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Reprints, 1963-1969

PP/PBM/E.103-138, 192
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Medawar, Sir Peter Brian (1915-1987)
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E.192 Is the Scientific Paper a Fraud? Listener 70, 377-378, 1963 [photocopy from reprint in book form]
E.103 The use of antigenic tissue extracts to weaken the immunological reaction against skin homografts in mice. Transplantation 1, 1, 1963
E.104 (with L. Brent) Tissue transplantation: a new approach to the "typing" problem. British Medical Journal 2, 269-272, 1963
E.105 La Tolérance Acquirie et La Tolérance Naturelle a l'Egard de Substances Antigénique Définies, Colloques Internationaux du CNRS, no. 116, Royaumant, Jan 1962, 1963
E.106 The MRC fifty years ago and now. Nature 200, No. 4911, 1039-1042, 1963
E.107 Rischi e Responsibilite nel Progresso Scientifico. Civilla del Machine 1, 1964
E.108 Darwin's illness. Annals of Internal Medicine 61, 4, 1964
E.109 Nature of the normal lymphocyte transfer reaction. Nature 204, No. 4953, 1964
E.110 Immunosuppressive Agents. Abbottempo Book 1, 1964
E.111 Transplantation: the scientific background. Discovery, 1965
E.112 A biological retrospect. Nature no. 5004, 2-7, 1965E.113 D'Arcy Thompson and the Problem of Form. Larmor-Allworthy Memorial Lecture. Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society 7, 3637, 1965
E.114 (with L. Brent) Quantitative studies on tissue transplantation immunity. VII. The normal lymphocyte transfer reaction. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 165, 281-307, 1966 E.115 (with L. Brent) Quantitative studies on tissue transplantation immunity. VIII. The effects of irradiation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 165, 413-423, 1966
E.116 (with R.H. Levey) Nature and mode of action of antilymphocytic antiserum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5/4, 1130-1137, 1966
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E.119 (with T. Gibson) Homografts. Reprinted from Modern Trends in Plastic Surgery 2, 1966 [(with R.I.S. Bayliss, P.B. Beeson, R. Calne, N.A. Mitchison and H.S. Wolff) Organisation and methods in research. Hospital Medicine, 1967]
E.120 (with K. James) Characterisation of antilymphocytic antibody. Nature 214, No. 5092, 1052-1053, 1967 [(with R.H. Levey) Further experiments on the action of antilymphocyte serum. Lancet 2, 167-171, 1967]
E.121 (with R.H. Levey) Further experiments on the action of antilymphocyte serum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol 58/2, Aug 1967
E.122 The genetical impact of medicine. Annals of Internal Medicine 67/3, Part II, 1967
E.123 (with L. Brent) Cellular immunity and the homograft reaction. British Medical Bulletin 23/1 55-59, 1967
E.124 Professional Education in the University of Tomorrow. Reprinted from The University and Man of Tomorrow. A.U.B. Centennial Lectures, Beirut: American Univ. of Beirut Centennial Publication, 1967
E.125 Stephen Paget Lecture, Research Defence Society: Animal Experimentation in a Large Research Institute. Conquest LV, No. 158, 1967
E.126 (with E.M. Lance) Survival of skin heterografts under treatment with antilymphocytic serum. Lancet 1, 1174-1176, 1968E.127 Graham Memorial Lectures, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Recent Advances in the Immunology of Transplantation Genetics and the Future of Man, 1968
E.128 (with S.V. Jooste, E.M. Lance, R.H. Levey, M. Ruszkiewicz, R. Sharman and R.M.Taub) Notes on the preparation and assay of anti- lymphocyte serum for use in mice. Immunology 15/5, 697-705, 1968
E.129 Biological effects of heterologous antilymphocyte sera. Reprint from Rapport-Dausset Human Transplantation Grune and Stratton, Inc., 1968
E.130 Advances in Transplantation. Immunosuppressive Agents. Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of the Transplantation Society Munksgaard (ed. J. Dausset, J. Hamburger and G. Mathe), 1968
E.131 (with E.M. Lance) Induction of tolerance with antilymphocytic serum. Transplantation Proceedings I/1,1969E.132 Antilymphocytic serum: its properties & potential. Hospital Practice, May 1969 [xerox]
E.133 (with E.M. Lance) Quantitative studies on tissue transplantation immunity IX. Induction of tolerance with antilymphocytic serum. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 173, 447-473, 1969
E.134 The Molecular Shadow. The New York Review of Books, 21-24, 1969
E.135 Review Lecture. Immunosuppressive agents, with special references to antilymphocytic serum. Proceedings of the Royal Society B XV, 155-172, 1969
E.136 (with E.M. Lance, R.H. Levey and M. Ruszkiewicsz) Tolerance of rat skin grafts in adult mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 64/4, 1356-1361, 1969
E.137 The genetic improvement of man (McFarlane Burnet address). Australian Annals of Medicine 4, 317-320, 1969 (and Watson Memorial Lecture, 1972)
E.138 On "The Effecting of All Things Possible". British Association Presidential Address, 1969; with copy of reprint in ISR: Interdisciplinary Science Review Vol 2 no 3 1977



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