Lectures, Speeches and Seminar Papers, Notes, Typescripts, and Correspondence, 1970-1974

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Williams, Cicely Delphine (1893-1992)
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K.38 "Paediatrics in the Tropics", Tropical Medicine Conference, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Jul 1970
K.39 "Maternal and child health - what is it?", London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 25 Apr 1971
K.40 "Problems of overdevelopment", Misbah Khan Lecture, University of Maryland, 11 Nov 1971
K.41 "International paediatrics: trends in services", Canadian Paediatric Society, 1971
K.42 "What is maternal and child health?", Martha May Elliot Award, 1971
K.43 "What is community health?", Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Commencement, 29 May 1972
K.44 "Grassroots participation or consumer participation", Martha Trulson Memorial Lecture, New Orleans, 1972
K.45 "The history of kwashiorkor", University of Michigan, 31 Oct 1972
K.46 "The scope of family health or what is family health", keynote address at The Teaching and Practice of Family Health Seminar, Association of Medical Schools in Africa, Accra, Jan 1973
K.47 "The development of family health services", 12 Feb 1973
K.48 "Health services in the home", World Health Day panel discussion, Tulane Medical International Club, 6 Apr 1973
K.49 "Nutrition in the home", Congress on the Quality of Life, New Orleans, 17 May 1973
K.50 "Paediatric priorities", Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, 18 Jul 1973
K.51 Acceptance speech (unabridged) for DSc Maryland, 30 Nov 1973
K.52 "Trends in Maternal and Child Health services", Jamaica, 10 Dec 1973
K.53 "Nutritional needs of a hungry world", Continental Bank, Chicago, 20 May 1974
K.54 "Tropical paediatrics", Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, 19 Sep 1974
K.55 "Interaction between the health and development process", Family Health in the Development Process Seminar, 17 Oct 1974



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