Seminar. 'The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit'

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Sub-series consists of papers, correspondence, photographs and cassette tapes related to the seminar on "The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit", which was held at the Wellcome Institute on 13 May 1997. The seminar was part of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine meetings also known as the Witness Seminars. The transcript of this seminar was published with three other seminars in Volume 2 of the Witness Seminar series, E.M. Tansey, D.A. Christie, L.A. Reynolds (editors), Making the Human Body Transparent: The Impact of N.M.R. and M.R.I.; Research in General Practice; Drugs in Psychiatric Practice; The M.R.C. Common Cold Unit, (London: Wellcome Trust, 1998).

The participants for the seminar were; Dr John Andrewes; Dr Owen Lidwell; Dr Ian Barrow; Dr James Lovelock; Dr John Beale; Mrs Betty Porterfield; Mr Tim Boon; Dr James Porterfield; Sir Christopher Booth (Chair); Sir John Skehel; Dr Donna Chaproniere; Dr Tilli Tansey; Mr Michael Cox; Dr Hugh Thomas;Professor Nigel Dimmock; Mr Keith Thompson; Dr Norman Finter; Dr David Tyrrell; Dr Tom Flewett; Professor Miles Weatherall; Dr Peter Higgins; Dr Peter Williams; and Dr Sheila Howarth.

The organiser of the meeting was Dr Tilli Tansey and the editors of the published transcript were E.M. Tansey and L.A. Reynolds.

Others present at the meeting and apologies; Dr Ita Askonas; Dr Derek Bangham; Dr Wendy Barclay; Dr A F Bradburne; Mrs Pamela Bradburne; Mrs P.K. Brown; Miss Morag Forsyth; Professor John S. Oxford; Dr Tim Powell; Dr S.E. Reed; Dr G M Scott; Dr Lise Wilkinson; Mrs Jennifer Acornley; Dr A.S. Beare; Professor Derek Burke; Dr Keith Dumbell; Professor Andrew McMichael; Dr E.J. Stott; and Professor D. Taylor-Robinson.



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