'Notes, Drafts and Lectures' 1982-2004

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Francis Crick (1916-2004): archives
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About this work


Crick's series of working files containing his own notes and draft papers, reprints and draft papers by others, and correspondence with colleagues and publishers.

Original file titles are cited in quotation marks in the catalogue. The files are arranged in chronological order according to the date assigned in the original file title, to reflect the chronological progression of Crick's work. Where the original title doesn't include a date, the file has been inserted into the sequence according to the date of the material it contains.

Some files contain material of much later date than indicated in the file title, since Crick ocasionally added up-to-date material several years after files were initially created.

There are additional draft texts in series PP/CRI/L/5.



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268 files

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection as part of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics.


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