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Correspondence and papers of Charles Murray and of the National Vaccine Establishment, of which he was Secretary from 1809.

1-7. Letters to Murray from Edward Jenner and from others on Jenner's behalf

1 Edward Jenner. Berkeley 4 Oct 1809

2 Miss Catherine Jenner. Berkeley 3 Feb 1810

3 R.F. Jenner. Berkeley 5 Feb 1810

4 Edward Jenner. Berkeley 30 June 1813

5 Edward Jenner. Berkeley 19 Aug 1813

6 Mrs Catherine Jenner. Cheltenham 13 Oct 1813

7 Edward Jenner. Russell St. [London] n.d. [endorsed by Murray '17 Nov'].

8-24. Correspondence and papers of the Society relating to Lord Boringdon's bill for regulating smallpox inoculation. 1812-14

8 Draft letter, Charles Murray to William Wilberforce 10 Feb 1812

9-11 Draft and copies of a circular letter from the Establishment, urging support for a Bill to regulate smallpox inoculation. 1812.

12 Sir Francis Milman to [?Charles Murray] 11 Dec 1812

13 Sir Francis Milman to Charles Murray 4 Feb 1813

14/1-2 Edward Jenner to Charles Murray. Berkeley 11-13 Feb 1813

15-17 Remarks by Jenner and by Thomas Pearce on a draft of the Bill [MS 3025/11], and a suggested alternative draft by Jenner, Feb 1813. These papers were sent by Murray with his letter of 11-13 Feb 1813, or immediately thereafter

18-22 Drafts of the Bill, in Murray's hand [1813]

23-24 Notes on proceedings in Parliament relating to the Bill 1813-14

25-79. Miscellaneous papers of Charles Murray and the Establishment 1808-29 and n.d.

25 Draft letter, Murray to George Rose, M.P. 1808

26 Draft letter, Murray to [?the Board of the Establishment] n.d. [1808]

27 Wrapper of a letter to Murray, postmarked 5 Oct 1809. Endorsed by Murraty 'Intended for Dr Jenner 31 May 1808'

28/1-2 Letter, Edward Jenner to Sir Lucas Pepys, recommending Murray's appointment . Berkeley 28 Dec 1808. Endorsed by Murray 'not delivered'. With a draft of a letter from Murray to Jenner on the same subject 30 Dec 1808. Endorsed by Murray 'intended letter to Dr J.'

29 Copy of a resolution of the House of Commons supporting the creation of a vaccine institution 9 June 1808

30-31 Draft, in Murray's hand, and fair copy, of a memorandum on the purposes of the Establishment. N.d.

32 James Hervey, Registrar of the Establishment, to Murray 13 Jan 1809

33. Copy of a letter from Thomas Christie, Medical Superintendent General in Colombo, to the Editor of the Ceylon Government Gazette, 10 Feb 1809. With an autograph note in the hand of Edward Jenner

34 Draft letter from the Board of the Establishment to Lord Liverpool, reporting on its work. 25 May 1809

35 James Hervey to Murray 27 Aug 1809

36 Draft letter from the Board to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 7 Dec 1810

37 Draft letter from the Board to Dr Freer, President of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow n.d.

38 James Hervey to Murray 31 July 1812

39-46 Letters from James Hervey to Murray and other papers relating to the distribution of the establishment's annual report. 1812

47 Edward Rigby to Murray. Norwich 14 Sept. 1812

48 James Moore to the Establishment's vaccinators 1 Oct 1812

49 Edward Rigby [?to Murray]. Norwich 5 Nov 1812

50 James Bryce to Murray. Edinburgh 21 Dec 1812

51 Account of general mortality, and of smallpox deaths, in the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch 1809-12. Endorsement in Murray's hand.

52 Copy of a letter from Sir Francis Milman to Lord Sidmouth, 24 May 1813

53 Charles Murray to the Directors of the East India Company. 5 May 1814

54/1-2 Distribution list for the Establishment's annual report. Aug 1814

55 Charles Murray to Ms Margaret Legan, of Taunton 27 Jan 1816

56 Extract from the Moniteur Universel concerning the progress of vaccination 1816

57 Extract from the Colchester Herald concerning alleged vaccination failure at St Osyth. 14 May 1817

58 Copy of an ordinance of the King of Denmark relating to vaccination in the Danish West Indies. 31 March 1819

59 Charles Murray. Account for expenses on behalf of the Establishment 1814-19

60 Draft proposal, in Murray's hand, for a subscription in honour of Edward Jenner. 1819

61 Accounts of the Treasurer of the Establishment. 1822

62 Annual report of the Establishment for 1825

63 J.T. Simpson to Murray 30 Jan 1826

64 J.T. Simpson to Murray 7 Feb 1828

65-66 Annual report of the Establishment for 1829

67 William Sharpe [Establishment messenger] to G. Fry, Dec 1829

68 Extract from a work by William Blair n.d.

69 Copy of a letter from an anti-vaccinationist, signed 'Robert Jones', to the churchwardens of St Peter Cheap. N.d. [watermark 1807. Endorsed by Murray, 'the original was forged by Mr Birch surgeon']

70 Extract from the Journal of Science relating to vaccination, n.d. [1816 or later]

71 Extract from a foreign gazette concerning vaccination. n.d.

72 Draft letter [from Murray] to the Editor of the Morning Herald n.d. [1824 or later]

73 James Moore to Murray 14 Sept. n.d.

74-78 Distribution lists for annual reports of the Establishment. N.d.

79 Copy of a letter from C. Francis to J. Latimer 11 Dec 1815. With an endorsement in Murray's hand



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79 items

Acquisition note

Apart from 29 letters from Jenner to Murray sold by Mockler at Puttick and Simpson's 21 Dec. 1894, lot 124, now mainly in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, they were purchased for the Wellcome collection at Sotheby's, 25-27 Nov. 1918.

Related material

Additional to MSS. 1139, 3022-3024, 3025/3, 4220, 4257, 4301-4306, 5244 (Murray and the Royal Jennerian Society) and MSS. 3025/1-2, 3662-3663 (Murray and the National Vaccine Establishment). For further annual reports and other printed papers from the Establishment's archive cf. A catalogue of printed books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library, Vol. 4 (London, 1995).

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Database description taken from that in: Richard Palmer, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine: Western Manuscripts 5120-6244 (London: The Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine, 1999).

Ownership note

Murray's papers, with those of the two vaccine societies of which he was secretary, were sold by A J Murray to F J Mockler in April 1894 (see Mockler's notes, MS. 3587).

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