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Williams, Cicely Delphine (1893-1992)
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Correspondents include:
Pobbi-Cesare, UNICEF; Berwyn F Mattison, American Public Health Association; H J Sproat, American University of Beirut; Edward Hart, British Paediatric Association; Ken Peterson, Walt Disney Productions; Kinfe Gebeyehu; Fred Miller; "Richard"; Etienne Berthet, International Children's Centre; T F Fox ("Robbie"), The Lancet; Dr L Lapeyssonnie, WHO Representative Iran; "Vicky and Edgar"[? Mannheimer}, Nairobi; Sister Pauline Dean; Michael Gelfand; S P W Chave, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; L Goodfellow; Sir George Haynes;Vireka Mannheimer; Dr Christine Cooper, Sierra Leone; George Pickering; Susan King-Hall, British Society for International Health Education; Constance M Lee, William Rathbone Staff College; Max Rosenheim, FRCP; George W Gale, Unviersity of Malaya; K H Uttley; Sam Wayburne; Richard D'Aeth; "Meccie" (Caradon) and Sylvia; Stuart Craig; [illegible] East, "Tommy"; V Chernick, Children's Hospital of Winnipeg; Mercy Mohapeloa, Lesotho; R L Mehra, Medical Adviser's Department, High Commission of India; "Kay"; Richard Broad, producer, Horizon, BBC TV; Marvin Cornblath; W E Gocking, Librarian, University of the West Indies; John R Wilson, World Medicine; Dorothy Speed, IPPF, Kenya; Salwa Khuri-Otaqui, Near East Ecumenical Committee for Palestine Refugees; Sonia R Sarcia; Prof D B Jelliffe; Hutton A Addy; Tony Ng; David Picou, Tropical Medicine Research Unit; Rosemary Fost; Misbah Khan; MPM L Hospital Accra, Ghana; Dannie Abse; Jeremy Morris, Robson Books Ltd; Mvuni Kinkela Wanene; John Simons, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Athol J Patterson; "Flora"; Katherine (Ciba Foundation); Elisabeth Wiseman; Cyrus E Rubin; Malcolm H Merrill, American Public Health Association

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