[part of title missing] On Naevi and Miscellaneous Subjects (Oct 1932) with notes and cuttings and Death and Doctors

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Benign self-healing epitheliomata. Molluscum pseudocarcinomatosum and corresp in separate envelope inside. Regression of malignant melanoma (compare melanistic naevi). 'Male' and 'Female' teratomata, chorioncarcinoma in males and 'occasional' occurrence of acute gynaecomastia (F. Parkes Weber) see reprint 1926 and letter to I. Macalpine May 1955). Camptodactylia (Llandauzy) and Dupuytren's Contraction. Trigeminial Angiomatosis (Nape Naevus) (correspondence D. Shafer). Turban [??] Tumours (Jan 1956). Male and Female teratomata. Teratomatous Naevi 1955. Malignant Melanoma 1957. Besnier's prurigo (by Macdonnell, Dublin) July 14th 1957.



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