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Lecture Notes Physiological Psychology

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Hearnshaw, Leslie Spencer (1907-1991)
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Material relating to Course C - The History of the Mind. Also includes Hearnshaws notes on the following:

"C" 1958-1959

"Natural History of Mind, Introductory Lecture"

"The Brain"

"Dimensions of Brain, W. J. J. Chap. 4"

"Behavioral Change and Mental Derangement"

"Lecture I"


"Homeostsasis & Servo-Mechanisms for What?"



"Development of Neurophysiology & Neurology"

"Development of a Physiological Psychology in Great Britain"


"The Nerve Impulse"

"Nervous System"


"The Job of the Central Hemispheres, Introduction (1959)"

"Robinson, Mary F. A. & Freedman, W. "Psychology and the Self " (1954)"

"Pritran's Theory of Brain Functions"

"Electrical Activity of the Brain"

"Cerebral Cortex"

Petrie, "Personality of the Front Lobes"

"The Brain"

"The Evolutionary Background of Human Nature"


"The African Mind in Health and Disease"

"History of the Primates"

"General Questions"

"A New Theory of Human Evolution"

"Man's Fossil Ancestors and Collaterals"

"Evolution: The Modern Synthesis"

"Early History of Technology"

"Environment & Technology"

"Marx on Technology"

"The Use of Animals by Psychologists"

"Primitive Culture"

"Animal Orientation"

"Animal Sociology"

"Comparative Psychology"

"The Life of the Robin"

"Animal 4"

"Study of Instinct, Tinbergen"

"External Stimuli"

"Zangwill on Appetite and Instinct"

"The Problem of Animal Instinct"

"Lubuck [Lubbock], John Sir, Ants Bees & Wasps"

"Communication in Bees (Von French)"

"Counting in Birds"

"Fields, P. E., Studies in Concept Formation"

"Animal Learning and Intelligence"



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Deposited in the Wellcome Library by the British Psychological Society in September 2008.

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