Society for the Study of Fertility

1950 - 2003
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Society for Reproduction and Fertility
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This section consists mainly of circulars sent to members, conference details and correspondence. It also contains minute books, newletters and correspondence to other associated groups.


1950 - 2003

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14 boxes containing 45 files and 3 volumes


This section, A, the Society for for the Study of Reproduction, is divided into the subsections as follows:

  • A: Administration, 1997 - 2001 [2 files]
  • B: Circulars, 1965 - 2003 [13 files]
  • C: Conferences, 1984 - 2003 [10 files]
  • D: Correspondence, 1970 - 2001 [9 files]
  • E: Minutes, 1950 - 2001 [1 file and 3 volumes]
  • F: Associated Groups, 1992 - 2002 [7 files]
  • G: Newsletters, 1965 -1998 [1 files]
  • H: Officer's papers, 1981 - 1997 [2 files]
  • Biographical note

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    In 1944, at the invitation of Professor and Mrs LA Harvey and Dr Margaret Jackson, a small group of biologists, clinicians and veterinarians met to discuss problems relating to fertility in man and animals. The group met regularly, with a few additions, each year until 1948. Although the organisation was still informal, by 1948 the group numbered about 30 people and the meetings were beginning to assume the nature of an annual conference. At the close of the 1949 meeting, a small committee was set up to carry on the work of the conference. The Society for the Study of Fertility was created and the inaugural meeting was held on 16th June 1950 in the rooms of the Zoological Society of London. The constitution was ratified on 21st June 1951.

    The object of the Society was to promote the study of the biological and medical aspects of fertility, by the holding of an annual conference and by the publication of the proceedings thereof, or by any such other means as may from time to time be deemed appropriate. The Society for the Study of Fertility was closely associated with the Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, where recent findings of the Society's members were often published. The Society also created three honours; the Marshall Medal, the Amoroso Lecture, and the Hammond Lecture.

    In 2001 the Society for the Study of Reproduction merged with the Journals of Reproduction and Fertlity Ltd to form the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.


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