Papers of M H F Wilkins: articles on science collected as background information for the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science

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Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick (1916-2004)
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Published and typescript articles collected as background information for the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science (BSSRS), including: E M Jope, ‘Man’s use of natural resources’, offprint from Advancement of Science, Dec 1965; newsletters of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science, US, 1969 and 1972; David Bohm, typescript article, ‘Fragmentation in science and society’, originally published in Impact of science on society, 1970; copy article, ‘The brain of Pooh: an essay on the limits of mind’, by Robert Sinsheimer, Jan 1970; copy article by Richard Wilson, ‘Politics of nuclear power in the United States’, published in Nature, Oct 1971; typescript papers by Robert Young, ‘Evolutionary biology and ideology: then and now’ and ‘Evolutionary biology and ideology’, 1971; typescript paper by S Lal, ‘Science and social crisis’, subsequently published in Bulletin of peace proposals, 1971; draft article by John Law, ‘The direction of scientific growth: a study of protein x-ray crystallography’, Apr 1971, with covering letter to Wilkins commenting on Wilkins’ introduction to The social impact of modern biology, edited by Watson Fuller (Routledge and Keegan Paul, London, 1971); typescript notes by Peter Harper on the ‘New Science Group’, University of Michigan, 1971; typescript notes by Michael Buchanan, ‘Passenger power on spaceship earth’, Mar 1973; copy notes, ‘Report on meetings with Soviet Academicians and discussions on the subject of chemical and biological warfare’, undated; copy article, ‘Ethology and stress diseases’ by Nikolaad Tinbergen, published in Science, Jul 1974; photocopy article, ‘Discovery of pulsars: a graduate student’s story’, published in Science, Aug 1975.



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