Rheumatic and [....] series I)

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Rheumatoid arthritis and various kinds of spondylitis including gonorrheal and true rheumatic spondylitis{also typhoid spondylitis and spondylitis melitococcalis--and from undulant fever etc. Progressive vertebral ankylosis. Fibrositis (papers and cases). Fibrositis and Hexenschuss. Sciatica, lumbago, 'sacrache', sacro-iliac pain, 'Backache' (papers and cases--also re diagnosis). Hysterical and simulated sciatica, lumbago, kyphosis, scoliosis. Chronic rheumatoid arthritis, with skin eruptions, asthma etc. Traumatic cases of lumbago, sciatica etc. [...] acute and chronic rheumatic and rheumatoid 'stiff neck' [...] resembling the 'Hexenschuss' type of lumbago. [....'] Still's disease' and 'Poucet's disease' but [....] my collection 'Still's type of joint disease in [....]. [....] Chronic arthritic troubles by [....] protein therapy [....]mo therapy etc}uses of aspirin and explanations. [....]ion of 5th lumbar vertebra, etc re diagnosis of sciatica. [....] disturbances connected with deformities of foot, (flat foot etc), including burning sensations in head and sole of foot. [?Var]ious foot pains, sciatica-like pains, scoliosis[....] calcareal spurs. Rheumatism and rheumatic diathesis in general. True rheumatism in adults. Appendicular, pelvic [....] rheumatism and fibrositis



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