A patient sits helplessly in a chair while proponents of different medicines brawl with each other, overturning tables and chairs; beneath, a comic strip and a further six comic episodes. Lithograph by C.J. Grant, 1834.

  • Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852.
1 March 1834
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Everybody's album & caricature magazine
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Central scene shows rivalry between doctors and their respective quack remedies. The scenes below show 'a few specimens of the public in general!!', while the six scenes at the bottom begin with a fat woman tending pots at a stove, 'Ruling the roost', and end with a black boxer in 'Drama. The miller & his men'


[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1 March 1834.

Physical description

1 print : lithograph ; image and border) 41.7 x 27.2 cm.


Every body's album & caricature magazine. March 1 1834 - continued every fortnight. In mercy spare us if we do our best, to make as much waste paper as the rest. No. 5. Sudden breaking up of a consultation. Weighty arguments on both sides! - When doctors disagree who shall decide. CJG Each scene is subtitled starting top with 'sudden breaking up of a consultation' and ending bottom right with 'Drama. The miller & his men'. There is numerous lettering in the main central scene including top left: 'I say the man is in the last stage of consumption thro' a too frequent supply of Morrison's Pills instead of Leakes sillybrated pills, which would have saved his life'. In response another salesman replies: 'It's false fellow the 'vegetables' rallied him but taking a box of your rubbish afterwards threw him back'. Another vendor exclaims: 'You have completely ruin'd the patient with your vile sovereign remedies in short you've kill'd him - then he can't swallow any more of your patent quack medicines.- You have totally deprived him of his sense of hearing - then he won't hear your gammon in the shape of advice - you have destoryed his olfactory nerves - then he wont be able to smell your horrid physic - you have glinded him with your deadly narcotics - then he can't see any more of your imposing long bills - you have deprived him of his speech - then he can't call you a humbug - in short Dr Long you have destroyed all his organs of sense - then you can no longer play upon his credibility'. Other doctors mentioned in the lettering include 'Dr Jardan and his universal balm' and 'Dr Solomons' (Dr Samuel Solomon, inventor of the Balm of Gilead).


Wellcome Collection 640599i


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