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Publications by Madeleine Simms: Articles, various. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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G.31 The Ethical Foundation of Psychiatric Opinion, Medical Gynaecology and Sociology, Vol 2 no 6, 1967

G.32 Abortion Act Enquiry or Farce?, Humanist News, Oct 1970

G.33 Two Years After the Abortion Act, New Scientist, 5 Nov 1970, with P. Diggory

G.34 The Great Foetus Mystery, New Scientist, 31 Dec 1970

G.35 How Much Pressure on the Individual?, L Taylor The Optimum Population for Britain, 1970 with J Medawar

G.36 Abortion and the Facts, World Medicine, Vol 6 no 9, 27 Jan 1971

G.37 How opinion came to change in the battle over the Abortion Act, General Practitioner, 12-19 Feb 1971

G.38 Some Thoughts for the Lane Committee on Abortion, World Medicine 27 Oct 1971

G.39 The Future of the Abortion Act, Midwives Chronicle, Jan 1972

G.40 Women in Trouble, World Medicine, Vol 7 no 20, 28 Jun 1972

G.41 Abortion Politics in New York, New York Scientist, 1 Feb 1973

G.42 Abortion Counselling - a New Profession, World Medicine, 28 Feb 1973

G.43 Who Needs Abortion Counselling? World Medicine, 8 Aug 1973 with press notices of M Simms' book Abortion Counselling, Sep-Oct 1973

G.44 Five Years After the Abortion Act, New Scientist 8 Nov 1973

G.45 Nicht-rtzliche Beratung in Schwangerschaftkonflikten Schwangerschaftenkonfliktberatung: ein Handbuch, c.1973



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