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Bruce-Chwatt, Professor Leonard Jan
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Reprints, drafts , published and unpublished reports, including:

Frans C. Goble, "Pharmacodynamic and toxic effects of antiflagellate agents", c. 1950s

WHO Technical Reports: No. 53, "Expert Committee on Health Statistics"; No. 137, "Measurement of levels of health", 1957; No. 133 "Expert Committee on Health Statistics", 1957

Pierre Dorolle, "International problems of communicable diseases control", c. 1960s

Paul E. Carson, "Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in haemolytic anemia", Federation Proceedings, December 1960

Paul E. Carson and Alvin R. Tarlov, "Biochemistry of hemolysis", Annual Review of Medicine, 1962

ICI Pharmaceuticals Division, Abstract No. 4060, "Chloroquine", July 1963

P.E. Carson et al, "Patterns of haemolytic susceptibility and metabolism", Proceedings of the Ninth Congress of the European Society of Haemotology, 1963

Richard L. I'Brien, James L. Allison and Fred E. Hahn, "Evidence for intercalation of chloroquine into DNA", Biochemica et Biophysia Acta, 1966

Paul E. Thompson, "Antimalarial studies on 4,4'-Diaminodiphenyl Sulfone (DDS) on repository sulfones in experimental animals", International Journal of Leprosy, 1967

D.E. Weeks, "Endrin food-poisoning: a report on four outbreaks caused by two separate shipments of Endrin-contaminated flour", Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1967

Robin D. Powell, et al, "The antimalarial and haemolytic properties of 4,4'-diaminodiaphenylsulfone (DDS)", c. 1967

W. L. Barton, Report on a training course on "Methods and techniques of Parasitic Diseases Surveys", Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda, April-May 1967

Pan American Health Organization Advisory Committee on Medical Research, Report to the Director, June 1967

D. T. P. H. , "Outbreaks of an unknown illness " in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, c. 1967 and draft of "Endrin crib"

David B. Capps et al, "1-Aryl-4,6-diamino-1,2-diahydro-s-triazines. Contrasting effects on intestinal helmonths, bacteria and dihydrofolic reductase (1,2)", Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, June 1968

T.O. Ogunlesi, "Hepatic failure in the tropics", BMJ, June 1968

J. Hamnon and R. Pal, "Practical implications of insecticide resistance in anthropods of medical and veterinary importance", WHO Report, 1968

Wallace Peters, "Pharmacology and drug development", c. 1968

D. S. Reeves et al, "Trimethoprim-Sulphamethoxazole: comparative study in urinary infection in hospital", BMJ, March 1969

J. E. Davies, WHO Assignment Report on "Hazards to man from pesticides", August 1969

Richard D. Estensen, Anne K. Krey and Fred E. Hahn, "Studies on a deoxyribonucleic acid-quinine complex", Molecular Pharmacology, September 1969

Fred E. Hahn and Anne K. Krey, "Deoxyribonucleic acid-induced anomalous optical rotatory dispersion of antimalarial drugs and dyes", Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 1969

Department of Health and Social Security, "Poisonous chemicals used on farms and gardens", 1969

Agricultural Research Council, Third Report of the Research Committee on Toxic Chemicals, 1970

"Accidental poisoning", February 1970

D. E. Stevenson, "Appraisal of the use of Dichlorvos, with particular reference to slow release generators", PANS, December 1970

John W. Kilpatrick, Robert J. Tonn and Sujarti Jatanasen, "Evaluation of ultra-low-volume insecticide dispensing systems for use in single-engined aircraft and their effectiveness against Aedes aegypti populations in South-east Asia", Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 1970

R Ben-Dyke, D. M. Sanderson and Diana N. Noakes, "Acute toxicity data for pesticides (1970)"

Brief for the respondents in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in the case of Environmental Defense Fund v. Clifford M. Hardin, 1970, with some associated papers

J. M. Barnes, "Notes on toxic hazards from pesticides", c. 1970

Center for Disease Control, Technical Development Laboratories Malaria Program, "Public health pesticides", 1970 and 1973

W. Brumfitt and A, Percival, "Antibiotic combinations", The Lancet, February 1971

"Public Health Pesticides", Pest Control, March 1971

S. H. Sandifer et al, "Pesticide effects on occupationally exposed workers", Industrial Medicine, May 1972

Letter from Corinne Shear Wood et al to Nature concerning "Selective feeding of Anopheles gambiae according to ABO blood group status", September 1972

WHO Information Circulars on "The Toxicity of pesticides to man", 1972, 1973 & 1974

Center for Disease Control, "Public health pesticides", 1973

The Ross Institute Information Advisory Service, Bulletin No. 1, "Insecticides", October 1973

Also includes some non-printed material:

Manuscript notes by Bruce-Chwatt on pesticides and related subjects

Letter from J. M. Barnes to H. J. L. Burgess concerning the safe handling of DDT and carbaryl by farmers in Malawi, April 1970



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