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Trees with Fallen leaves (artwork)


About this work


A painting in Rita Simon's Traditional Massive style, depicting a row of trees with fallen leaves. Rita Simon speculated of the work, "A Traditional Massive personality: everything is related to everything else, the roots to the branches, the past to the future; there is no escape, one is always worthless. The view of the depressed person, you are not hostile to the world but thinking that you have no right to exist, you only see yourself as a subordinate and we all have to be clipped back. One is only one of many. This is a very strong, confident painting by someone who lacks confidence."

The title has been taken from notes made during conversations between Rita Simon and Wellcome staff between 1995 and 1997.

The date has been taken fromother items in the section.



Physical description

1 artwork Gouache, sheet 41.2 x 60.9 cm

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