Notes on autopsies, etc.

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Spilsbury, Sir Bernard (1877-1947), Forensic Pathologist
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Cases include sudden deaths from a variety of natural causes, accidents (including medical accidents, especially anaesthesia-related), suicide, and criminal abortion, also suspicious deaths of infants, as well as cases of murder and manslaughter. Among the cases of particular interest, 1/4 "Poisoning from Rhubarb"; 1/15 Body of baby in box - deposited at Hastings Railway Station and sent to St Pauls station, where it was subsequently opened; 1/38 Mummified body of unknown child; 1/57 woman who died of heart disease after taking the "Nelson Lloyd safe reducing treatment"; 1/74 woman who died of carbon tetrachloride poisoning following dry shampoo treatment at Harrods (includes press cuttings); 1/88 , 1/95, 1/115, 1/201, 1/379 "Christian Science case"; 1/121 mummified baby found in parcel in left luggage office at London Bridge Station; 1/192, 1/340 deaths of infants following vaccination; 1/218 death from Salvarsan treatment for syphilis; 1/268 electrocution during electrical treatment in a bath; 1/377 accidental death of pharmaceutical chemist through inhaling chloroform while cleaning clothes;

The following cases are already in the public domain:
1/193 murder of Alice Linfold (throat cut with a razor, sketch on card of wound) - Rex v Pateman, Spilsbury's first public appearance as pathologist for the Crown
1/221 murder of "Lord" George Sanger, circus proprietor
1/236 Rex v Alabaster (manslaughter)
1/240 exhumation of Charles Meeking
1/247 Rex v Harry Day (manslaughter acquitted)
1/263 Hugh Eric Trevanion, veronal poisoning, exhumation, "sexual pervert"
1/291 Rex v Henry Langton, murder
1/297 Rex v Jeannine Baxter, murder
1/390 Rex v Williams



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