Papers of George Scott Williamson, 1910-1991

20th century
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Pioneer Health Centre Peckham, with papers of George Scott Williamson MD (1884-1953) and Innes Hope Pearse (1889-1978)
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The writings of GSW which form the bulk of this section have often been annotated, abstracted, paraphrased etc, by IHP. This material created considerable problems of arrangement, varying as it does from polished mss for books and articles, to extended notes, to extremely scrappy notes and pages which have become irretrievably detached from their context. Classifying these papers has been difficult as the same material may be found as a lecture, written up for one or more published articles, or in a form which could be either. There is also a large section of very miscellaneous notes, detailed lists of which have been extracted into an appendix in the interests of clarity. Material which is dated or at least roughly datable has been grouped according to the various phases of the Peckham Project. This is followed by material which is undated and datable and the miscellaneous notes. Drafts and materials for the posthumously published Science, Synthesis and Sanity form a separate group. The overall arrangement of this section is as follows: D.1 Biographical material and correspondence, literary writings. D.2 Writings: dated 1929-1935. 1936-1939. 1939-1945. 1945-1950. 1950-1953. D.3 Undated/undatable writings, notes. D.4 Science, Synthesis, Sanity: material, drafts, etc.


20th century

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