Bando, e suspensione per causa di contagio / Octavio Macchiavelli.

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This broadsheet/poster from 1681 states the city of Ferrara had imposed a trade ban on Dalmatia due to reports of plague, copying the action of the health authorities in the port of Pesaro. Merchants who defied the ban and anyone who assisted them were to be subject to the death penalty and confiscation of their goods. There is a woodcut of what appears to be a priest explaining something to a soldier above the main body of text.


Ferrara : Offizio di Sanità, 1681 (Ferrara : Stampa Camerale)

Physical description

1 broadside : illustrations ; 30 cm

Exhibitions note

Exhibited in "Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?" at Wellcome Collection, 7 September 2017 - 14 January 2018

Lettering note

Lettering translation: Ban, and Suspension due to contagion. The Officers of Health of Pesaro have decided to ban Novegradi [Novigrad], a place in Dalmatia, in Ottoman territory, and very close, on the sea, not further than a day from Zara [Zadar], because contagion has been discovered there; It seems to the Officers of Health of Ferrara, to be appropriate to imitate the most prudent resolutions taken by the Officers of Health of Pesaro, hence with the participation of the Most Eminent Sir Cardinal Legate Acciaioli, they have come to the view to enact a ban, whereby they ban this place Novegradi, and its territory, and to suspend trade with the whole of Dalmatia, prohibiting entrance into this state of people, goods, and any other thing coming from those parts under pain of life, and the loss of the goods; warning that those who give shelter, or in any way associate with the aforementioned, shall also be subject to the aforementioned penalty. The publication and affixation of this decree shall take place in the usual places as if it were a personal command. Given in Ferrara by the Health Office on this day 27 January 1681. Ottavio Macchiavelli Giudice [magistrate] de Savi. Alfonso Gioia Cancelliere [clerk] In Ferrara, in the Stampa Camerale [the official printer].


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