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Historical papers. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Papers collated under the heading 'Historical Papers', which provide an overview of the creation and development of the Society. Includes a letter from Kate Hughes, Curational Officer and the Historical Manuscripts Commission enclosing an overview of historical records retained by the Society, which was drawn up in 1980. Also included are papers, reports, publications and photocopied material.


"The Sootfall of London: Its amount , quallity, and effects. An appeal for soot-gage observations" issued by The Coal Smoke Abatement Society, 1912

"The National Smoke Abatement Society Comes of Age", published by the National Smoke Abatement Society, 1950

"Sixty Years for Clean Air: Diamond Jublilee Conference and Exhibition: Conference Programme and Exhibition Guide", 1959

"The Story of the National Society for Clean Air", 1959

"Clean Air Begins at Home", leaflet issued by the National Society for Clean Air, c1960s

Papers and Reports:

H Kapps, "The Fight for Clean Air", c1956

"History of NSCA and Air Pollution Control", c1959

"The Way We Were' (presented at the Golden Jubilee Conference", 1959

"History and Work of the National Society for Clean Air", c1969

"The National Society for Clean Air - Profile", c1975

Jane Dunmore, "The National Society for Clean Air - History, Activities and Role", c1981

Jane Dunmore, "Energy and the Environment", c1980s



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