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These work in tandem with the Annual Report and Accounts and were specifically designed for the WF staff in the UK. The aim of these reviews was to highlight key points from the main Report and provide additional information as necessary. The difference in style to the Report and Accounts reflects the different audience.

Over time the reviews change format and increase in length and the narrative of the year becomes a greater proportion of the publication. In addition to the chairman's review and financial information the reviews contain the following information*:

1978: overview of different WF sites in UK

1979: breakdown of staff according to site

1980: breakdown of staff according to site, length of service, age and according to specialism

1981-1990: breakdown of staff according to site.

1985ff: the report increases in size and informational content.

1989: list of UK product information

* please note, this is not an exhaustive list of contents.



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The official/public response to the year is found in the Annual Reports - WF/E/18/01 - and the Chairman's Review - WF/E/18/02.

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