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Smoking and Carbon Monoxide Levels

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Paton, Sir William Drummond Macdonald (1917-1993), Pharmacologist
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The file, with index to front paper-wrap, contains the following papers germane to the work of the Committee: Russell, "Carbon monoxide absorption during smoking" (1974, ts, "Brief outline for discussion at MRC Working Party on Biological Aspects of Drug Dependence, 21st May 1974"); Sutton, et al, "Relationship between cigarette yields, puffing patterns, and smoke intake: evidence for tar compensation?" (1982, photocopy); Russell, and Vesey, et al, letters to 'BMJ', "Cigarette consumption and biochemical measures of smoke intake" (1982, photocopy); Borland, et al, "Carbon monoxide yield of cigarettes and its relation to cardiorespiratory disease" (1983, photocopy); Ho-Yen, et al, "Why smoke fewer cigarettes?" (1982, photocopy); Vesey, et al, "Blood carboxyhaemoglobin, plasma thiocyanate, and cigarette consumption: implications for epidemiological studies in smokers" (1982, photocopy); McNicol and Turner, and Wald, et al, letters to 'Lancet', "Nicotine, carbon monoxide and heart disease" (1982, cutting); Stock, letter to 'Lancet', "Passive smoking and nicotine" (1981, cutting); Saloojee and Cole, and Clyne and Arch, and Jarvis and Russell, letters to 'Lancet', "Nicotine, carbon monoxide and heart disease" (1981, cutting); Wald, et al, "Serum cotinine levels in pipe smokers: evidence against nicotine as cause of coronary heart disease" (1981, cutting); Stepney, "Would a medium-nicotine, low-tar cigarette be less hazardous to health?" (1981, photocopy); 'Lancet', "Cabon monoxide, an old enemy forgot" (1981, cutting); Sillett, et al, "Deception amongst smokers" (1978, photocopy); Wald, et al, "Carboxyhaemoglobin levels in smokers of filter and plain cigarettes" (1977, photocopy/cutting); Russell, letter to 'BMJ', "Tar, nicotine, and CO yields of cigarettes" (1975, photocopy); Llewellyn, letter to 'BMJ', "Carbon monoxide yield of cigarettes" (1975, photocopy); Wald and Howard, letter to 'BMJ', "Variations in carboxyhaemoglobin levels in smokers" (1975, photocopy); Brennan, Tweedle and Moore, letter to 'Lancet', "Carboxyhaemoglobin: environmental and constitutional factors" (1975, cutting); Castleden and Cole, "Variations in carboxyhaemoglobin levels in smokers" (1974, photocopy); Casteleden and Cole, "Inhalation of tobacco smoke by pipe and cigar smokers" (1973, cutting); Cowie, Sillett and Ball, "Carbon-monoxide absorption by cigarette smokers who change to smoking cigars" (1973, cutting); Russell, Cole and Brown, "Absorption by non-smokers of carbon monoxide from room air polluted by tobacco smoke" (1973, cutting); Turner, Sillett and Ball, "Some effects of changing to low-tar and low-nicotine cigarettes" (1974, cutting); Russell, et al, "Comparison of increases in carboxyhaemoglobin after smoking 'extra-mild' and 'non-mild' cigarettes" (1973, cutting); Russell, et al, "Comparison of effect on tobacco consumption and carbon monoxide absorption of changing to high and low nicotine cigarettes" (1973, photocopy); Astrup, "Some physiological and pathological effects of moderate carbon monoxide exposure" (1972, photocopy); and several letters to 'Lancet' on carbon monoxide and smoking (1974-75, cuttings).



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