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Unpublished biography (with alternative titles 'Look Back in Thankfulness' or 'Memoirs of a Dutiful Doctor') of Dr Lucy Naish, nee Wellburn (1876-1967), pioneer woman doctor and mother of Alice Stewart, by her daughter-in-law, Dr Nora Naish. This consists of Chapters 1-4 of a later, somewhat fictionalised version (photocopy of word-processed original with some typescript additions), paginated 1-126, and Chapters 4-12 of the original version (typescript with some minor ms emendations), paginated pp 59-272.

Lucy Wellburn was born on 23 Jan 1876 in Scarborough, one of five children. Her father died while she was young. She was educated in Bridlington and Germany, and studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, qualifying in 1902. In the same year she married Dr A. Ernest Naish and they moved to Sheffield, where they spent their professional lives. They had eight children, four of whom became doctors. Lucy Naish nonetheless managed to use her medical training when she and her husband set up the first Infant Welfare Clinic in Sheffield, and also as a Poor Law Guardian. During the First World War, besides working as a factory medical officer she took on many jobs at the Royal Hospital and also taught medical students. In 1917 she was appointed Lecturer in Osteology in the University of Sheffield. She was active in the Yorkshire Branch of the British Medical Association and also in the Yorkshire Association of the Medical Women's Federation, co-founding the Sheffield and District Association of the latter in 1923. In 1939 she retired to Anglesey but returned to continue teaching in private classes at her home in 1943. Her husband died in August 1964. She died in her 92nd year in 15 Dec 1967, leaving 54 living descendants.



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Acquisition note

Dr Nora Naish agreed to the transfer of chapters found among Alice Stewart's papers, and also gave her own copy of chapters 4-12 and some pictorial material to the library at Wellcome Collection in November 2002.

Biographical note

Biography written by the subject's daughter-in-law, herself a doctor.

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Nora Naish retains copyright

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The first four chapters were found among the papers of Dr Alice Stewart, Lucy Naish's daughter


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