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Pamphlets on abortion. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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G.159 Therapeutic abortion and the law in Sweden, Swedish Institute, 1964

G.160 Abortion: An Ethical Discussion (Church Assembly Board for Social Responsibility, 1965)

G.161 The Medical Protection Society Abortion Act 1967: Comments and Advice

G.162 Spontaneous and induced abortion: Report of a WHO Scientific Group (World Health Organisation Technical Report series no 461, Geneva 1970)

G.163 Abortion: classification and techniques (IPPF, London, 1971)

G.164 A Cartwright and M Waite General Practitioners and Abortion: evidence to the Committee on the Working of the Abortion Act, Supplement to the Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 1972

G.165 J Morton Williams and K Hindell Abortion and contraception: a study of patients' attitudes (PEP broadsheet 536, Mar 1972)

G.166 Prof F Lafitte Abortion in Britain Today (Royal College of General Practitioners Yorkshire Faculty Annual Conference, 16 Sept 1972)

G.167 David, Kalis and Tietze Selected abortion statistics: an international survey (International Reference Center for Abortion Research, Jan 1973)

G.168 J Simons Population Policy in Developed Countries: Great Britain (1974)

G.169 Abortion: the next steps. A discussion of the report of the Lane Committee on the Working of the Abortion Act by the Board of Trustees of the British Pregancy Advisory Service (July 1974)



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