Quacks and quackery

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  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 3.
  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 3.
  • Three despairing women, one of whom looks disapprovingly at three quack medicine vendors concocting a mixture; representing Britain's economic depletion and distress at the hands of her politicians. Etching by W. Heath, 1830.
  • A well groomed itinerant medicine vendor selling his wares from a smart carriage. Steel engraving by K. Schüler (?) after F. Piloty.
  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 3.
  • Patients consulting an obese quack. Watercolour painting by T. Rowlandson, 1807.
  • A salesman in Rome with a snake selling amulets as antidotes or prophylactics against snake-bite to a crowd of people. Etching by B. Pinelli, 1821.
  • An itinerant vendor advertising his 'sales show' in a square of town. Wood engraving after F. Gilbert.
  • John Bull as the patient of promotors of competing therapies; representing British parliamentary reform. Aquatint by S. de Wilde, 1809.
  • A husband and wife ask a quack doctor for advice about health: he suggests substituting himself for the husband in the wife's affections, and she agrees. Engraving by J.J. Balechou, 1743, after E. Jeaurat.