Additional Lady Rhys-Williams papers received from the family

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This material had been stored in unsatisfactory conditions for a period of years, resulting in physical damage. This may account for some of the gaps in the material listed below, which was received in a disorganised state, in particular the material from the 1950s-1960s. Where substantial amounts of correspondence on a particular topic were found, files were created. There still remains a residue of very miscellaneous correspondence and associated papers which has been placed in the chronological sequence. Duplicates and ephemera have been discarded and a number of published items transferred to the Wellcome Institute Library. Some items were filed into the main NBTF/JCM sequences.

Lady Rhys-Williams' papers on her other political interests were transferred by the family to the British Library of Political and Economic Science at the same time. A small amount of material on these (European Union, taxation, etc) were found while sorting the papers and have been passed to the archivist at the BLPES.



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