychiatric Practice; The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit, (London: Wellcome Trust, 1998).

Details of the seminar correspondence, primarily between the organiser ( Dr Tilli Tansey), editors of the published transcript (L.A. Reynolds and E.M. Tansey) and others include:

List of attendees, suggested outline of meeting, and a publicity sheet on the meeting.

Handwritten notes and copies of e-mails regarding the organisation of the meeting and notes between the organisers and editors regarding the transcript and accommodating people's comments.

Detailed information for the seminar, commentary on the transcripts and feedback on the meeting from participants. In addition to comments on the transcript provided by participants; Dr Donald Crombie provided copy of extract from Die Gezielte Diagnostik in der Praxis, (Stuttgart: Friedrich-Karl Schattauer Verlag, 1957) and a copy of his paper, "Single Pratice Research"; and Dr Keith Hodgkin provide a copy of his 1960 paper, "Determination of the Age/Sex Structure of General Practice Populations", British Medical Journal, pp1496-1497, 14 May 1960.

Correspondence with those not listed as participants including; Dr Edgar Hope-Simpson (seminar attendee); and Dr W.P.D. Logan (non-attendee) regarding biographical details.



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The correspondence comes after the general information and is arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

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